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S.O.L. Games Level 2: Web Design – Censored Version (teachers and 18yo senior women put through sex games on island replica of their school. ‘kinda choose your own adventure’) [M/F][nc][rape][Mdom][sadism][horror]

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Mods, please tell me if I’m breaking any rules, and I’ll happily change things! I’m honestly not trying to upset anyone!

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*Pronounced ‘soul’ games. Teachers and high school seniors take part in a series of sex games on an island replica of their school. Episodic stories inspired by the anime “Euphoria”, the book “Battle Royal”, the show “Squid Games”, etc.*


\-The main character is a VILLAIN! He is evil and WRONG, which is what makes it THRILLING! Duh.

\-This is considered HORROR, it SHOULD creep you out. It creeps ME out!

\-Obviously these things should never be done in real life! We’re all mature adults. Separate fantasy from reality!

\-All characters are 18+.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.



\-Gross descriptions / bodily fluids / bad smells

\-Sweat / sniffing / licking

\-Shock collar



S.O.L. Games – Web Design

“Attention females. Attention females.”

The gymnasium comes alive at the sound. A cascade of gasps and fearful murmuring sweeps across the room. High school senior girls and their most attractive female teachers all begin standing from their bunks, the soft words from the PA system spurring them into panicked motion. As always, the unknown woman speaks with a routine coolness, like some GPS voice giving directions. But her placid tone is at odds with the dark meaning behind her words: Someone initiated another game.

The remote trembles in my grip as I watch the girls with bated breath. Cameras around the gym show me everything, displayed on my TV. I sit in my own private little hotel room next door to the replica school where the girls are held prisoner. At my command, at the press of a button, the Announcer has the girls line up down the center of the basketball court. I gaze at them from my screen, like sweets on display behind glass. No longer my classmates and teachers. No longer sisters, daughters, moms. Just a selection of tasty treats, victims ready for my choosing. God this is fucked up. But I feel myself harden as I watch them quiver, shoulder to shoulder. All forced to dress exactly as they would in real life, school uniforms, makeup, every single detail.

All morning, my mind has been foggy, a searing headache slowly fading. And as I look from girl to girl, I can tell a similar grogginess is affecting them. I’ve lost track of time in this place. The days seem to run together since we’ve been on this island. Memories of past games seem to slip away.

‘Select a Female’ appears on my screen, with profile pictures and bios of each girl. Fuck, this is so twisted. It’s like they’re not even human anymore. They’ve all been reduced to nothing more than items on a menu, dishes to be served. And I browse the selection.

I feel bad for them. No matter what I choose, it feels wrong. I can leave at any time. Refuse to play. But then what? They get another dude in here to do the same thing. Either way, girls will be forced to participate. Girls I’ve stared at in class. Always untouchable, out of my league. So many beautiful bodies, and for once nothing prevents me from exploring them.

No, I shouldn’t be thinking like this! Look at how scared they all are! These are real people. Friends, classmates. I need to just pick someone who can handle herself, someone who won’t be easily broken. Each girl only needs to endure ten games, and then they go free. I’ll just make it as easy as I can for them and help everyone get out of this place one by one.

Teachers are my first thought. Probably the most durable, least likely to be traumatized. But my eyes keep fixating on a certain senior instead. An emo chick. Mindy Vos. I’ve had a thing for her for years. Sat next to her in both my Design and Computer Science classes. I’ve tried to talk to her countless times. She’s into most of the same things as my friends and me, bit of a nerd with similar taste in games and music. But she’s cold, acts hard and badass. Too hot for me, too mature and experienced. Brushes me off, like I’m beneath her. Type of girl who always has a boyfriend, always someone in a band. Skinny, charismatic guys covered in tattoos and hopeless futures.

As I look her up and down, I can’t ignore the thought tickling the back of my mind. The slightest desire for a bit of vengeance. To have just a taste of control over a girl who looks down on me.

The camera zooms in on Mindy’s unsuspecting face. Her expression snobby, trying to remain aloof and cool, especially compared to the whimpering teary-eyed girls next to her. She’s totally unaware she’s being closely examined, the quality of her young body being judged and considered for the next game.

