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Sister and I

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Many years ago I was living in an apartment by myself (M28) My sister Stacy (18f) and her friend Sapphire(18f) came over to hang out. Recently I told my sister that I had feelings ha got her more then a brother should but it hadn’t turned into anything. When we were younger we use to sneak at night and watch tv while I rubbed her thighs and legs and I would feel up on her in the pool but nothing more. Stacy came over first and had a few drinks but wasn’t drunk. It was only when Sapphire showed up that Stacy started acting like she was drunk. Sapphire immediately laid across my lap on the couch when she walked in. It was weird because I had only just met her, but she was hot and young so I ignored it. Then out of no where she asks my sister Stacy, mouth or hand? I was so confused I had no idea what she was asking. My sister tells her hand and the next think I know Sapphire gets up and has her hand up my sister’s dress rubbing her pussy like wild. Im in shock but can’t take my eyes away. My sister is moaning and looks at me with lust and embarrassment in her eyes. Sapphire sees some toy handcuffs on the coffee table and tells me to put them on Stacy. Stacy is a little resistant but sits up and manages to let me put them on her. She lays back down and Sapphire continues to fuck her with her hand from under her dress. I never lifted her dress to see that action but I could tell she must have been fisting her from her thrusts and the moans my sister was making. The sounds of her pussy sloshing and her moans was to much for me and I was getting rock hard. I put my hand down sapphire’s pants and started rubbing her smooth shaved pussy. I really wanted to play with Stacy but though her friend would freak out and share my secret. After some time of this i decided screw it snd I asked my sister if she wanted to go to the bedroom and take this further. She hesitated and I had the feeling she wanted to stop. So I freed one of her hands. Sapphire then rubbed her drips wet hand across my face and asked how my sister tasted. Stacy then rubbed my dock through my pants and said mmmmm. I pretended I was discussed by it but I wanted to suck her fingers dry. I then took Sapphire to bed. I left my bedroom door open hoping Stacy would come watch or change her mind. Sapphire had an amazing tight body but all I could think about was fucking my sister. We had sex for only a few minutes but she wasn’t the one I wanted. My sister walked Sapphire home because she only lived a block or so away. When Stacy returned I met her at the bottom of the steps. She was still acting like she was drunk but I knew better. She told me that her and Sapphire made out at her door. This made me frustrated snd I pushed Stacy down on the steps kissing her on the mouth and neck while trying to rub her pussy. Stacy wouldn’t kiss me back so I contacted to kiss her neck and pulled her top down. She had amazing small perky breast this was my first time seeing them uncovered. I then picked her up and carried her up the steps. I took her inside and laid her down on the couch. Every bone in my body wanted to take her dress off and have my way with her. But I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t going to mess up our relationship and risk going to jail just for one lay. After she realized that I wasn’t going take her she magically stoped acting drunk. This was over 5 years ago but I think about it all the time and regret not stripping her naked and taking her. I wish I would have taken her into my bedroom when she hesitated to answer and shared her with Sapphire

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  1. shawn959595 Reply

    So you’re 10 years older than your sister and you felt her up when you were a kid. Hmmm little gross dude.

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