Erotic Stories

She took his first

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The kiss took him off guard. Her passion and ferocity stopped all thought as he just let go. She broke off and smiled at him, drinking in his mixture of desire, fear and confusion. She grabbed his hand and led him to the bed, guiding him to sit down next to him. He complied, still in awe of what was happening. She took his hand and pressed it against her breast, encouraging him to feel all she had. He was gentle at first, unsure of where to touch, led by her expressions and her breathing. She let him play with her chest through the shirt, enjoying the stumbling fingers as they tried to find the goal. She grabbed his hand and slid it off of her as she grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it up and over, exposing herself to the novice before her. His pulse quickened as he reached, unprompted, for her again and began his attempt at foreplay. She reached a hand down to his pants and confidently grabbed his penis, the prize that had brought him to her attention. He froze at this, the sensation causing him to erect in her hand and make him flush red. She rubbed around his cock, working him up and laying him on his back. He stopped trying to touch her and let her lead the way. She undid his pants and pulled them down with his clumsy help. She smiled more at his desperate movements. Along with his pants came his boxers and as the last layer came free his pole stood erect, strong and free. She leaned to it, touching to her face and rubbing it like a cat, looking up at his strained face. He wasn’t sure how to continue, but he knew he wanted it to. She kissed it gently, never taking it in her mouth. She rubbed a finger along the veins, causing him to shiver and grip the bed. She leaned back and reached for her pants, sliding them off to reveal a lack of panties and a large damp patch. She got on top of the bed, straddling his member and looked down at him. He knew what was next and was a mix of apprehension and excitement and the thought. She lowered down onto him, working her way down his length. The warmth in her was glorious, and the fit was great. He bucked his hips on reflex, giving her a bump up as he chased the pleasure high. She placed her hands on his chest and began to ride him, slow at first but building pace as a rhythm formed. He was trying to last, not wanting the joy to end. He gripped the bed, curled his toes and held on. She felt him swell, saw the sweating and knew it was coming. She kept going until the exhale came from him and the warm liquid filled her up. He panted and was almost out as she laid down on top of him, with him still in her, and enjoyed his high wearing off.

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