Black hair, intentionally left a bit messy and ruffled, asymmetrically swooping down over one eye. She always rides the line of what’s allowed at a Catholic school. A bit too much black makeup around striking green eyes, half-lidded as if bored and unconcerned with her situation. Little plugs in her slightly stretched earlobes. And I’ve sat next to her enough to have gotten glimpses of the tattoos she hides beneath her schoolgirl uniform. Her flawless porcelain skin stands out among the lineup, paler, more flawless than most girls around her. I feel myself stiffen even more as I continue panning down her body.

Mindy is pretty tall for a girl. On the thicker side, just a tad overweight, though it’s really only noticeable if you stare at her as closely as I always do. A soft white uniform polo shirt hugs her torso snugly, showing off her average sized chest, the indent of her bra strap around the sides and back, down over her plump little love handles. My fingers flex subconsciously, imagining squeezing her soft body.

Her hips are wide, her plaid skirt as short as she can get away with. Dark nylons cover her long legs, no doubt hiding tattoos that would get her in trouble. Stylish black shoes with thick heels make her even taller, even more imposing. Black nail polish tops it all off.

A sexy yet intimidating young woman. Knows exactly what she wants, looks down on everything and everyone around her. A rebel who takes life by the balls. I’m sure an experienced slut like her can handle whatever the game makes us do. A tough girl who won’t make me feel too guilty for choosing her. I realize I’ve been rubbing at the erection poking up beneath my pants.

The girls all start to whisper and shift nervously as I’ve taken my time choosing. Then finally, the Announcer speaks again, “A female has been chosen… Mindy Vos. Please step away from the line.”

The look on her face is priceless. Amid all the gasps and mumbling and sighs of relief from girls around her, Mindy’s face wilts into dismay for a few seconds. Just a moment of delicious truth revealed beneath the ‘hardcore’ veneer. Girls on either side of her politely reach out and comfort her, but everyone knows they’re all just happy it wasn’t them. Mindy looks like she’s going to cry, her jaw dropping, eyes darting around as everything starts to sink in.

She tries to gather herself, eyes drooping back into the usual carefree expression. But as she steps forward… her wobbly legs give away her true feelings, her heel buckling under her. As she stumbles, almost falls, I can’t help but grin and grab at my cock again.

\* \* \*

The hallways are eerily deserted as I approach the Computer Lab, Room 213 on the second floor. This was always one of my favorite rooms. High ceilings, dim lighting perfect for quiet work. Even between classes, the lab was always occupied with students hanging out and doing homework.

But as I open the door and enter, my breath catches at the sight of the bizarre new layout. All the computer tables and chairs remain the same. But what stops me in my tracks is the giant netting! From wall to wall in every direction, a massive rope net divides the entire room in half horizontally, like a ceiling just above my head. About the same amount of space above it as below. The netting is made of crisscrossed black cord rope, with square holes about 8 inches wide or so. Along every wall, the net connects to strange horizontal metal beams, which in turn attach to dozens of vertical beams that run floor to ceiling. The beams seem to be part of a strange moving hydraulics system. What the fuck is this?

As my eyes try to comprehend the unusual contraption installed around the room, I do a double-take when I notice something else above me. Mindy stands clinging to a wall, blindfolded and quivering in her schoolgirl uniform. While I can walk freely beneath the netting, she’s completely cut off from me, almost 7 feet off the floor, struggling to balance on the net under her feet.

Mindy has her shoes off, dark nylons bare against the rope. She darts her head around as she hears me enter, “Who’s that? Is someone there?”

As if responding for me, every single computer in the lab suddenly turns on, each simultaneously blasting some exciting arcade-like intro music and displaying the exact same interface: a title screen that says ‘School of Lust’.

The Announcer’s soothing voice comes from all computers at once, “Please remember, the chosen Female may not remove her blindfold, and the chosen Male may not remove his gag. Both participants must try to communicate with one another despite these limitations. Disobedience will result in punishment or forfeit.” I can’t help but grin, my heart racing. It’s like being in on a prank. While it’s true I’m not supposed to talk, I don’t actually have a gag on. Mindy thinks we’re in this together, but I secretly have much more control and freedom over this game than she does.

The Announcer continues, “Before further instructions, the Female must now prepare for the game by removing all clothing apart from her blindfold.” The arcade music continues, and Mindy freezes where she stands, as if not fully believing the words she just heard.

