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Quarantine Fun with the Family – Part 1 (Sleeping with Mom)

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Before I get to the story let me describe myself. I am a 22 year old male. I live with my mom and sister. My dad passed away when I was younger, and so my mom mainly raised me and my sister alone.

My mom used to work at a restaurant, but was laid off due to COVID. During the lockdown, she put in time and started her own business. So far it has been going decently, and she has a few employers, so she can make time for me and my sister. My mom has a MILF’s body (about 5′ 4″, has a 32F breast size, as well as heart-shaped sporty ass). She has brown hair, and a beautiful face. She usually wears loose shirts, casual pants, and an American kimono when she’s outside, but when she’s inside she will wear a silky robe or some home-style loungewear.

I never felt sexually attracted to my mom, until the moment I started enjoying Mom and Son porn. Ever since I started watching them, I started to view my mom in a different way. Usually I would masturbate to celebrities or woman I am acquainted with from college or work. However, now I only masturbate to my mom. Even if the picture has absolutely no cleavage or nudity, I would still feel aroused and will cum to it.

I would always imagine her giving me a blowjob and us fucking at night. I think about sucking her tits and licking her pussy for her pleasure. Ever since I started fantasizing about her, I’ve noticed that sometimes she doesn’t wear a bra, and you can barely see her nipple piercing through the robe. Sometimes she would even barely tie up the robe so that her cleavage shows.

At times we would hug and kiss, but we never did close hugs or kisses on the lips. I wanted to do that with my mom, but never got the chance to. I would always try to spend more time with her, but she is often busy with work, and I could never make a move on her. I have tried many other things to flirt with her, like complimenting her looks, and to touch her, like offering a massage. Whenever I complimented her, she would blush and then tell me about her day. Whenever I offer a massage, I can only do it over her clothing, and never without any. I never felt like I had any closer ways of being with her. That is, until my aunt decided to come over.

My aunt is my mom’s younger sister (only by a couple years), but is single and has no children. She looks pretty identical to my mom with all of her proportions very similar. Some would say they are twins, if their face structure wasn’t different. Although physically they might be similar, their characteristics are completely different. My mom tends to be a quiet and shy woman, and usually focuses on completing her responsibilities at home and at work.

My aunt in the other hand is the opposite. Since she’s single, she spends most of her time going out with her friends (guys and girls), partying, and is very out-going. Although I never figured out her job, she appears to earn a lot of money with it. While my mom wears casual clothing during the day, my aunt wears tight clothing that easily shows the outlines from her tits and ass. Most of the time, you can see some cleavage. It would be amazing to see my aunt a lot more, but she lives in a different city.

She apparently asked my mom beforehand that she needed to stay at our house since her house is being renovated for the time being. My mom obviously said yes. At our house, we only have 3 rooms. One for me, one for my sister, and the other for my mom. Since my aunt will be coming over, my mom offered her to sleep in her room. She changed into a comfortable robe, and while she started moving her things towards my sister’s room, she reminded herself that my sister moves around, and can possibly kick, a lot in her sleep. The only time she doesn’t kick around much is when she goes to sleep tired from doing a workout or something. So she went to the other side of the upstairs hallway towards my room and asked me if she can sleep in my room.

She explained the situation to me. As I understood her situation, as well as how I will finally be able to be next to my mom the whole night, I agreed to her request. I started moving my pillows to one side, to allow my mom to put hers on the other. We were standing on opposites of the bed, and we were both setting up. I took a quick glance at her, and I was seeing her bending forward to setup her pillow and the blankets. During this, her robe wasn’t completely fastened as was slowly dripping down. I saw a nice view of her cleavage, and I started feeling aroused. Once her robe started falling downwards past her shoulder, and right when the robe was about to reveal her nipples, she caught her robe and tightened it. Before she could up to check if I saw it, I quickly looked away and continued setting up my bed.

