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Sister’s helping hand (Pt4) by Dave.Trudy2

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Continued from Pt3

When l was going back to my van after spunking over Dora and being watched by her husband Neal, l saw Annie going into her gate we began chatting, l informed her that Tina my sister had a girl. Annie started telling me about Sasha getting home at 1.30pm, she had no idea how it was all my fault, she asked if l would talk to Sasha as she seemed to listen to me, so l said l’ll be around the next evening, Annie told me to be there at 5pm for dinner, l was hoping Annie might have invited me to fuck her, but instead l had to satisfy myself when l got home.

Before going to Annie and Sasha’s l went to see my sister Tina and the baby at the hospital, Rick her husband was there, l would have loved to fuck her pussy to see how it would feel after just having a baby 24 hours earlier, l think Tina picked up on what l was thinking because she told me to get a wheelchair because she could do with some fresh air. We found a disabled toilet and went in, Tina leant onto the sink, l lifted her nightie got my cock out and gave myself a few wanks and slid my shaft between my sister Tina’s pussy lips till l was deep inside her, but before l could start fucking her she winced and said ‘it’s painful’, so l eased my shaft from her warm hole and sat Tina back into the wheelchair she told me not to put my cock away, l stood beside her and she eagerly began sucking my shaft hard taking it to the back of the throat then my balls got sucked into her mouth as she wanked me, l moaned and said ‘lm cumin’, Tina rammed my cock into her mouth as the first load splattered against the back of her throat then she got another load, my sister gulped down my sticky load as l shot another load into her mouth followed by a slow trickle oozing from my urethral. She sucked and licked my shaft clean of spunk then gave my shaft a gentle bite and said ‘this is mine’, we kissed and l took her back to the ward then when l was leaving Tina whispered, she’ll be home in two days, l grinned and left.

When l got to Annie’s, Sasha was in her room so didn’t realise l arrived, Annie took me to the kitchen poured me a wine and carried on preparing the food, when her back was to me l put my arms around her and grabbed her full round tits while rubbing my groan hard against her large bum, she giggled and told me to stop, l released my cock lifted her skirt and slid it between her legs Annie took a large intake of breath and said ‘oh god, please stop’, then declared she could really do with a good fuck but Sasha could walk in to the kitchen, l knew she was right so put my cock away and asked if she want me to talk to Sasha, Annie kissed me and nodded, l went up to Sasha’s room. Knocking on the bedroom door, Sasha shouted ‘go away’, she hadn’t realised it was me, so l opened the door and went inside. Sasha gave me a big smile and flung her arms around my neck, l lifted her skirt and ripped down her knickers telling her we didn’t have long as her mother Annie thinks we are talking. We started fucking on the bed, but it was creaking so l got Sasha over a chair and fucked her hard from the rear, it felt so good filling her warm hole then deliver a good sticky load right up inside he. After our fuck l explained to Sasha that if she wanted to see me then she had to apologise to her mother Annie, Sasha and l kissed me and went down stairs, l sat in the lounge and Sasha went into the kitchen to speak to Annie, when they came out the kitchen both were smiling. It was over dinner l asked Annie if l could take Sasha to the theatre as l had won two tickets, but we would have to stay at a hotel due to the distance then added we would be in separate rooms, Sasha smiled at her mother and Annie said she could go with me then insisted to pay for Sasha’s room, not that Sasha will be in her room l thought to myself.

