Erotic Stories

Real life story: My moans were getting louder hence he slammed his elbow across my mouth.

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We rode to the nearest jungle and found the spot to have some fun. I wore an easy top so that he could slip his hand inside, and fondle my boobs easily. I am on a shorter side so I had to tip toe a bit to reach his lips. I gave him a peck- it’s a sign that we can quench our thirst now. He kissed me, sucking my lower lips and biting in between. I had no choice so I sucked in his upper lips in return, while my hands were rubbing his cock outside of his pants. I could feel it bulging out. In a second, I felt I was at the top of the world as he lifted me up, pushed against the trunk ( of a tree) and kissed again. His hands were inside of my top. I knew it wasn’t enough for him so I took my boobs out of my top for him. If I had given him a chance, he would tear off my tops. Well he has no idea about women’s clothing and I didn’t want to go home like that though I love the idea. The moment my boobs were out, he nibbled my nipples. My moans were getting louder hence he slammed his elbow across my mouth and kept on sucking my boobs। By this time, I was so aroused that I zipped down his pant and took out his cock outside. Also he pulled down my jeans and checked how wet I was. I was dripping wet. He whispered in my ear ” I would fuck you here but I need you to teach a lesson first, you have teased me a lot”. Shit it was true. He was going to punish me but I needed him inside me. I shouldn’t have teased him all day long while he was in office. He ordered me to kneel down. I knew what was coming. I knelt down by stroking his cock. I knew he loved the sight of me – my jeans lowered to my knees and my boobs hanging out of my tops. I kissed his head and took it inside my mouth, slowly slipping my lips to the base. I could hear him gasping for air. His cock was twitching hard as I moved to and fro sucking him along the length. He sighed every time his head hit the back of my throat. He grabbed my head, thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth till he came. He switched back his hands at my boobs, squeezed them while he came inside my mouth. I had no second thoughts, I gulped down his cum. He put back his still-hard cock inside his pants and knelt down to see me if I was okay. He wiped my tears, put back my boobs inside my top, and wiped my lips. He knew I had already swallowed his cum. I pulled him closer by collar and whispered on his ear “my turn”. He made me stand back across the tree and inserted one of his fingers on my pussy. I was much more dripping wet than before. He put that finger inside my mouth. As I was licking my taste, he leaned forward and said “Next time, we are getting late”. I frowned at his response and pulled back my jeans.

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