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sex in car on first date? [F18]

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so i was talking to this guy on social media for a few weeks before i decided to meet up with him. we went and got dinner and he said we could go wherever i wanted to go which i instantly thought he wanted to fuck me. i suggested we go to an isolated area since i knew his intentions from the flirting and looks. we drove there and he started complementing me and my body and we start kissing over the console, i start giving him a hand job and i could feel his warm huge penis in my hand and he starts moaning in my ear and by this point i was so wet. he grabs me and lifts me up ontop of him in the drivers seat and starts fingering me, i was so tight his huge penis could barely fit inside on me and when he forced it in i let out a huge moan and started riding him. about 30 secs so by and he is squeezing my waist and my ass and telling me how beautiful i was, after he said those words i cum and shortly after he does too. that’s when i knew i had a praise kink

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