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Same room sex

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We’ve been married many years. This happened long ago the first year we were married. My wife is a sweet good girl. We were on a work trip with another couple who were friends of ours. They were about 10 years older (Bryan and Dina) After our work part was done our wives wanted to shop for a little while then we had dinner. Home was about 3 hours away, and after dinner we all agreed we would rather stay the night than drive the 3 hours home. We were in a college town and there was a home football game the next day, so it was a little difficult finding a room. When we did find one the hotel only had one room left so we had to share. We didn’t really come prepared to stay the night but our wives had got souvenir t shirts while shopping. They were a little oversized and they wore them to bed with nothing underneath, while both of us husbands just wore our i underwear. Everybody was acting modest so the wives didn’t watch us get in bed. The tv was on and we were just laying there when he jokingly asked if we were having sex in our bed. We all kinda joked about it back and forth for a few minutes then Dina sat up and looked at us and said “do y’all want to? For real? We will if you will.” My wife acted a little shocked but I could tell she was horny. It took a little convincing and I had started to touch her under the covers, but she finally agreed with “y’all can’t ever tell.” We started making out a little and they were too, in separate beds. After a few minutes Bryan suggested that we should all be in the same bed. My wife being modest didn’t want to remove the covers but was ok with them coming to our bed. They stood up he was naked and hard. She still had the t shirt on but he moved it up as she laid down across the foot of our bed. They were touching each other. Dina was petite and thin with perky tits and a trimmed bush. He had a dad bod but a good sized cock. They were touching each other and I slowly pushed our covers off revealing my wife’s full bush and my hard cock. We turned sideways and I stood up so our wives were laying beside each other with is standing between their legs. My wife was watching Bryan’s cock as I rubbed my head on her clit. She looked at me and raised her hips and used her legs to pull me in closer. As I slid inside her I noticed her pussy was wetter than normal. Dina told Bryan to fuck her, then looked at me as he entered her. She talked to my wife as we all fucked, asking if it felt good telling her how hot it was watching . It didn’t take Bryan long and he pulled out and shot his load mostly on Dina but a little got on my wife’s stomach and thigh. She started cumming immediately and was moaning. This was too much for me and I pulled out and came all over her. Bryan was rubbing Dina’s clit and she was vocal saying “ I’m cumming that feels so good” over and over. After I went to the bathroom and got towels for them to clean up. We were all staring at each other just taking it in. I sat down next to my wife and Bryan sat between her and Dina. We started kissing and touching and pretty soon I was hard again. I noticed Bryan was sitting slide to my wife and their asses and legs were touching. I asked if she wanted to switch and she wouldn’t, although Dina was willing with “I will if you will.” We laid back and I pulled her on top of me . She had my cock in her hand and guided it inside and started riding me nice and slow. Watching Bryan and Dina he turned her over and stood behind her and started fucking her. She was more vocal now really talking dirty. Her face was close to mine and we made a lot of eye contact. My wife was really grinding and kept looking back at him. I saw him reach out and put a hand on her back. Before I knew it he had slid it down to her ass and was rubbing her sweet fit thick ass. Dina put a hand on my shoulder and started cumming whisch set us al his cum got on my wife’s leg and ass this time. When I pulled out I was shooting cum up and it got on Dina’s side and back. After my wife wanted to take a shower and go to bed. She wouldn’t talk about it for awhile and felt really guilty and embarrassed. The ride home was a little awkward.

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