Poor Little Cassie – Chap 2 – The Plumbers Return by Demonhead

The dream was incredible. I was on a desert island and I was surrounded by a lot of men. They had me tied spread eagle to stakes on a beach and they were all talking in a strange language. They were wearing various skins and furs and I noticed their skin was very bronze. I was wearing my high school uniform which I thought was incredibly weird. My white shirt was buttoned all the way to the neck as we pure, catholic virgins were required to do. My little pleated skirt was sitting over my firm thighs and my white socks and black patent leather shoes finished the perfect catholic schoolgirl look. I remembered all the rules we had to follow for that stupid uniform and I chuckled that I was dressed perfectly even though I was tied to stakes on a beach. My long blonde hair was spread out across the sand. I looked around and all of the men were just looking down at me and screaming in their strange language. I had no idea how a 16 year old ended up in her high school uniform on a strange beach.

One of them knelt down and looked me in the eyes. He was wearing a sort of headdress and had white paint across his face in stripes. He turned his head slowly to the side and stared at me. He reached out his hand and touched my cheek. I shivered under his touch and whimpered. He ran his finger across my soft face and then across my full lips. He touched my neck and then my shirt. I was staying perfectly still which I realized was probably the same as telling him I was ok with what he was doing. I wasn’t ok with it but I couldn’t seem to be able to move or speak. I shivered again when I realized he had just touched my bare thigh. His fingers moved up my thigh under my skirt and I felt the skirt flipped up onto my stomach. He touched my white panties. They were very conservative panties, yes, that was a rule too. I squealed as I felt my panties being pulled down and then to the side. Suddenly I felt pulling and I saw the glint of a big knife. I held my breath in panic and then I felt my panties loosen and saw the man lift them to his nose. He screamed and held them up and the group responded with what sounded a lot like cheers.

I was brought back when I felt his fingers touch the lips of my young pussy. He ran his fingers across my smooth pussy. Why was it smooth? I had never shaved it, good little schoolgirls didn’t do stuff like that. I flinched as he slid his big finger between my pussy lips. I arched my back and bit my lower lip to hold back a scream. I felt my pussy getting wet and my body starting to respond to this wild man’s fingers. He touched my clit and I felt another wonderful shiver rip through my young body. I heard a bell and the crowd cheered again. Another bell and then another. The fingers were still rubbing on my clit and sliding between my now wet lips. Another bell. I was so close to cumming. The natives were dancing and jumping as I writhed under this strange man. Another bell. I opened my eyes wide and saw pink clouds and realized I was looking at my bedroom ceiling. I sat up in bed and pulled my hand from between my legs. My fingers were wet and I was still shivering. Another bell. Shit, the door. I jumped out of bed and ran to the stairs.

Tony and Hank were standing on the porch when I opened the door. Tony did not look happy.

“Bitch, what took you so long?” He grumbled and walked right into my house.

I held the door open for Hank and then closed it gently and followed them into my kitchen. Tony was sitting on a stool at our island and opening his clipboard. He started pulling out papers.

“Hank, can you go upstairs and check the seals from yesterday?” Tony said without raising his head.

“You got it boss.” Hank said in a cheerful voice and turned to walk back to the stairs.

I heard his footsteps on the stairs as I stood in my kitchen in my bare feet wearing only a pink sesame street nightshirt. I was just looking at this man sitting in my kitchen like he owned the place, and me for that matter. He lifted his head and glanced over at me. I felt a nervous shiver run through me.

“Lift up that cute nightshirt, baby.” Tony said in a soft voice.

I hesitated at first and then I saw one of his eyelids lift. My hands moved quickly to the bottom of my nightshirt and I lifted it to my waist. I stood still as he stared at my young, smooth pussy. I actually was a little worried that he would not find my shaving job satisfactory. It was a stupid worry as my pussy was perfectly smooth, in fact there was no hair present on my body other than on my head.

“Come a little closer, baby girl.” He said and looked back at his papers.

I shuffled closer to him and he looked back at me. He reached his left hand down and touched my soft pussy. He rubbed his fingers across the smooth skin and then over my tight tummy.

“Nice work on the cunt.” He said and I felt a surge of pride.

“Now, baby, you need to go and get me a yardstick. You do have one of those, right?” he said.