As dinner went on Annie was knocking back the wine then we all sat on the sofa to watch a film, l sat in the middle and my mind began to wonder, l was imagining rolling about the floor with Sasha and her mother, watching mother and daughter licking each other’s pussy’s before finger fucking one another was blowing my mind, l was finding it very hard to hide my growing erection just to have one of their hands grasp my cock would have been fantastic l thought, but l just got harder due to imagining them sharing my shaft. The wine began to take its toll on Annie and she was drifting off to sleep, Sasha nudge me and pointed up stairs my reply was a big grin, Sasha told Annie we were going to listen to music Annie in her half-drunk state slurred ‘ok’, l followed Sasha to her room. The door was hardly closed before l was stripping Sasha, she got to her knees to give my hard shaft a good sucking l was holding her head ramming my cock to the back of her throat then l had her doggy on the bed and finely flat on her back with spread legs in the air. Although l had fucked Sasha’s hole many times her inner pussy muscles gripped my shaft so tight l could feel them rippling up and down my hard shaft, l was fucking her hard and fast my ball began to tingle, l was ready to deliver my payload that l had stored in my ball, my cock began throbbing as the sticky load ran through my shaft to shoot from my urethral and flood Sasha’s hot tight womb. We lay joined by my cock wedged firmly in her now sticky pussy, when my cock slid from her hole we got to our feet there was a puddle of spunk that had dribbled from Sasha’s pussy, l joked don’t waste it lick that spunk up and to my surprise she got to her knees and began licking the spunk puddle, l helped Sasha up to give her tits a sucking making sure l didn’t leave any lov-bites. We dressed and went downstairs, Annie had one leg over the arm of the sofa with the other on the floor giving a lovely view up her skirt. I had to fuck Annie and l wanted Sasha to watch, so came straight out with how l wanted to fuck her mother and she was to watch, Sasha wasn’t sure if l was messing about but realised l was serious when l went into the lounge slid Annie onto the floor and peeled off her knickers knelt between her legs got my cock out and rammed it hard into Annie’s hole she half woke and smiled then closed her eyes as l began fucking her. The fact l knew Sasha was watching me fuck her mother got me so turned on that l was filling Annie’s inside within minutes, once she had every drop of my creamy spunk flooding her womb l eased my sticky shaft from her hole then told Sasha to come and lick her mother’s dripping pussy, Sasha just looked at me so l repeated for her to lick her mother’s pussy, she knelt between Annie’s legs to begin licking and sucking my spunk as it dribbled from her mother’s hole. Me and Sasha put Annie to bed and while her legs hung down over the bed l got Sasha to fist her mother, Annie just lay there out cold it wasn’t till Sasha pushed her fist right up inside Annie that she stirred, Sasha let me out after some mouth sucking each other then when l left l whispered that fucking her was a lot better than fucking her mother.

On the way to the supermarket l bumped into Keith the coloured guy from the top flat and gave him a lift, he was asking if l was serious about renting Sasha. Sasha had told me she thought Karen was 2-timing us with an ex-boyfriend so l informed Keith there was someone better for him to fucked. Her name was Karen she was the same age as Sasha. Me and Keith did our shopping and went for a coffee in the café where he was telling me that he doesn’t want to fuck the girl, Keith liked insertion, sucking and inflation, l hadn’t a clue what he was talking about so he explained in more detail and l knew Karen was the girl for the job. And arranged to bring her to his flat the next day, we finished our coffee and l drove him home then l went to my sister and Rick’s as she and the baby were home from hospital.

Tina would leave the baby with Dora and Neal which was great because it gave my sister the opportunity to come to my place in the morning as Rick her husband would finish early. So, mornings worked out better for us to fuck as soon as Tina was in the door then we were stripping and l could fill her now empty womb with my hot sticky load after milking her. Her tits really had become massive when she removed her bra they hung way down over her belly, Tina wasn’t happy they had become bigger than cow udders, but l loved them, l loved suckling her milk and having my sister sandwich my cock between her tits to wank me off and shoot my sticky spunk over her face then watch it slowly run onto those humungous tits of hers. Now that Tina had the baby l was able to fuck her in different positions, but our favourite was always her sat on my shaft to lift herself up and down then when l was ready to deliver my sticky load deep inside my sister she would thrust herself downwards and l would raise my hips giving her the full length of my cock up inside her. As the first hot creamy load entered her womb Tina would fling her head back gulping in air and shouting ‘fucking yes, oh god fucking yess’, l kept my shaft wedged fulling inside her warm wet pussy and gave a moan of ecstasy as another sticky hot load entered my sister’s womb then another load she began trembling as the remaining few drops of my spunk trickled from my cock, l lowered my hips, Tina was still impaled on my shaft she leant forward we kissed and inquired how l managed to shoot such a large amount of spunk because Rick her husband shoots no where near as much, l hadn’t a clue, but said how much l loved her letting me spunk inside her and added that she will get pregnant by one of us Tina smiled then said it will more than lightly be me as l’ve been shooting my load up inside her 3 and 4 times a week and Rick had only fucked her once in the last 2 weeks, Tina winked saying she wasn’t bothered which one of us fertilised her. Time was getting on and she had to leave, but not before my sister stood in the shower with her legs apart and began pissing, oh l could have fucked her again but she had to go.

