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Quarantine trip

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During the initial phase of quarantine a trip we had planned was cancelled. I told my husband to find a hotel with an open pool and we would go for a weekend with the kids. Luckily he was able to find on in a rural part of our state. We spent the 1st day swimming and had the pool to ourselves. We had our 3 children with us in one hotel room so there wasn’t going to be any adult fun sadly.

We were some of the only ones in the hotel. Our room was directly across from the pool and there were windows from the hallway overlooking the pool. We sent the kids to get ready to go find food and my husband swam over and started playing with my pussy. He was rock hard. I was, of course, worried about getting caught by staff or our kids. I pulled his cock out and started stroking it. He was fingering my pussy and pulled one of my breasts out of my bathing suit and was squeezing my nipple. He pulled the bottom of my bathsuit to the side and thrust his hard cock inside my pussy. He came and we went and got ready to leave. Pretty sure we were seen but nothing was said to us!

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