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Roleplay rape fantasy played out with my girlfriend

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On the way home from the bar I(29) told my girlfriend (31) how hot and sexy she looks and I said I want to live out my fantasy of home intruder and rape her and when we got home I dropped her at the door and told her to be ready when I get back baby. I had to park down the street and when I knocked on the door she answered it in a see through short robe and I asked her if Karl was home and she said oh no sir nobody by that name lives here and I forced my way in the door and she ran into the dining room and I grabbed her and she said oh please don’t hurt me I’ll do whatever you want just don’t hurt me.

I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her onto her knees and I said take out my cock you little slut and she pulled my pants down and my 7 inch dick sprang out and I forced it into her mouth and started fucking her mouth and the was choking on it and I said oh you little whore and I pulled her up and pushed her onto the table and said I pushed my dick in her soaked pussy and she started moaning out and I fucked her for 5 minutes and I grabbed her and took her into the living room and pushed her head into the couch and I grabbed her asscheeks and drove my tongue into her asshole and I told her to rub her pussy and she started trembling and she said oh my God I’m gonna cum and I pushed my dick in her pussy and got it nice and wet and I put my dick against her pink asshole and I slowly eased my cock in and when it went past her sphincter I pulled her hair and said look in the mirror slut her eyes rolled back and I worked it in balls deep and she was grunting out and I said oh your asshole is so tight and she just kept uhh uhh uhh and I fucked her for another 10 minutes and I groaned out and I pulled my dick out of her asshole and grabbed her head and forced my cock in her mouth and blew a massive load deep in her mouth and I told her not to swallow it yet and I said open your mouth and show me that cum your gonna eat and some spilled down her chin and I said oh yeah you little slut now swallow every drop and she did. I grabbed her and threw her back onto the couch and drove my now swollen red cock back up her asshole. I pulled my dick out and I told her to suck it and milk it dry and she did.

She fell back onto the couch soaking with sweat and she smiled at me and I got down and ate her pussy until she came again.

We played out different scenarios every once in Awhile and it was better every time.

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