I was in the middle of doing lunch when Keith from the top flat was at the door giving me a powder to give Karen and assured me it will relax her. When she arrived, l put the powder into her drink within 15 minutes she was drowsy, so l took her to Keith’s flat where he and a friend were waiting for Karen who fell asleep. They stripped her then secured Karen to a table, l told them she was all theirs and sat watching them first shave the few pubic hairs she had then a suction cup was fitted, Keith started pumping, Karen’s pussy lips began to balloon filling the cup. His friend was sucking Karen’s little tits while wanking himself, next Keith explained they were going to open her hole and slide a tube into her womb then insert there spunk inside Karen with a syringe, l inquired why didn’t they just fuck her, but then realised because they both had large belly’s and small cocks that created a problem, so l kept my mouth shut and let them get on with what they were doing, they removed the suction cup, Karen’s pussy looked like a baboons arse, but very fuckable. Keith fitted a speculum and really spread her pussy wide, l couldn’t believe how much tube he slid into Karen’s hole. Keith and his friend began wanking themselves then shot their two loads into a cup and filled the syringe, next attached the syringe to the tube and shot the lot inside Karen’s womb, Keith took out another tube to start sliding it into Karen’s arse then declared let see what she looks like pregnant and turned on the pump attached to the tube, her belly began to inflate like a balloon, it must have begun to get painful as Karen let out a moan, Keith quickly turned off the pump and her belly began to deflate. They kept inflating and deflating her till they were ready to wank themselves off again and insert more of their sticky spunk up inside her using a syringe, she did get fucked by another of Keith’s friends who arrived just before l was taking Karen back to my flat, he asked me if she was my white bitch because once he fucked her Karen will be a black cock whore and that’s when l got the great idea, l was no longer going to fuck Karen it was only going to be Keith and his coloured friends and hopefully they will get her pregnant, all l had to do was give Karen the powder Keith gave me and she wouldn’t realise who was fucking her. It was about 7 weeks later Sasha came to my place saying Karen won’t be around anymore because she had moved to her aunts then Sasha found out Karen’s parents sent her because she was pregnant, l would have love to see the look on their face when the dark-skinned baby popped out.