After a few awkward seconds, Mindy shouts back angrily, “Are you fucking serious?! No! I’m not fucking doing that!” Her voice is strong and defiant.

But without a second’s hesitation, her disobedience is answered with a quick low-pitch 8-bit dun-dunnn sound emitted from all the computers. An ominous note that clearly signifies failure. Immediately followed by a loud clicking sound coming from Mindy’s metal choker. I watch as the girl yelps in pain as the band around her neck suddenly blasts her with electricity! Her body writhes and loses function, her hand unable to hold the beam on the wall, and she falls forward, rolling down the slope of the netting. The poor girl tumbles toward the center, and I walk slowly closer, gazing up directly beneath her.

Mindy lays there faceup, twitching as the electricity punishes her. And I get a magnificent view as her skirt gets bunched up and she’s unable to keep her legs modestly closed. Dark nylons hugging tightly against plump thighs that jiggle from the torturous current flowing through her. A few seconds of this treatment is all it takes, and my eyes watch as a wet spot forms at the center of her crotch. The fabric of the tights getting even darker, the spot spreading rapidly, running down her ass, pooling. And before I can react, I feel a few drops hit me in the face. The clicking stops as suddenly as it began, and only a moment later do I finally realize the girl I have a crush on just dribbled a bit of pee on my face! Despite witnessing my classmate get unforgivably and disgustingly tortured, my hand subconsciously goes straight to the stiff cock beneath my pants.

As Mindy lays above me panting, the Announcer speaks again kindly, “Again, please remove all clothing. You have five seconds to begin complying.” And with that a loud arcade beeping sound begins wailing in our ears, an obvious countdown. Every computer screen shows ‘5… 4…’

Mindy sobs, “Fuck you!” But her voice is hoarse and defeated. She now knows what disobedience gets her. The goth schoolgirl sits up slowly, climbing onto her knees on the netting above me. And her hands begin gingerly lifting her white uniform shirt. The beeping stops, satisfied with her compliance.

I pace nervously around beneath her, eyes never leaving the body being revealed to me. Her shirt goes up over her head, exposing pale slightly chubby flesh. Tattoos of all sorts of things litter her young torso. Some stupid and sloppy, some intricate and beautiful. Skulls, flowers, even a pentagram. All clearly done in rebellion against her Catholic upbringing.

A lacy black bra pushes her breasts together sensually. Her tits are an average size at best, but the way she presents herself, especially while still wearing a plaid schoolgirl skirt, God it’s just so damn sexy.

She tosses her shirt away angrily as if throwing a little tantrum, then starts taking her skirt off. As she wiggles out of it, sliding it down her legs, she starts to notice the small wet spot at her crotch. She stops and her cheeks go a bit pink with humiliation. Damn, she must have been so distracted by the pain that she didn’t even realize she pissed herself until now!

Her demeanor changes, her anger dissipating into bashfulness, her blindfolded face turning in my general direction. It’s really sinking in that an unknown guy from her school is watching her strip. She hesitates, which immediately results in the countdown noise again. She jumps in fright and hurries to continue. The noise stops and I watch as Mindy peels off her dark tights. Red material is revealed. A tiny lacy thong! Fucking scandalous! A Catholic schoolgirl shouldn’t be wearing something so sexual! I smile, my eyes wide with delight.

And Mindy freezes and whips her head toward me as she hears the blatant sound of a zipper. But she can’t see me. I’m completely hidden, safe to pull out my raging dick and begin pumping away slowly. She clearly knows what the sound she heard was. And she has to continue anyway, knowing the boy below her is watching.

More amazing pale flesh, more tattoos down her thighs. A plump ass with far too little material shoved high up her buttcrack. The crotch of her red panties soiled and dark. The tights come off her feet, revealing little painted black toenails to match her fingers.

Mindy pauses and triggers the countdown yet again. This is it, she has no choice! Her hands reach back and unfasten her bra. She lets it fall, and tries to cover herself with her arms. But she has to continue, so her hands drop away and begin on her panties. And my eyes get to inspect her dark pink nipples. Thick nubs that poke up, hard in the cool air of the big computer lab. Bumpy areolas just begging to be sucked on.

