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Quarantine Fun with the Family – Part 3 (Mom decides to help)

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**Hey everyone, before I get started I just want to say some things. I have gotten very busy with work and my personal life, hence why I couldn’t get the stories to you right away. I’ve basically took about a year to get my life back together. I only have a small amount of time each day to do anything, and an even less time to think about writing a story like this, and I managed to take some time to deliver this story to you guys. I understand you guys like the story, but I’m not always in the mood to write one. Sometimes I feel like pleasing myself on reddit, and it doesn’t mean that I want to write a story, but due to high demand and since people keep asking, I guess I had to push one out soon. Another thing is that most, if not all, countries have been out of quarantine for a while now, but I will continue the story as if it’s still going on just for that flow. Again all feedback will be appreciated. The only way I can know that you guys want more is through the voting system and any comments/DMs. I hope you guys enjoy this part.**

The day was ending once again. My aunt and sis came back from their day out. They seem oddly closer but I didn’t care much about it. We all ate dinner, and began to get ready to sleep. Like last time, I had to sleep with mom, but given what’s been happening recently, I didn’t mind much. I got into bed and I was staring at the ceiling in my shorts. Mom then walked in with a similar but different colored robe. This looked more thin, and was a nice pink color. I didn’t want to stare at her for too much, so I continued to look at something else while she tucked herself in and wished me a good night. I wished her one back, and the night began.

Some time has now passed, and I still can’t sleep. I begin to think about what happened, and was honestly glad to have an open mom like her. However, I was wondering if she’s more than just open to talking. I remembered her masturbating last night, and as usual it gave me a hard boner. I didn’t think much of it, as so I just pulled my cock out. Like the horny guy I was, I began to slowly jerk off.

At first I made sure not to shake the bed to wake my mom up, but sooner than later, I began to even forget she was there. I closed my eyes and began to visualize my mom giving me a blowjob and then us beginning to have some sex. I guess I got to happy about it, because I began to quicken up the pace a bit, causing the bed to shake here and there.

“Arjun? What are you doing?”

My whole body jumps at that question. I open my eyes to see my mom staring at me with my hand on my fully-erect cock. “Ummmm…I’m just-I’m just-…I’m so sorry mom, I just got that feeling again and I just couldn’t-”

“Oh Darling…remember I said it’s fine, but there’s a time and a place for all of this. You should’ve done this before coming to bed or at least tomorrow morning.”

“I’m sorry mom, but I just couldn’t help it, it just came up now”.

My mom took a deep sigh, and then proceeded with “All right Arjun, you can finish up, but try to finish it quickly, you have to sleep and can’t stay up this late”.

“Y-yeah mom, thanks.”

I continue from where I stopped, but this time I try to go as slowly as possible to not disturb my mom. Slowly but surely, my cock began to get limp. It was hard to keep myself turned on while having to keep focusing on my mom not waking up. I guess mom realized this too.

“Hey darling, are you finished yet?” She said after turning around, now with her front body facing me once again.

“No mom, it’s just hard to do it right now” Usually I have something to watch, b-but my phone is nowhere near me. I also don’t want to wake you up again either.”

“Oh darling, you didn’t have to worry about me” I guess she felt a bit sorry for me at this point, because after taking a look at my cock, she asked: “Should I-…you know…help you in any way?”

“W-what?…like what do you mean”? I asked curious to know where this was going.

My mom didn’t say another word, but spoke with her hands. Her hand made its way towards my cock and she held my slightly limp shaft. I took my hand off of it, and she began to do the work.

“Mom…is this…is this…okay?” I ask without able to comprehend what’s going on right now.

“It normally isn’t sweetie, but I don’t want you to lose your own life activities because of me.”

She begins to speed up the process, and surely enough, my cock begins to rise and in fact much bigger than before too. This time, I’m turned on a lot, just because it’s not my own hand jerking it off now.

I began to take slightly deep breaths as this warm feeling begins to sprinkle all over my body. This was definitely better than porn for sure. My mom asked if this was helping, and I reply to her saying it definitely is. I look at her, and her eyes are just glued to my cock, but she had a big smile on her face. I couldn’t tell if she liked it or was just happy to help, but I didn’t care.

With all of the shaking she was doing, her robe began to slowly untie itself, and her cleavage began to show again. Once again, no bra. Slowly with each stroke, her robe will lower bit by bit. Right when it got to the nipples, the robe’s edge got caught onto it and didn’t move further down. Does this mean that her nipples where hard too? I didn’t know to be honest, but what I did know was that my hand was beginning to move towards her. I think I knew what it was thinking about doing.

When my hand was close to her body, I asked “Mom…can I….ummm…-” I stopped there not knowing how to ask it nicely, but I guess she knew what I was going to ask. She smirked and chuckled quietly, but after a quick sigh, she said “if it will help you, by all means go ahead”.

I couldn’t believe it, this was going to be the first time I actually get to touch her breasts. My hands move slowly onto her breast and I clamp onto them. They were soft, big and this feeling was like never before. I was playing around with them for what felt like a few seconds, but was actually minutes.

Slowly without even asking, my hand begins to move inside her robe, and I get to touch her bare breasts. The feeling was better, now with her nipples in the equation. She didn’t seem to mind it, but my cock definitely did. I began to feel close.

“Mom…I’m starting to feel it come out”

“All right sweetie”, she turned around and grabbed some tissues from the bed-side cabinet. Weirdly enough those are where I get my tissues when I jerk off too.

She began to jerk me off even faster, and was making me start to cum quicker too.

“Mom…I’m coming…” I say just moments before she covers my cock with the tissues and all of my semen shoots into it. Of course some manages to get on the bedsheet and even on her hand, but I can’t focus on that right now. My mom just jerked me off…I’ll never forget this.

“Oh wow….you really….got a lot out of your system huh?” My mom asks. I chuckle and agree. She uses some extra tissue to wipe off the cum from my cock.

She gets out of bed and throws the tissues in a nearby trash can, and then starts to head into the bathroom. I guess she had to wash away my cum from her hands. Before she enters the bathroom, she tells me to get some sleep, and I say yes.

After that, I will probably have the best sleep in so long. I tuck myself in, after putting my ‘freshly-squeezed’ cock back into my boxers. I close my eyes, and begin to sleep. I hear the washroom door opening, and my eyes open again. Once my mom comes back and tucks herself into her bed, I say “Thanks a lot mom,…you really helped me a lot there”. After a quick pause, mom replies with “no problem sweetie, I didn’t want you to lose some sleep and since you might’ve needed some help, I decided to lend a hand” She chuckled after that quick joke. She continued “if you ever need help again, let mommy know okay?” I was shocked at her offer, and it definitely be idiotic of me to decline, so I quickly said. “Yeah sure mom….will do….goodnight!” Once she said her ‘goodnight’ we both began to doze off.

This has definitely been an insane night, and hopefully this isn’t the last of it.

**That’s all for now guys, I will be trying my best to post as often as possible, but with work, my time to work on these stories are very short. So please don’t push me to work on these stories too much. After all I’m human too, and I have a life of my own, and don’t just write stories all day. For any questions/advice, feel free to DM me. For anything else, go ahead and comment down below. I’m not looking for a upvote goal like last time, however I do wish you guys show your support, and if you enjoyed the story, please do upvote it. See you next time :)**

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