I remembered Mom had a red one in the pantry that she had gotten from the hardware store. We rarely used it to actually measure anything, it’s primary use was to fish crap out from under the refrigerator. I ran to the pantry and grabbed it. It was a little thicker than the usual yardstick. I returned to Tony’s side. He held out his hand and I gave him the yardstick.

“Now baby, go over to the table and cross your arms on the edge and lay your head on your arms.” He said while he was looking at his papers.

I went over to the table and put my arms down. I leaned over and put my head on my arms. I was bent at the waist with my ass facing Tony. I took a deep breath and wondered what this man was going to do to me today. I stayed there for about 5 minutes before he said anything.

“Baby girl. Where are your panties?” Tony asked.

I hesitated and then stammered a little.

“Did you not wear any thinking you would please me?” He said.

“Yes”, I answered in a small voice.

I heard a small laugh and saw his feet as he was now standing next to me. I felt my nightshirt being lifted and then pulled over my back and pushed towards my head. I was basically naked now with my shirt bunched at my head. My boobs were hanging down under me. I could see my nipples were hard as I looked down at them. I noticed my toes needed a new coat of polish as I stood bent over in my kitchen with a strange man looking over me.

“Baby girl, you have to understand something. You are not a slut or a whore and I will not have you dressing like one. No respectable girl runs around without panties on, even in her own house. Unless of course you like showing off your pussy to your Daddy. Do you like showing your pussy to your Daddy, baby girl?” Tony asked in a soft voice.

“No.” I answered quickly.

“Good. Now from now on you will wear panties all of the time and dress like the sweet little girl you are, right?” He asked.

I started to answer and then I heard a swish and felt a sharp pain on my ass. Instead of an answer a squeal came out of my mouth.

“Baby girl, I didn’t hear you. Did you answer me?” He asked.

Another swish and another sharp pop on my young ass. I tried not to scream and answer him but it came out garbled. Another swish and another pop. I jumped a little as my ass was now burning. Another pop, another scream.

“Baby, I will give you another chance. Are you going to dress appropriately from now on?” He asked.

I flinched, thinking another pop was coming. He did not hit me again.

“Yes.” I answered.

I relaxed a bit and then another pop hit me. I screamed and jumped, my ass was on fire. I kept my arms on the table and my head down. I knew that it would not be good if I lifted them. Another pop. I was jumping on my bare feet now, trying to keep my mind off my burning ass. I was breathing fast and I felt my tears on my arms. I did not feel anything for about a minute. My breathing was slowing down. I was starting to regain control. I was almost totally calm and then I felt a slap across my firm breasts. I screamed again.

He hit my boobs again with the stick. He didn’t hit my nipples but my skin was glowing now. I bit my lip and waited for another blow across my now sore boobs. None came. I stayed still, praying he was done.

“Now, baby. Do we understand each other?” He asked.

“Yes.” I answered immediately.

“That is good. I knew you would catch on quick. You’re a smart girl.” He said.

There was nothing for about a minute and then I heard another swish just before my ass lit up again. This pop was harder than all the others and I screamed into my arms, my tears flew out of my eyes.

“Now stand up, baby girl.” I heard him.

I stood up and my night shirt fell back down.

“Why don’t you go get a glass of water and clean yourself up?” he said.

I filled a glass and took a drink. I grabbed a Kleenex and wiped my eyes and cheeks. I tossed the Kleenex and went back to stand next to him.

“You ready to make it up to me, baby girl?” He asked.

I nodded before I even realized what he said. Make it up to him? Wasn’t I the one who just took the beating? My young mind reeled as I stood before this strange man. Why was I doing this? How did he control me like this?

“Good, now get on your knees.” He said.

I knelt immediately. The cold, hard, wood floor did not feel good on my knees. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cock. I looked at it as it hung in front of my face. I remembered it from yesterday. It was almost hard and was actually moving before my eyes as it finished hardening. It was now pointing at me and bobbing. I felt him grab my hair and pull my head towards him.

“Open that pretty mouth, baby girl.” He said.

I did as he asked and he slipped his cock into my warm mouth. He tasted salty and smelled musky. I started sucking him and put my hands on his thighs.