After a few minutes, she went to the bathroom and I got into bed to sleep. I slept on my back and stared at the ceiling while thinking about the experience I’m going to have. Later, I saw my mom leave the bathroom and walk into my room. She tied up her hair, and laid down on the bed on her back as well. She made the first word and apologized to me of how she is making me uncomfortable tonight by sleeping in my bed as well, since my bed isn’t very big and we only had a bit of room in between us. I reassured her that all is well and that I rather have her sharing the bed with me instead of sharing the bed with my ‘violent when sleeping’ sister. She thanked me again, before kissing me on the forehead and wishing me goodnight. She then turned around so her back was facing me, and then she started to dose off. I ended up getting tired, so my eyes drifted off.

I ended up waking up again to go to the bathroom. Once I finished my business, I came back and remembered that my mom was sleeping with me. I got into bed and then I started to have lewd thoughts of her. I turned to my left facing her back, and I thought of something daring. I pulled the bedsheets a bit lower so it was only her feet that were covered, revealing the bottom half of her body. She slept at an angle, so that her ass was angled outwards. This gave me an immediate boner and my cock rose upwards. I started feeling my cock as I observed my mom’s ass. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I reached into my shorts, and I pulled out my cock. I started to masturbate thinking about my mom’s ass and me plowing it. I moved my hand up and down very slowly to make sure I don’t make any movement in the bed.

As I kept going, I started to feel a bit ‘bored’, and so I did something daring again. I reached out and grabbed the bottom of my mom’s robe, and slowly lifted it up. As her skin started to reveal more, my eyes widened as I started to see one of my mom’s greatest physical features. Her ass was an amazing view, she was wearing nice black floral lace panties that covered half of her ass. At this point, I wasn’t thinking too much about the risks involved, since she was sleeping. With one hand I was rubbing my cock, and with the other I started to lightly caress her ass cheeks. I made sure not to touch harder or faster, since she will wake up.

I kept this going until I felt close. I rushed to the bathroom, and I climaxed. While I was there I realized my shirt and shorts has some wet stains, so I tried to find some clothes without making too much noise, but was only able to find another pair of shorts. I didn’t give it another thought and I put it on and went back to bed. When I got in, I pulled my mom’s robe down and then pulled the blankets over both of us. I started to doze off after thinking about my mom a little bit more.

The next morning, I woke up pretty early. I was still half asleep, and since my alarm hasn’t gone off yet, I assumed I still had time. So I decided to stay in bed, and I ended up fantasizing about my mom once again. During this, my cock started to rise and harden. It ended up making a tent with my shorts (my blankets weren’t covering me here). I didn’t mind my boner since I was pretty used to morning wood. So I continued to fantasize.

A little bit later, I started hearing movement on the bed, and then I remembered that my mom was sleeping next to me. I started to get nervous because I didn’t know how she will react if she saw my tent. So I slowly opened an eye a little bit, and saw what was happening. My mom was staring at boner. I was really hoping she wouldn’t say anything but she just kept on staring. Soon she started to slowly move her hands around her body, one outside the robe and one inside. She started to massage her pussy on the inside, and caressed her right breast on the outside. This was when I found out my mother was not only quiet and shy, but actually had a bit of a wild side, even if she doesn’t show it off. Learning this my semi-erect cock became fully erect and increased the height of the tent, all while I tried my best to look asleep.

That’s when I started hearing talking sounds from outside my room, which sounded my aunt and sister, and my mom quickly got out of bed and tightened her robe. She took one quick glance at me, and then left the room. Once the door closed I opened my eyes completely and started to register of what just happened. I started thinking different scenarios, but ended up forgetting them all once I saw my boner. I rushed to the bathroom once again, and rubbed one out by thinking about my mom playing with herself.

**That’s all for now guys, I will be trying my best to post as often as possible, but with work my time to work on these stories are short. However, do expect some updates for this. This story will cover my progressions on 3 people (mom, aunt, and sister), so be sure to follow the story to see how it turns out. For any questions/advice, feel free to DM me. For anything else, go ahead and comment down below. I’m not looking for a upvote goal like last time, however I do wish you guys show your support, and if you enjoyed the story, please do upvote it. See you next time :)**

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