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Pleasure Island – A Jennifer Stokes story – ch.16 [f/f/f/m][20s-30s][kissing][mild groping]

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The party was in full swing by the time the girls arrived, just as the sun was beginning to set.

Tiny white lights were strung between the trees, sparked like tiny stars in the sky, and tiki torches lined the pathways, lighting them with their fiery glow.

Grabbing a drink from the nearest server, they strolled amongst the other guests.

There were quite a number of people gathered around, and Jennifer had some concerns about someone recognizing her. She said as much to her friend.

Tess stopped her and said, “Jenn, we’re on an island in the middle of nowhere. Come on, relax. Let’s grab another drink and see if we can’t find someone to fuck. That’s why we came, right?”

Nodding her agreement, Jennifer said, “You’re right, let’s go.”

A few minutes later, Tess spotted a cute asian couple she had seen earlier that day near the pool, and steered Jennifer toward them.

They quickly struck up a conversation after the introductions were made. As it turned out, the couple were married and heading up the newly acquired South Korean branch.

The man’s name was Jin-sun and his beautiful wife was Min-ji. Jennifer gave them the once over and liked what she saw.

Jin-Sun had an average build, muscular, but not bulky. His partner was petit, with long straight black hair that shimmered in the torchlight.

During their conversation, Min-Ji pointed toward Tess, “That is a beautiful necklace, it suits you perfectly.”

“Thank you very much,” said Tess. “This is actually the first time I’ve had a chance to wear it.”

“May I?” the woman asked, motioning toward the chain.

“Oh, of course.”

Before Tess knew what happened, Min-Ji slipped both hands through the front of Tess’ top, and opened it wide, exposing her bare breasts.

Tess wasn’t upset, just taken aback slightly.

“Isn’t it beautiful Jin-Sun?” she said to her husband.

“Very beautiful indeed.” Whether he meant the necklace or not, only he knew.

“Where did you get such a lovely thing, if you do not mind me asking?” She still hadn’t moved, her hands resting lightly on Tess’ sides.

“It was a gift from a dear friend. It came from a tattoo and piercing shop near were we live.”

“Tattoo?” Min asked. “Like this?”

She slid her hands from Tess’ top and turned around, flipping her hair forward to reveal the most amazing artwork, down one side of her back.

The tattoo went from Min-Ji’s shoulder, nearly to her waist. It depicted a cherry blossom tree, with delicate pink flowers. There were also some Korean letters down the centre. It was so well done, that it almost looked real.

While Tess and Min-Ji were talking, Jennifer noticed the man from earlier, Roger, or whatever his name was.

Leaning closer to Jin-Sun Jennifer said, “I known we’ve just met, but could you put your arm around my waist?”

He turned, giving her a strange look.

“I’m sorry, but I’m trying to avoid a creepy guy I met this afternoon. If he thinks we’re together, he hopefully won’t bother me.”

“Of course, anything I can do to help.”

His hand, sliding across the smooth fabric of her dress, over her hip and down to her ass, gave her goosebumps. When he grabbed her, Jin -Sun’s grip was like iron, his fingers digging into Jennifer’s flesh at the hemline of her short dress. As he squeezed, Jin- Sun pulled Jennifer closer, and without warning, kissed her on the mouth.

Jennifer leaned into his hard body, returning the kiss. She felt the bulge in his pants press against her, and wrapped her arms around his strong back.

*’My god this feels fantastic!’*she thought, completely forgetting about what’s his face.

Jin-Sun’s sudden affection for this total stranger didn’t seem to bother his wife in the least, and she continued her conversation with Tess.

Jennifer eventually loosened her hold on Jin-Sun and their lips parted.

“Thank you for that,” she said, “It was a little more than I expected though.”

She turned to Min-Ji, attempting to apologize, but the woman would have none of it.

“He wanted to kiss you, so he did. If I wanted to kiss you, I would kiss you,” Min-Ji said, stepping closer to Jennifer. “Isn’t that why we are all here? Obviously, I would respect your wishes, but I would notneed to ask my husband for his approval.”

“Well, it wasn’t supposed to go that far, I’m sorry.”

“I told you, my dear, it is alright.” She took another step closer, mere inches away now.

“In fact, I think *I* would like to kiss you now.”

If Jennifer thought Jin-Sun was a good kisser, she was wrong, because his wife was infinitely better. Her lips were soft, and sweet like honey.

They kissed deep and passionately, tongues intertwined. Jennifer pulled Min-Ji to her, trapping one of the woman’s legs between her own.

As they kissed, Min-Ji caressed Jennifer’s firm round ass, pushing her thigh into Jennifer’s crotch.

“Mmmm…,” Jennifer moaned, grinding her pussy on Min-Ji, humping her leg.

When Min-Ji stepped back a minute later, there was a visible shine to her thigh.

“Oh my god!” said Jennifer, “I’m so sorry.”

“I certainly am not,” Min-Ji told her with a warm smile. She said goodbye to Tess with a kiss on the cheek, and the couple walked off down the path.

“I hope to see you again, very soon,” Min-Ji said over her shoulder.

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