The renovation at my sister Tina and Rick’s house was finished so l needed to find a job and ended up working in a local DIY store l got on well with the owner as we both enjoyed rugby and took long breaks discussing matches, there were 3 other blokes and 2 women, one of the women Jacky l have to say was strange, she was in her mid-50s thin, l later found how agile she was for her age. I would notice her watching me or have to touch me as she spoke then we ended up working together in the stores. It was hot in the stores, Jacky came up and wiped the sweat from my face smelt the tissue and declared she loved a sweaty bloke, l just gave her a stare and couldn’t wait for lunch-time. In the canteen l tried to get put onto another job, but the owner Martin wanted the stores sorted the afternoon was hotter than the morning. I was reaching up to put boxes onto a shelf when Jacky appeared l was expecting the deranged bitch to wipe my face which she did by running her tongue up my cheek then grinned and kissed me, l put the boxes onto the shelf, Jacky opened her top exposing well used saggy tits that had tattooed dolphin’s that looked like they were leaping over her nipples which had both been pierced, she whispered she would be cooler without a bra, l began sucking her nipples which became hard, she reached into my jeans to take hold of my cock, l ripped open the front of her uniform fully and held her up against the shelfing and began finger fucking her, Jacky’s pussy dripped with her juices, her aroma was strong. My cock was in her hand, l lifted her legs and fed my shaft into her dripping pussy, it wasn’t the best position to fuck any girl, but l just wanted my cock buried in her hole. This woman had been well used her belly showed stretch marks from giving birth, l was driving my cock in and out her very moist pussy when my balls released load after load up inside Jacky’s hole, my first load flooded her inside causing Jacky to whimper then to keep herself from screaming she bit down on my shoulder l didn’t realise till later just how hard she had bitten me. Not only joined by my shaft wedged in her pussy our mouths were locked together with our tongues entwined, we only broke from the kiss when my cock slid from Jacky’s wet sticky hole followed by a slow dribble of spunk dripping onto the storeroom floor between her legs. She went to tidy herself and returned a few hours later saying Martin had asked her to go onto the tills as it got busy, Jacky remarked how the store would be closing soon and led me to the back of the storeroom, she pulled open her uniform and let it slide over her shoulders, Jacky was naked, she walked towards me and released my cock to begin wanking me then got on all fours and when l got behind her she pulled her cheeks apart and ordered l fuck her arse, she didn’t have to tell me twice my shaft was sinking into the darkness of her arse hole till my balls were pressing tight against Jacky’s pussy, she gasped and let out a deep whine, l took hold of her boney hips and began fucking her arse hard as l got closer to shooting my hot sticky load Jacky’s whimpers got louder, forcing her onto my shaft l held her so tightly on my cock she gave a gasp then l opened the gates to my balls to release a hot flow of my creamy spunk up into her arse hole, Jacky wriggled and trembled on my cock as l filled her inside we stay joined together for what seemed like an eternity, my sticky load slowed to a trickle then a dribble her arse hole still gripped my shaft like a vice, l eased my cock from her hole then helped Jacky up, we dressed and went to the staffroom to change and go home. It was 6 days later l gave Jacky a lift home because it was raining, she invited me in saying she had to give me something for taking her home, so we went inside and sitting in one of the rooms watching telly was an old woman who Jacky said was her mother. Jacky told the woman we were going to her room the old woman didn’t take her eyes off the telly, now in her bedroom we began stripping each other while kissing and fell onto the bed, l was rolled onto my belly and Jacky started licking me from my feet to my head getting her tongue in every crack and crevice then l was turned onto my back to have my front licked clean, she lay on her back and asked to fuck her, so getting between her open legs l guided my shaft into her pussy and began fucking her, Jacky was letting herself go her cries and screams got louder then as l was about to empty the contents of my balls inside her the bedroom door open and a bloke said ‘oh sorry didn’t know you had a visitor’ then shut the door, l had to finish what we started and gave her a steaming hot sticky load. While getting dressed l asked if her brother always walked into her room then nearly fell off the bed when Jacky replied the bloke was her husband, after that l decided to fucking her at work from then on.

On my way home l popped into my sister and Rick’s he wasn’t home, but at the snooker club with his father. Tina and her mother in law Dora were watching telly, Tina innocently asked if l would look at a switch, they had been having trouble with and winked. She took me to the room, we were barely in the door and Tina was pressing her lips hard against mine, she was franticly undoing my jeans to get to my cock while l had her skirt raised tugging at her knickers. When she had a good hold on my cock Tina let out ‘Mmmm’, she seemed more horny than normal as my sister sucked upon my hard shaft, l took hold of the side of her head and began fucking her mouth the tip of my cock entered her throat, Tina was trying to get my shaft further into her throat, drips of pre-cum started to leak from my urethral. My sister pulled her head away and whispered ‘in me, l want you in me’, because Tina’s belly was becoming round and full she had to get onto all fours, positioning myself up behind her l guided my hot throbbing poker pole inside her and began fucking my sister’s soaking wet love hole as my balls slapped against her Tina was softly letting out low whimpers and moans begging me to fuck her faster. Her pussy was becoming soaking wet as well as her and my inner thighs, l remarked on how wet she was becoming Tina apologised saying, she should have had a wee before we started as her bladder was full and what with the baby pressing against it and the position we were into fuck plus my shaft being rammed inside her she couldn’t help wetting herself. I fucked my sister harder telling her she should piss herself more often then held her hips to pull Tina onto my cock and filled her with a very thick sticky load of spunk, Tina gulped in mouthfuls of air, her whole body was trembling while impaled on my cock, she let out ‘OH MY GOD!’, my cock slipped from Tina’s very wet sticky pussy she managed to kneel, we kissed then dressed and after saying good bye to Dora l went home.

Continues in Sister’s helping hand (Pt5).

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