Erotic Stories

Shower sex

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Again at my friends house. Sleepover. I got up early to take a shower. Nobody else awake. I “forgot” to lock the door (I usually don’t in case I get walked in on by a girl) I was startled to hear my friends name shouted “James you forgot your towel here it is” it was his sister. She was short skinny and had small tits and a small ass. She was still hot. I poked my head out and said “thanks but I’m not James” she quickly apologized. I quickly got hard and my bulge was poking the curtain. She saw and looked at it grow. “What’re you looking at” I laughed. “Nothing” she said mesmerized. “You wanna see it” she only nodded. I slid the curtain just enough so she could see my throbbing veiny 7 and a halfer”. She stayed standing there mesmerized. I told her to hop in too. She didn’t even hesitate, got naked and hopped in. I fucked her with the water turned all the way to the hottest temperature for a steamy fuck. Came on her face (my go to)

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