“Use those cute hands, baby girl. You need to worship this cock, you will grow to love it.” He said.

I reached up and wrapped my right hand around it. I pulled my mouth off and licked the head. I slid back onto it and let it slide all the way to the back of my throat. I ran my hand up and down the part that was still outside my mouth. I felt him grab my left hand and pull it towards him. I felt his balls hit my hand and I grabbed them gently. They were big and very hairy. I juggled them and squeezed them as I sucked his cock.

“That a girl, now you got it. Suck that cock, baby.” He said and I felt his hands on my head.

I felt proud all of a sudden as I sucked and licked his cock. I pulled back and saw a drop of cum ease out of the end. I opened my mouth and slid him back in, the taste was salty again. I heard him groan and then his hands pulled me to him. The cock slid to the back of my throat again and he held it there. A huge blast of hot cum hit the back of my throat and filled my mouth immediately. I tried to swallow instinctively but I couldn’t with my mouth still full of cock. Another blast hit and my mouth overflowed, cum running out between my lips. I opened my mouth a little to try and swallow. I was able to swallow a little but then he blasted another load and cum exploded out of my lips. He pulled out and I leaned back. He held his cock and I saw another smaller load escape and hit me in the neck. I tried to swallow to clear my mouth.

“That was nice, baby girl. You are quite the cocksucker.” He said and put his cock back in his pants.

I sat back on my legs on my kitchen floor with cum running off my chin and down my neck. I was trying to breathe slow and deep to try and relax.

“Tony, the seals are rock solid. We look good upstairs.” I heard Hank’s voice.

He walked around the corner and saw me.

“And we look good downstairs too.” Hank said and laughed.

“Hank, this little cunt can flat suck a dick.” Tony said and continued to work on his papers.

Hank sat down in a chair and started to open his pants. I looked over and saw his massive black cock fold out of his pants. It was long but it was still soft and it flopped across his thigh.

“Well, slide over her baby and show me what you can do.” Hank said.

I looked over to Tony and he nodded. I slid over to Hank and grabbed the wonderful black cock. It felt so big in my small hands. I felt it start to grow as I held it. I moved my head and sucked on the end. Just the head filled my mouth. I licked all around his head and sucked it deep into my mouth. I ran my hand up and down the length as I tried to get more into my mouth. I was able to get about three or four inches into my mouth and he was pressed up against the back of my throat. I could still breathe but there was still quite a bit of cock left to go. I pulled off slow and flicked my tongue around his head again. My other hand reached under and grabbed his balls, they were massive and heavy and I couldn’t get both of them in my hand. He groaned and leaned his head back, I knew I had found a sweet spot. I licked down the length of his cock and sucked softly on his balls. I felt his hand on my head and he was running his fingers through my long blonde hair.

“Fuck, you are right Tony, this little slut was born to suck cock.” Hank said.

I felt another tinge of pride and slid my mouth back over the head and pushed as much as I could inside my warm wet mouth. I felt his hand apply a little pressure and I tried to relax my throat. I had only ever sucked Tim’s dick and he was so much smaller than this I never had the issue of him filling my mouth. He really didn’t like it when I did it, he would cum in about 30 seconds and I always thought he would have rather fucked me. I only did it to him twice in our short relationship. Relationship, that was funny. Two blow jobs and a couple of back seat wrestling matches. Yeah, that was a life memory, I regretted everything I did with that asshole.

My thoughts were ripped away from Tim when I felt more pressure on the back of my head and then Hank’s monster cock trying to enter my throat. I pulled my hands off and pushed against his thighs but he was too strong.

“Tony, you think the little cunt can take it all?” I heard Hank’s voice.

I panicked and tried to pull back but he held me in place. I could feel myself start to breathe faster.

“Hank, I do not know. Why don’t you try it and let me know.” I heard Tony answer and Hank laughed.

I tried to look up at him to plead with my eyes but I couldn’t move my head.

“Hang on baby girl, here we go.” I heard Hank’s voice and I fought harder.

My efforts were in vain and I felt him grab my head with both hands. I tried to relax and felt him push hard. My throat battled for a second and then the cock slid deep into my body. Once it cleared the entrance it slid all the way down. I felt his pubic hair tickle my nose as he smashed my face into his crotch. I couldn’t breathe and it felt like I had a huge pole inside me. My mouth was stretched wide and my gag reflex was long gone. I stopped fighting and dropped my arms in defeat. I heard them laughing.