The girl I’ve liked for so long. Who thought herself out of my league, too cool for a dork like me. Now look at her, stripping like a whore right before my eyes! This is fucked up. But it has to happen either way. Why not enjoy it?

Mindy keeps turning her head toward me, “What’s that sound? Hey, don’t look at me!” She seems to notice the wet fapping sound I’m making. Her lips tremble, holding back from bursting into tears from the degrading situation she’s in. And kneeling precariously right above me, she bends forward and starts pulling her thong down over her ass.

The wet cloth sticks to her crotch for a split second, then falls away, revealing the lewd sight beneath. My breath catches in my throat as I walk around to inspect her from every angle, dick pulsing in my fist.

Mindy keeps herself immaculately shaven, flawless pale skin that’s ready at all times to be enjoyed by a boyfriend. But the girl shakes with shame, clearly never wanting to show herself to a stranger like this. Her outer lips are fat and puffy, flushed pink. And down the center, her inner flaps peek out a bit, rippling bright pink petals that hang a bit asymmetrically. And above that, her puckered brown hole, just barely visible between her chunky cheeks. She keeps that area just as hairless and pristine.

So this is what Mindy looks like naked! I can’t believe I get to see every private spot on the girl I always fantasized about. She was always a distant dream, but now nothing is hidden, nothing off limits. Every flaw exposed. She’s a bit flabby around the belly and thighs. Her ass is fantastic, but compared to her torso, you’d expect her to be packing even more. And her tits could be bigger for a girl her size. Lines around her waistline, probably from pants and skirts hugging so tightly all the time. She has a lazy body, an unathletic girl content with lying around like some prized possession for her boyfriend. I stroke at my cock, smiling ear to ear, enjoying the ability to judge and scrutinize a young girl’s body. This sick game has made Mindy into nothing more than an object. But with all her flaws, she’s undeniably one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. Walking sex-appeal, a natural beauty enhanced by all the synthetic ‘emo’ fashion. A body built for pleasure.

As soon as Mindy is naked, the Announcer speaks again as if nothing degrading or humiliating even occurred, “The rules of this game are as follows. Along the walls are several checkpoint locations. When one of those points gives off this sound:” a loud 8-bit doot sound goes off from the wall to my left as an example, a red light blinking along with it, “the Female must rush to where the sound was heard. There the Female will feel a button along the metal beam on the wall. Press it to complete the task.” I see what the voice is referring to. The metal beams that the netting is attached to on the walls have big metal touch pad things on them, which give off sounds and lights. Fucking weird. Who comes up with this shit?

The Announcer continues coolly, “After a button is pressed, the sound will go off again from another random wall. Five consecutive buttons must be pressed to win the game. An undisclosed amount of time will be given to reach each checkpoint. Failure to press the button in time will reset this count and a punishment shock treatment will be administered before continuing the game. The Male may help however he sees fit as long as he does not speak. Now, the game will begin at the sound.”

Mindy is still kneeling in the center of the netting, more concerned with covering herself as best she can than in preparing to move. I hear her mumbling to herself, “This can’t be happening. This isn’t real.” And the sound goes off. Doot!

A checkpoint off to my right blinks red, and a loud beeping countdown sound begins. Every computer screen shows me “19… 18…”, but Mindy has no idea how long she has. My heart begins racing as I watch her hesitate there for another full two seconds before finally gathering the nerve to stand. And it’s extremely difficult. The netting wobbles under her as she tries to walk on hands and feet. The net holes are large enough for a foot to go through. And suddenly I realize how large the computer lab is. There’s so much distance to cover, in so little time!

“F- fucking help me! Hey! Tap stuff or something! Where do I go you fucking creep?” Shit, Mindy is screaming at me for help! Naturally being a kind, agreeable person, I rush over to help her by slapping my hands on tables and then the wall that she needs to reach. I move on instinct, trying to help, not wanting to seem like a bad person. But as I gaze up at the gorgeous naked girl crawling along up there, I can’t help but wonder, what if I just… go silent? Just watch her fail. No I can’t do that to someone.

Mindy scrambles along, tits and ass jiggling from the exertion. Such an unathletic girl, so comically pathetic. I grin, catching incredible glimpses of her bare pussy as she crawls. She’s right above me now, a few more feet, a few more seconds. And I stare up between Mindy’s legs, biting my lip and holding my breath at the incredible sight.

