Erotic Stories

Real messages I sent earlier tonight……

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You should let a stranger like me come see you. Put on a blindfold and leave your door unlocked after texting me the address……I’ll enter and put my soft belt around your neck and my cock deep inside your pussy. I’ll start slowly and deep building up a rhythm while you sway your hips to grind your g spot on my shaft as it fills you completely…you gasp as you have your first climax and push away from me so the juices from inside you have room to expand and force their way out in wave after wave of intense pleasure….

You don’t know who I am but I am doing this to you you think to yourself but you don’t want me to stop either you want me to keep going until you feel my warm seed drip from the lips of your eager wet cunt………….

I know you are sitting there thinking about it. Thinking about me and my cock and if it could really be that good. You are sitting there eating dinner with your juices still slowly dripping out from playing with yourself reading my messages. Your clit tingles when you think about my tongue dancing back and forth across it like the flame of a candle flickering in a cool summer breeze.

You slightly shift in your chair from side to side as you make small talk with others and you feel the juices starting build on your lips and slowly drip into your soft red lace panties, the ones you already put on because you instinctively knew I would love sliding them off you while I kiss your breasts softly, gently biting and sucking your beautiful nipples until they are fully erect and pointing at the roof.

You smile and reach for your phone, you know you shouldn’t but you have to see if it could possibly be as exciting as reading it to yourself in real life. You pull up my number and text me your address as your heartbeat races and and you put on the lingerie you already had picked out in your head just for me.

You notice you are so excited your panties are now soaked through , you aren’t sure what to do until you get my response back that confirms you were right to see me…..”leave the wet panties on the door knob so I know you are ready, be there soon”…………….You smile to yourself and walk towards the unlocked door…………

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