Hank grabbed my hair and pulled me off of him. I felt his cock slowly slide out of my throat. It cleared my throat and the air rushed into my lungs. The cock slid out of my mouth and my lips closed. They felt stretched and they hurt a little. I looked up at him and he was holding his cock against my forehead and sliding his hand up and down. I was confused and then I felt a warm wet feeling on my skin and his cum ran into my eyes and over my nose. I closed my eyes quickly and felt another load hit me and more cum ran down my face. I felt it drop off my chin and some of it hit my thighs as I sat there. He came a couple more times and my face felt like it was coated. I opened my mouth a little to breathe and some of the cum slid through my lips. I heard more laughing and Hank let go of my hair.

I sat back again on my legs and tried to breathe. I was a mess. I felt like I was covered in cum and now more was running down my neck and under my night shirt. I lifted a hand and wiped my eyes clear.

“Suck if off, cunt.” Tony’s voice and I looked over at him.

“Suck Hank’s cum off your fingers.” He said.

I slowly opened my mouth and sucked the cum off. I slid my fingers into my mouth and slid them out clean.

“That is so fucking hot. Do that again.” Hank said to me.

I started wiping the cum off my face and licking my fingers clean. Both of them stared at me.

“You are one hot little cunt, aren’t you baby girl?” Tony said and shook his head.

I didn’t know if he wanted an answer, I just looked up into his face and continued to clean my face.

“Stand up.” Tony said and I got to my feet quickly.

“Take off that night shirt and give it to me.” He said and I pulled it over my head and held it out to him.

“Man, I forgot how cute those tits were.” Tony said and grabbed my left boob as I stood there naked, holding my shirt.

I felt my nipple harden under this man’s fingers and he pinched it. I flinched and he laughed. He took my shirt and wiped my face and chest. I could still feel cum on my face but at least now it wasn’t running in streams down my cheeks.

Tony grabbed me under my arms and lifted me up onto my kitchen table. He pushed me back and I laid back. He tossed my shirt on the floor and grabbed my legs. He pulled me until my ass was barely on the table and opened my legs wide.

“Time for more cock, baby girl.” Tony said and slid his cock deep into my young pussy.

He slid all the way in very easily, I must have loosened up just from yesterday. He smiled and pulled out slowly.

“God Damn, this pussy is incredible. I feel like my dick is sliding into a warm wet glove.” Tony said and slid back in.

“Is she still tight?” Hank said.

“Fuck yeah, tight but she takes it with ease. A perfect little cunt, cute as a button and built for cock.” Tony said and laughed.

I closed my eyes as he started to hammer me. I tried to leave my teenage body as this older man punished my young pussy. I could feel my boobs bouncing as he kept ripping his cock in and out of me. He was holding my legs behind my knees and my feet were flying around. I tried to visualize what this must look like and I wondered what my friends would say if they could see me now. I heard a ring and I realized the phone was ringing. Tony drove in to me and stopped.

“Hank, grab the phone and give it to her.” Tony said.

Hank picked up the handset and gave it to me. I looked at Tony and he nodded. The phone rang again. I pushed talk and said hello.

“Good morning baby.” It was my daddy’s voice.

“Good morning Daddy.” I answered.

“Honey, I am still out of town. Mom told me the plumbers fixed the sink yesterday and they were coming back today. I just wanted to call you and find out what was going on. Did they come yet?” Daddy asked and my mind reeled.

“Yes, daddy.” I answered and he had no idea of the double meaning of that answer.

“Oh good, did they finish?” Daddy asked.

“Not yet, they are still here.” I said, again with the double meaning.

“Oh good, can I talk to them?” Daddy asked.

“Sure, hold on.” I said and handed the phone to Tony.

“Hey Mikey, how are you?” Tony said and started to slide his cock slowly out of me.

“Yeah, we had to come back today and make sure everything was still tight.” Tony said and slid his cock back into me, an evil smile on his face.

“Yep, everything looks good and it is nice and tight. You should be good to go.” Tony said.

