Erotic Stories

She [F20] loved her birthday.

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Her and I [M19] were getting ready to have dinner with her family. I got her a beautiful outfit she was talking about and she is wearing it to dinner. She asks me if she looks good, I look at her, stand up, walk towards her, stare her into the eyes and tell her “Ofcourse, you’re a queen!” She smiles and we walk towards the car in a hurry.

Fast forwarding:

Dinner was good, met some of her family members and we’re back home now. We undress to go to bed as we’re very sleepy. She normally sleeps in pajama pants and a thight tanktop but this time she took everything off. She layed down on the bed and requested a massage on her back. I have energy left in me so I grab the lotion and do what she requested. I can see her titties getting crushed between the bed and her body. I massage her back and slowly make my way to her big, round ass. I slowly rub my hands over it and she says “Come on, rub my clit, I know you want to.” in a soft, slow voice. My hands are still oily but I press my finger on her clit, then slowly rub it. I can feel her wetness and her pussy lips. I slowly spread her legs and rub my meat on her pussy. I slowly go in and she lets out a moan, a big one. I pull her hair as I force my meat inside her, hard. I put my hand in her mouth and she licks my fingers, biting it softly, until I force my cock harder into her. She bites me harder as she wheezes. She cums, I know that my girlfriend cums fast. She tells me her legs are numb. I can feel my warm cum in my cock and I shoot it in her. Thankfully she is on birth control. I can see my warm mess stream out of her big vagina. We made a sloppy mess and I’m so proud of it. I lick off the cum of us both. I know licking your own cum is weird but hell, this is so dirty and I love it.

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