And she makes it! Slapping furiously at the wall a few times before landing on the correct spot and stopping the timer. A triumphant arcade-like Ding! sound signifies the completion of the task. That’s one down, four to go, and then we win the game.

“Fuuuuuck!” Mindy screams out in exasperation, slumping down and breathing heavily. She acts like she just ran a mile, won a race. But a sound goes off in a different direction again almost immediately, giving her no time to rest or celebrate. Doot!

The countdown begins again, another twenty seconds, and the next button is on the complete opposite wall. I laugh to myself and shake my head. There’s no damn way she gets there in time. I casually begin walking over, slapping my hands to make her feel like I’m trying to help. But the bitch is too out of shape. She wastes a couple seconds just gathering herself and starting out again, but to go twice as far as last time? I watch her move, ready for the impending punishment.

Not even back to the center, and the time runs out. A deep dun-dunnn sound signifies failure, and the terrifying clicking taser sound erupts from her choker once more.

“Gaaaaaah!!” Mindy’s limbs freeze up and she tumbles forward facedown into the netting, writhing and spasming in utter agony. I stand underneath once more, one of her tits squeezing straight through a net hole to stare down at me. A bare nipple, pink and sticking up hard from the torturous stimulation. Her pale flesh jiggles and vibrates, an unintentional gurgling sound escaping her mouth as she loses most bodily functions.

The punishment ends, and she only has a moment to pant hot breath down at me before another checkpoint sound goes off. This time the light is closer to her. But as I glance at the computer monitors, I notice only 15 seconds on the clock. It’s starting to randomize the amount of time it gives her.

And something else catches my eye on the screen. I walk to the closest computer while Mindy struggles to get her exhausted body moving again. The computer screens are displaying a new menu, for my eyes only. I pull out my remote from my pocket and scroll through the options, and my jaw drops at what I find. It says I can change the time she’s allotted to reach the next checkpoint! And I can raise or lower the netting. Or I can even… Jesus Christ it says I can ‘administer shock treatment’. My eyes flick up to the naked girl above me, staring at that metal band on her neck.

I try out the first option. She currently has 4 seconds remaining, and she’s about to fail. So I increase it, playing it nice and giving her more time. She reaches the button, signaling the fun little ding! And the look on the girl’s face is so adorable. So relieved, a false sense of hope returning to her.

“Hey! Hey asshole! You’re supposed to help me! Where the fuck are you?” Mindy pants heavily, shrill voice cursing down at me for not guiding her that time.

Another doot! sound forces her to start rushing in another direction, and I try out the second option. I raise the net up, the metal beams along the wall hissing as hydraulics are activated. Mindy screams annoyingly, tumbling a few times as it gets even harder to crawl while the netting is moving beneath her. I smile and play around for a bit. I raise and lower the net, messing the girl up, watching her fall and roll around stupidly. Then increase her allotted time, just to watch the struggle continue on.

After a full minute of this, with constant screams of “Help!” and “What’s happening, asshole?” her shrill voice gets annoying, so I let the clock run out on her. If she won’t be nice, I won’t either. Completely exhausted, her young body now has a fantastic sheen of sweat. Her fingers reach out, inches from the button, but she runs out of time. And I get to watch once more as my classmate falls and rolls under the brutal punishment of electricity.

Fuck why am I doing this to her? I shouldn’t treat a girl like this. But the cock in my hand thinks otherwise as I pump and pump. I watch her flounder and flop right above me. Her glossy pale flesh. Her wiggling asscheeks. A spasming foot poking down through the netting. I lick my lips, wanting more.

Before another countdown begins, the game is suddenly interrupted by the Announcer’s calm voice, “New rule. For any further failures, the Male participant may now step in and follow random alternative punishments to save the Female from further electrocution. In order to do so, he must follow the instructions listed on the computer screens. Resume game.”

Another normal doot! sound goes off from my left, giving Mindy 17 seconds to reach the next button. While she grunts and whimpers her way over to it, I look at a nearby monitor. It now has a fourth option I can select: ‘Alternative Punishment – You must make physical contact with the female for 30 seconds straight’. That’s it? So if I select that, the next time she fails to reach a checkpoint, she won’t be shocked. Instead I simply touch her. But it doesn’t say where or how. I just touch her however I want?