“Yeah, she has been a great help. She is a sweetie, Mikey, where have you been hiding her?” Tony said and stared at me, his cock sliding out.

“Prep school, really? She looks like she could still be in middle school. They grow up so fast buddy.” Tony said, his cock sliding back in.

“Yeah, we are about done. We have to check a couple of more things. What do you want me to do with the bill?” Tony asked my daddy.

“Mikey, I didn’t hear you real well, what did you say?” Tony said and got a real big smile on his face.

“Give it to her? Ok, we can do that.” Tony said and hit my pussy hard a couple of times.

I squealed a little but closed my mouth quick.

“Mikey, when are you coming back into town?” Tony asked.

“Great, I am having a little Christmas party next weekend, you guys have to come.” Tony said and my eyes opened wide.

“Yeah, it is going to be at the Country Club. Company sponsored, you know, so I can write it off. Dress up the wife and daughter and come by. It will be quite the blowout.” Tony said.

“Great! I will see you Saturday. You want to talk to your daughter again?” Tony said.

“Ok, buddy, see you later.” Tony said and handed me the phone.

I took the phone and Tony started fucking me nice and slow. I tried to stay calm.

“Hi Daddy.” I said.

“Thank you so much, baby, for helping out with the plumbers.” Daddy said.

“No problem.” I said as Tony’s cock bottomed out in my young pussy.

“Ok, tell Mom I will call you guys tonight. You have a great day, sweetie.” Daddy said.

“Thanks Daddy, you too. I love you.” I said.

“I love you too sweetheart.” He said.

“Bye Daddy.” I said.

“Bye baby girl.” He answered.

I pushed the off button just as Tony groaned and filled my pussy with his cum. His face was all scrunched up as he pushed hard. He pulled out slowly and I felt my pussy leak his cum onto the table. He dropped my legs and they fell limp over the edge of the table.

“Tony, that was fucking incredible. Fucking his daughter while you talked to him on the phone? You are the Master.” Hank said and gave him a high five.

“Yeah, that was pretty cool. Mikey had no idea I was balls-deep in his sweet little girl the whole time he was asking how we were doing. I so wanted to tell him his baby girl was one of the best fucks I have ever had.” Tony answered.

He stepped away from the table and I saw him wipe his cock off with my nightshirt.

“You wanna hit that again before we go?” Tony said and started to pick up his papers.

“What kind of stupid question is that?” Hank said and stepped between my legs.

He lifted my legs and shoved his huge black cock into me. I grunted as he stretched my little pussy again. I felt loose after Tony finished but this cock was opening me up even more. He pushed my legs back towards my chest and drove deep into me. A little squeal left my mouth. I was looking up at my feet and Hank started a vicious rhythm. His black cock was dominating my young body, I felt like I was nothing but a piece of meat for him to use for his pleasure. He hammered hard into me again and again as I heard the sound of skin slapping on skin. It seemed so barbaric, the word “fucking” seemed like such a perfect word to describe what was happening. There was no love, there was simply a hard black cock and a young, white pussy for it to go into. It felt like I was not in my body and I was looking down at a huge black man ruthlessly fucking a young white girl. I could see his ass cheeks squeezing and my white legs spread around his body. I closed my eyes as Hank pounded my young teenage body.

“Son of a bitch!!!” I heard Hank scream and felt him push hard down into me.

I knew he was cumming inside me. A black man was cumming deep in my young womb. I wondered what my Momma would say if I got pregnant by this man? I wondered what a little black baby would look like nursing on my perky white boobs. My mind was a mess as he pulled out of me and dropped my legs.

I heard his zipper but I felt like I couldn’t move.

“Thanks again for your help, baby. You are one fine piece of ass.” Tony said and slapped my thigh.

Tony leaned over until his face was only inches from mine. I looked into his dark eyes and I felt fear run through me.

“You still understand that you are to continue to dress like the sweet little girl you are?” he said softly.

I nodded.

“Good, because I am not interested in hanging around whores and sluts so you will not dress like that. You will be taking a lot of cock in the future but you need to continue to look sweet and innocent. You understand, baby girl? Tony said.

I nodded again.

“That’s a good girl. I can’t wait to see you on Saturday, sweetheart. You are going to wear something nice for old Tony, right?” He said.

