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Sharing wife with hotel guest

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A few months ago myself and the wife were at a lovely hotel down in the country side. I told my wife I was gonna hit the gym while I can. Yesterday morning I could sleep well no idea why, so I texted her I’m down at the gym. When I get there I was just me and this older gentleman probably in his mid sixties. Looked fit as a fiddle though, so give him a nod and say good morning. Typically I would leave it at a nod or a hi if it’s only two people. But instantly he was like “morning…by the accent you from the city?” I told him yea him (******) city. After small talk we start working out near to each other so we can work out and chat. I told him I’m here with the wife but she’s still asleep, he told me his wife passed away but it was like 10 or so years ago. I gave him a handshake and pat on the back and give him my condolences.

To lighten the mood I was like ah theres lovely ladies around here. He smiled and was like “oh their definitely is lad”. He was then telling me about a few women he seen and I was like ah your still young so go on do your thing.

Then I see my wife come In at reception. He looks and he said “would you look at her what a woman” I replied ”she’s a looker alright would make you do a double take wouldn’t it” me and himself let out a small laugh.

*Description of my wife: 5’6 brown hair, brown eyes,light freckles, cute and beautiful face, shoulder length hair, 36G breasts, size 12 waist, round ass big but not really big. Thick thighs.*

My wife then walks over and calls my name and gives me a quick kiss. Stunned the older man is quiet. So I’m like wife this is (*****) he been keeping me company. They introduce themselves and then she pecks him on the cheek and tells him thanks for keeping company with my husband. He smiles wide and tells her no problem. She tells me she’s gonna work out so I let her do her thing. I knew she liked him then and there. So I tell him my wife is something else isn’t she? He’s like “she definitely made me look twice” we laugh again. I invited him to our room for a drink and such he accepted.

After getting to our room and chatting a bit my wife walks in. Soaked in sweat she tells me she taking a shower, I caught him looking at her and I give her a wink and then she left. After a while of laughing and chatting walks out my wife naked in all her glory. immediately I look and say fuck me that’s hot my wife replied “I would rather yous fuck me”. In the meantime I got up and walked over to her and start touching her. in shock but turned on cause I seen his tent the gentleman spilled his drink on himself. I was like take it off and come here.

In just his shorts he walks over we were behind the couch. I tell my wife bend over now. She bends over the couch fully so we could see her round ass and wet pussy. With My hand on her lower back and with me and the man opposite side of my wife. I tell him to touch her, he grabbed her ass and instantly fell In love with her. Then I told him feel how wet she is, he felt her and let out a groan then I told my wife suck his cock. She got down on her knees and started sucking him off, then watching I grabbed her head and shoved it into him. He groaned so loud and she gagged and drooled on herself, as I didn’t want it to stop yet I ordered her to stop and get on the bed.

She obeyed and got onto the bed sideways. She knew I wanted to spit roast her, so I walk over and he follows. I tell her “I wanna fuck that mouth of yours”. so I shove my cock down her throat already prepped from sucking the other guy. As she’s gagging on my cock I slap her pussy, she moaned so loud then I rub her after and tell the gentleman to look at that. he says “what a beautiful pussy” I tell him why not fuck her then. He looks at me then he rubbed the tip against her dripping wet pussy, getting his cock nice and wet then he inserted his cock In her. She moaned more and more, before I knew it he was pounding her. Then I was like let me at her, so then he stopped and let him stroke him.

At this point she was dripping like crazy, so I got my cock nice and wet then slammed my cock in her. I slowed down and started playing with her ass, then I quietly asked “wanna do anal?” She nodded. But instead of just me i was like “let’s give her a good seeing to” I grabbed her lifted her up my her ass and slid my cock in. I then asked the guy if he wanted to fuck her ass? He agreed, so he got he lubed up and started fucking. Before long she was basically scream with pleasure, as we both fucked her holes. Then he started groaning and cumming, cause she was so stretched out and full I could feel every pump he did. Which then made me cum deep inside her it felt incredible. Both of us pumping her holes which at this point she had came before. while she hanging onto him and had her head on his shoulder.

I felt her starting to cum again but this one was a really strong one. Just as we finished pumping her she came again but this time she squirted. Instantly both our legs got drenched then her whole body started shaking so we both held her tight. After she came stopped shaking we laid her down on the bed. The other guy then took a shower and left.

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