I look up at Mindy struggling to crawl on hands and feet. The ‘alternative’ chick in my class, with black hair, black makeup, and tattoos. Her thighs ripple with movement as she gets closer to the checkpoint. Sweat glistening on those sexy legs as she crawls. I select Alternative Punishment. A soft 8-bit boop! sound comes from each computer. The option gets grayed out, ready to initiate when she fails next.

Suddenly I don’t feel so bad for her. She should be thankful. Now she won’t get tortured, only touched. Sure I could just increase her allotted time and help her win the game, but what’s wrong with having a bit of fun along the way? I can touch the girl I always liked, and then help her win. And she’ll never know I had a choice. Hell she has no idea who the boy below her even is! A wave of excitement washes over me, and I stroke at my cock as she runs out of time once more.

The ominous dun-dunnn! sound blasts throughout the room, and Mindy just screams “Fuck you!” over and over. But the shocks don’t come. Instead, I start lowering the net down to me, just above my head. Standing right below the naked girl, I reach up and grab her ankle. She yelps and immediately starts kicking around wildly, trying to escape. At the same time, the computers all display a 30 second countdown, while a fun arcade tune begins playing all around us.

“What are you doing?! Let go!” Mindy kicks at my hand and starts crawling away from me. I lose my grip and quickly realize this isn’t going to work. With a sigh of frustration, I raise the remote again. She’s doing this to herself, it’s not my fault. I press the shock option and watch as the girl is instantly electrocuted from her metal choker. She squeals and falls facedown on the net. I let go of the button and it stops shocking her. Holy shit! Adrenaline rushes through me. I did that to her! At the press of a button, I just tortured a fellow classmate! A sick feeling in my stomach lasts only a moment, quickly replaced by arousal as I watch the girl panting and moaning above me. Then she spreads her legs slowly trying to continue crawling to safety. A perfect view between her thighs. Her smooth pussy. Her pink cunt-lips peeking out. My cock pulses.

I reach up again and grab at her legs, a stronger grip this time, both hands squeezing aggressively. Her body is weakened by electricity and fatigue. She struggles against my grip, but I hold her tight, slowly feeling my way up her legs. So fucking soft. So smooth and warm. I reach the thighs, squishing into her juicy flesh. This is unreal! I’m feeling up my crush!

Though her voice is weak and raspy, she still manages to hurl insults and profanities down at me. I ignore it all, lost in the feel of her young body. She thrashes and screams when I reach her ass, but I fight her hands off and dig my fingertips into her thick cheeks. The pliable pillowy flesh squeezes out between my fingers. I knead and spread, gazing up between her legs at the pussy and asshole as everything pries apart then back together over and over.

And up close like this, I can smell the girl. A natural musk, a bit raunchy and crude from sweating. Mixed with femininity. A mature spiced floral scent, not at all girly or innocent. A sultry seductive smell that makes my dick throb and bounce up.

One hand subdues the thrashing girl, and the other slides between her thighs, shooting straight in at that puffy little cunt. My fingers glide over the smooth skin, middle finger rubbing down the center of her cleft, feeling the delicate wrinkles of her inner lips. A slight wetness, a bit sticky. God I’ve wanted to do this for so long! Grope and explore the girl of my dreams!

But just as things get good, the 30 seconds are up and a new checkpoint boop! goes off nearby. So I let go, and grab my cock again, breathing heavily as the poor girl scrambles away from me. I sniff my fingers, lost in the spicy scent of her crotch, and my head spins with lust.

Originally I chose Mindy because I worried about traumatizing the girl I chose. I wanted someone not easily broken. I wanted to help free her by getting her through her 10 games. But now as her scent lingers in my nose, as I watch her crawl, naked and pathetic, as I have her trapped, all to myself… part of me never wants to set her free. Suddenly the netting above me seems like a spider’s web, and I’m a fucking creature, lurking around, savoring its meal. A girl chosen because of how durable she is, and now all I can think about is trying to break her.

