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Sex with my teachers in school (p1)

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16 at the time, a horny teenager . There was this PE teacher.Miss K. Miss K had a habbit of wearing shorts where you could see alot of her ass . Most of the PE teachers had juiced asses and thighs. Their department had some of the thickest teachers so alot of the boys would simp over them. One day i submit homework that was apparently not up to her standards and tells me that i have detention after school with her to do some revision .

Fast forward after school , she decides to escort my to one of the classrooms up the stairs . Halfway up the stairs , she forgets her laptop downstairs and leaves me waiting . When she comes back upstairs I immediately realise that she has pulled her shorts up that you can fully see her ass as if she is in underwear. Me , being the horny teenager, i get rocking hard and stare non-stop and havent reslised that we have made it to the stop of the stairs and bump into her ass. I start to apologise for bumping into her and she says that she doesn’t mind. We start walking to the room that is isolated from the others and i try to get soft as it would be awkward however, i cant as her ass is jiggling right in front of me.

She catches me staring however doesnt say anything and just smiles. As we sit down she undoes her top buttons of her pe shirt and says that its getting hot.After, she leans towards me and asks why i think im in here .as she leans towards me , i could see that she clearlywasnt wearing a bra and i see her melons just hanging as i stare for a good minute. I then answer that my homework wasnt up to standard which is why im here .
30 minutes on, she asks me if i know any leg strengthening exercises and i tell her no. She tells me to stand up and says that she will show me a couple of moves. She then proceededs To wrap my hands around her belly and we do some squats together with my dick touching her ass. With every squat we did my dick got harder and harder and Miss K knew it and felt it .
She then turns around , puts her hand in my pants and grabs my dick and asks me how does this feel?

I moan a little and slowly reply with good.

She then takes of her shorts and is only standing in her panties . She takes her shirt off and throws her panties at me . She sits me down on the teachers chair and sucks me off .

I felt like i was dreaming . As if this wasnt real . After she stops , she climbs onto a desk and gets in a doggy position and starts to rub herself . I connect two tables together while getting the vasaline that was in my bag and proceed to rub it on her phat ass making it way more pleasurable. I start pounding away and Miss K starts to moan loudly . I put my hand over her mouth but she didnt seem to care and moves my hand and puts it on her vagina.

Me being just a scrawny teenager weigning around 50 to 60kg she picks me up, turns me upside down and starts to suck my dick again. I clinch onto her ass with one hand on each cheek spreading them apart thinking that i was going to fall. From that point , i could tell that Miss knew all the sex positions. We then change to a 69 postition where i am eating her ass and she is still sucking on me and i am wondering how i still havent nutted.

After that, she puts me down and i sit her on the teachers desk and start going at it again however we start to hear some loud footsteps coming towards us .

We both start to panic and i accidentally nut not in her but on her vagina . I had never came so much and so hard in my life .As we are trying to change into our clothes she realises that she cannot find her panties and just puts her shorts on . As the footsteps get louder and louder she finds her panties and proceeds to shove them inside my underwear.

We realised that it was the head of year locking up all the classrooms and she comes into the classroom. She asks us what we are still doing here . At this point Miss K has her hair in a mess and the head of year sees my cum drippling down her thigh and says ,
you guys were fucking weren’t you?

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