I nodded again and he laughed. He touched my boob and squeezed it a little.

“You about ready Hank? We got a full day today.” Tony said and pinched my nipple softly.

“Yeah, boss. I could stay here all day though.” Hank said and rubbed my thigh.

“Don’t I know it, I feel like I could fuck this little one all day and night.” Tony said and squeezed my boob again.

“Now, you be a good girl and clean up your momma’s kitchen, you hear?” Tony said to me.

I nodded like a puppy. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. His lips were rough and hard. I was shocked at first and then I felt his tongue split my lips and wrap itself around my tongue. I opened my mouth slightly and he kissed me harder. He was pinching my nipple as he kissed me and my body was responding. He pulled away and I felt myself lifting my head slightly. He looked at me for a moment, squeezed my nipple hard and then slapped my boob.

“See you on Saturday, sweetheart.” Tony said and turned away.

I watched him walk into the hallway and Hank followed him. Hank looked back at me once and he smiled. I heard the door close and my hand immediately went to my clit. I pinched it and then rubbed it hard. I needed to cum, I felt like my orgasm was sitting just on the edge and I needed it badly. I pinched my own nipple and then I felt my orgasm slam into my young body. I lurched off the table and a small scream escaped my mouth. I rubbed my clit for another minute as I convulsed on my kitchen table. It was the best orgasm I had ever had. I calmed down and then laid there for a moment. What was happening to me? Why did I let these guys do these things to me? Did I enjoy it? What did that make me? I was very confused.

I sat up slowly. My body was really sore. I looked at my pussy and it was a little red and swollen. It was also covered in cum, some still leaking out of me. I looked down to see a puddle on the table between my legs and another on the floor where it was dripping off. I noticed my night shirt on the floor in a heap. I slid off the table and bent over to pick up my shirt. I slipped it over my head and it felt sticky as it touched my body. I saw a big wet spot on the side and touched it. It was cum and it was now sticking to my stomach. My feet were on the floor and I could tell it was wet. I had a lot of cleaning to do.

I started to walk towards the hall and felt something on my thigh. I lifted my shirt to see more cum running down my right thigh. I used my shirt to soak it up and kept walking. I made it up the stairs very slowly and went into the bathroom. I turned on the water as hot as I could and slipped off my wet, sticky shirt. I stepped into the hot stream and immediately relaxed. What is it about water that calms us down? Fish must be very relaxed.

I stood under the hot water for a long time. Eventually I grabbed my sponge and soaped up my sore body. I used the shower massage to rinse myself off. I pointed it at my pussy and left it there. It felt wonderful and I moved it so a stream was hitting my clit directly. I groaned and thought of Hank’s huge black cock dumping a load of hot cum in me. My body shook with another orgasm as the wonderful water brought me off. I pulled the water away and slipped it back in the holder. I stood under the hot stream again until I felt the water cooling off. I turned it off and stepped out.

I looked in the mirror and watched the water drip off my hair and boobs. My nipples were still hard and I watched the water run down my boob, collect on my nipple and then fall off. I don’t know how long I stood there watching my naked body drip dry but I felt a cold shiver and reached for my towel. I dried myself and wrapped the towel around my hair. I walked out of my bathroom and into the hall. I headed towards my room. I felt so free as I walked through my house naked. I wonder what my family would say if they saw me? I walked up to my oldest brother’s room and stepped in. I saw myself reflected in his window. He would be very interested to know his little sister was standing in the middle of his room completely naked. I touched my nipple and shivered again. I stood there rolling my nipple with my fingers as I looked around.

I walked out of my brother’s room and then into my room. I opened my drawer and pulled out a pair of small light green cotton panties with blue polka dots on them. I slipped them up my long legs and covered my sore pussy. I looked in the mirror and wondered if Tony would be pleased. Is this what he wants, I wondered? I ran my fingers over the tight material and then dug around for a shirt. I pulled out a white concert t-shirt and slipped it on. It was a little tight and hugged my chest. It did not come down over my panties so they were completely visible. I saw my nipples sticking out and touched them again. What a slut I had become. What was wrong with me? I looked over at the clock and saw it was 10:00. Crap, I had cleaning to do. Mom may come home for lunch. I scampered downstairs to start cleaning up the kitchen.

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