The more she fights me, screams and cusses at me, the more determined I become. It’s a challenge now. The badass chick who thinks herself better than everyone. I feel the need to watch her submit. A goth girl that normally thinks of herself as the spider. The black widow who eats her mate after she’s done with him. But no, she’s just a juicy fly caught in my web.

I glance at a nearby computer. The Alternative Punishment option has changed slightly. It now says to make physical contact for 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds! I turn back to my prey and smile.

Mindy is a few feet away from the checkpoint, and has plenty of time left. But I’m way past being nice. I lower her allotted time down to zero just before she reaches the button. Dun-dunnn! That beautiful deep arcade sound again. Time for more punishment.

Mindy screams and scrambles, grasping at the metal beam on the wall, doing anything she can to escape her impending fate. But it’s no use, I simply lower the netting down to me and reach my hands up through the net holes to get at her.

She kicks and claws, so I zap her into submission. Her immobilized body falls twitching and bouncing, on her back just above me. The netting presses tightly against her porcelain back and ass, as if she wears some sort of erotic fishnet apparel.

I reach my hands up through the net, up and over and digging into her juicy thighs, pinning her tightly in place. Then, realizing the net holes are just wide enough, I wiggle my head up through the net, right between Mindy’s legs, my face staring inches from her sweet cunt. I rub my cheek sideways against a smooth inner thigh, then drive my nose forward straight into her velvety pussy lips. Sticky and lewd. The slightest feeling of stubbly shaved pubes on my face, my lips noticeably brushing against her asshole and the surrounding plump asscheeks. I breathe in, and my cock pulses at the smell of that spicy womanly musk again. Not at all befitting a Catholic schoolgirl.

I vaguely hear a countdown tune beeping away somewhere, but the noise is quickly muffled as Mindy clamps her thighs together around my head in a shocked response to my intrusion at her crotch. She squeals and curses, and squirms wildly trying to escape my grip. I fight off her clawing hands and just continue to smush my face into her pussy. Rubbing around, breathing her in, letting her smother me. The struggle makes it so much better.

Mindy lays writhing on her back on the net above me, and I stand in the center of the computer lab with my head and arms up through the netting, face fully enveloped between her thick thighs. It’s like heaven… and she’s an angel trying to kick me out.

I lick and suck and nibble at everything being smeared and smashed across my face. A slight salty flavor from that tender divot between her pudenda and inner thigh. A sour taste of sticky juices as my tongue briefly slips into her cunt. Everything warm and inviting, in her most private and off-limits area.

I’m able to grapple both her wrists, pinning them down roughly across her belly above me. And with the newfound control, I can focus my oral assault. The air is hot and stuffy as her pillowy thighs clench and squeeze around my head. But my tongue lashes out, digging into every fold of her sweet pussy. Every flap and crease, nothing is safe from my wandering exploration. Flicking up across her clit. I suck the little nub into my mouth, my lips tugging, my teeth teasing it roughly. I make her yelp and screech as I administer feelings of pain rather than pleasure on her most sensitive spot. None of this is for her. I play with her for my own pleasure, to satisfy my own curiosities. I’ve always wanted to find Mindy Vos’s weakness, feel her clit in my mouth, test how sensitive it is. I bite into it a bit, and she seizes up in pain.

The minutes go by faster than I would’ve liked, but as I hear the timer end, I back away from the girl, panting. Jesus I’m lightheaded after all that. My cock is rock solid, dripping a string of precum down to the floor.

Doot! Another red light blinks, and Mindy sobs as she’s forced yet again to crawl her way to the next button, without a moment to rest. I sit down at the nearest computer chair and casually begin jerking my dick as I stare up at the pathetic girl bumbling around naked above me. My free hand leisurely presses the remote, administering frequent little bursts of electricity into her young body, just to make the experience more exciting. I smile as it forces cute little shouts and cries of pain out of her, makes her stumble and slip around more. But I mostly give her a fair chance besides that. And to my surprise, she reaches a button. Ding!

Mindy crawls as fast as she can, clearly determined to avoid more punishments, her tits flopping as she goes, her ass bouncing as her limbs flail with more effort than she’s probably given anything in her life. Ding! Another checkpoint successfully reached! She’s doing amazing. But her breathing is heavy and ragged. Her body glistening with sweat. She can’t keep this up. It’s inevitable…


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