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She(25) wanted to cuck her bf(25) with an older guy(48). pt2

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I felt very comfortable talking to this older guy. He had a sex appeal that had my pussy wet. I knew I wanted him to fuck me and soon. I’m not usually so straight forward but I went for it.

“Listen, you are one of the sexiest men I’ve ever talked to.You are making me so horny and wet. I want you to fuck me and I want to fuck you. I also want my boyfriend to sit there and watch. I want to cuck him. Are you down with that?”

I sat there nervously, watched his face, trying to gage his interest. It didn’t take long before he smiled and told me he was down. I was so excited, I almost came then.

“We’re in villa 33, come around 9.”

He nodded and I went to tell my boyfriend. I wasn’t nervous telling him because I knew he would go along with it. When I told him, he quietly said yes and that was it. I was ready to go back to our villa and give myself an orgasm but I knew I wanted to be fresh for him.

* When she said she wanted to fuck, I was a little shocked. Then she said she wanted to cuck her boyfriend, I was really shocked. I was debating it but when I looked at those amazing breasts. I knew I had to have them. She went back to her boyfriend and told him. He had no reaction so I knew she could control him and there wouldn’t be a problem. I went back to my villa, ordered some food, showered, manscaped a little then waited until 9.

* When my girlfriend told me that she invited the older guy to our villa and she was going to fuck him, I went numb. I knew she had talked about doing something like this but I didn’t think she was serious. All I could do is tell her ok. She left to go to our villa and I began to think about it. I was a bit aroused by an American fucking my girlfriend. I decided to go with her to the villa and talk about it to her.

* When I got to our villa, I quickly undressed and got into the shower. I cleaned myself well and made sure my pussy was as slick as could be. After I got out of the shower, I looked at myself in the mirror. I thought I was looking good for him and was getting really horny. I touched my pussy and was already soaked, even though I just dried myself off. I was ready for 9 to get here. I want to see if his dick is as big as I think it is.

I decided to put a bikini back on with a wrap around my waist. As I was tying the wrap, I heard a knock on the door. It was only 7:30 so I had no idea who was at the door. I was surprised when I answered the door.

“Oh, you’re early.”

* I couldn’t wait. I needed to see them large boobs. After my shower and a bite to eat, I headed to villa 33. I was already hard when I knocked on the door. When you asked the door and I saw you in a bikini top, I nearly nutted then. I saw you look down at my bulge and smile. I knew it was going to be a great night.

* When I saw him walk into our villa early, I was a little upset. He couldn’t wait could he. I’m not feeling too comfortable about the whole situation but I know it’s what she wants and I want her happy.

* I could tell my boyfriend wasn’t happy with him being here so early but I didn’t care, I was so horny, I was ready to fuck there by the pool. I couldn’t take it anymore. As soon as he made it into the living room, I stopped him. I looked him in the eyes and took my bikini top off. His eyes got big and I saw his dick twitch. I didn’t waste time. I got on my knees and pulled his shorts down. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his large cock snapped up against his shirt. I quickly put him into my mouth and began to suck him hard. He was a bit surprised about my aggression but that quickly changed. He took his shirt off and began to moan as I tried to give him my best blow job ever.

* I was surprised when she quickly pulled my shorts off and began to suck me. I nearly fell down as my eyes rolled back into my head. She definitely knew how to give head. I knew I wasn’t going to last long at the rate she was going. It was maybe two minutes when I felt my orgasm quickly approaching.

“Fuck, I’m already going to cum.”

She put in as deep down her throat as my body shook. I believe this was one if the biggest loads I’ve ever shot. My body kept shaking as she sucked the life out of me. I don’t know how but she swallowed every drop. She stood up, took my hand and led me away.

“Come on cuck, you’re about it see a show.”

* I can’t believe she sucked him off right her and she let him cum in her mouth. She never does that for me. Fuck, he does have a big cock, definitely bigger than mind. I don’t see how she is going to fuck him but I guess I’ll have to see.

* I led him into our bedroom. I took off my wrap and bikini bottom and got on the bed. I spread my legs and gave him a come here motion with my finger. I hope he likes to eat pussy. I need to cum, now.

* As soon as she called me to her, I immediately went straight to her large breasts. Her nipples were perfect to suck on. She held my head to her breasts for just a short while until she began to push me down. She was wanting her pussy ate and I wasn’t going to disappoint her. I went straight in, holding nothing back. Her pussy was nice and cleaned shaved. She exhaled sharply when I began to suck her clit.

“Fuck, don’t stop, I’m cumming.”

She grabbed my head and held me in place as she came hard. Her moans were intoxicating. I can’t wait to hear her when we fuck.

* As I sat in a chair, he was already between her legs, licking her pussy. I watched her face as he pleasured her. She was really into into it. I could tell she was enjoying what he was doing to her. She came so quickly. She never cums that quickly when I’m licking her pussy. She must really be into it.

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