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Pathetic me and My crush. Chapter 4 [chastity][cuckold][humiliation][oral][pet play][gay][rape][incest][crossdressing][blackmail][cum play][feminizing][cum eating][collar and leash][school][wholesome][fiction]

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Hey, sorry for taking so long between the last chapter and this one. To be honest I have been a little bit uninspired. I’m trying to find more inspiration and would love for someone to recommend me a story to read or just chat to me about some of your favourite kinks and scenarios, my DM’s are always open. Again my English isn’t the best so please inform me of any errors and I will fix them shortly. I also want to thank everyone for the support I have gotten on these chapters. It has made me more confident with my fantasies and I feel like my kinks are validated 🙂 thanks again. Hope you enjoy the story.



“Sorry but I don’t think I can do that” “what?” I gasp. “Yeah first of all I don’t have the key right now, and second I don’t think you should be unlocked” her dad says, still smiling his sinister smile. “Then who’s got the key right now?” I start to think that maybe I don’t even want to know. “I gave it to those boys that were here on my little cocksleeve’s 18th birthday” exactly what I was afraid of. I start to make my way out again, I don’t want to see my crush like this anymore. “Hey before you go let me give you a little advise” I turn around to listen. “The faster you accept your place the easier your life is going to become. Accept that you are a little cock hungry sissy slut that needs her useless tiny clit to be caged and locked away forever!” I turn around halfway through his sentence and just walk out of there. I’m as angry as I have ever been, yet I can’t shake the thought saying “what if he’s right”.

I walk back home and lock myself in my room again. What should I do? Should I just ask the guys who’s got the key at school tomorrow? Would they give it to me? Why is there nobody standing up against me having my dick locked in a cage? One of the guys got to be on my side right? My phone vibrates. I check it, there’s a new text. “Come to the equipment shed next to the football field at school right now”. “What do you want?” I text back. I receive a picture back with the text “or maybe you want these pics leaked to the school?”. Oh no its the guys who made me suck their cocks earlier today, the picture is me sitting on my knees in girly clothes, a black skirt and a open buttoned white shirt. In the picture I have cum on my face and chest and you can see my glittery tiny pink cage with something leaking from it and down my inner thighs. I don’t think I have a choice to go or not, I have to go even if I don’t want to.

I look at the equipment shed from the other side of the field. The football field is behind the school and surrounded by a forest. The equipment shed is on the other side of the field from the school. I don’t see anyone around, of course they could be hiding behind the shed or trees in the forest. Taking the first few steps over the field towards the shed I feel something wet on my inner thighs, I’m leaking again. Am I really looking forward to this?! No way it must just be that the situation is inherently sexual and therefore my body is responding in that manner. I keep walking, I feel more and more cum dribble down from my tiny cage. I look down for a sec and I can tell that wet spots are forming on my pants. I’m so embarrassed and the only one who can see this is me right now. I keep walking, almost at the shed now. When I’m about 5 meters from the shed the door opens. Its the two guys from earlier, they both smile slyly. “How’s the little sissy slut doing?” one of them says while the other one laughs. “What do you guys want?” I say trying to sound as intimidating as I can. He stops for a second, contemplating if I’m trying to sound intimidating on purpose or if I’m just doing it ironically. Then he laughs out loud and his friend joins in. “You trying to sound intimidating?” the keep laughing. I’m getting annoyed they wont take me seriously so I repeat myself “what do you guys want?”. I can hear it now, I can hear how pathetic it sounds. “Listen here sissy, you trying to do anything masculine just ends up looking so unnatural its just funny!” “I mean why are you even trying” they keep laughing.

Am I really that much of a feminine boy? Is it so bad that when I try to act masculine I just end up looking unnatural? Is this something that’s been going on for long or is just something recent that happened subconsciously? But before I get to dig myself down in my own thoughts the guys grab me “come here you stupid slut, let’s have some fun with you”. They quickly strip me completely naked, the only thing left covering anything is my tiny cage. “oh oh oh! You were dripping already?!” he exclaims with a happy grin on his face. “Lets use some of that” the other guy says collecting what he can off my dripping cage. He then rubs it on his hefty cock “want a taste?”. Before I get to react he’s already got his cock placed in my mouth. It has a salty but also very neutral taste, its warm and almost a little bit creamy. He starts to force his cock down my throat, I gag at it but he wont stop. Meanwhile the other guy has got his cock lubed up with cum from my cage too, and he’s now prodding his cock at my tight asshole. I’m in to much pain from the guy throat fucking me to even resist him entering me from behind. Now I’m on my hands and knees taking it in both ends while they’re using my cum as lube. It’s so humiliating. I almost pass out from not being able to breath with a cock down my throat, but he takes it out for a few seconds. I barely get to catch my breath before he forces it down my throat again.

They keep going for a while switching positions every time they cum. After a while they take a break, but they use some rope they found in the equipment room to bind me so I can’t escape. “I don’t know why you just don’t surrender and become what you were meant to be” one of the guys says as he takes a drag from his cigarette. The atmosphere is way more relaxed now, all the carnal desire has faded away. I almost find the scene of him looking out over the field with a cigarette while dusk starts to settle cute. I catch myself almost starting to feel comfortable. “You know, if you were a girl and asked me out, I would probably turn you down after fucking you for a while” he says still smoking his cigarette. I almost make a slight sarcastic smile. He stands up and looks at his buddy still sitting and smoking “one last round?”. They smile at each other and turn to me. I can’t do anything but just take it. They start fucking me again, but this time it feels more passionate. They are no longer being so rough as they were to begin with. They both cum one more time each in both my holes, and then untie me. I’m so sore I can barely stand. “How about you join us on the way home to me for a quick trip” the guy I was looking at earlier says. I don’t really have a choice so I go with them.

While walking I take a better look at that guy. He’s decently tall with spiky short dirty blond hair, a silver piercing in his left eyebrow. His body is quite fit but still slim, and his cock is about 19 cm and decently thick. Eventually we get to his house and he leads us straight through the front door and into his room. “Wait here” he says and leaves the room with me and the other guy. This guy is a bit bigger in size but not fat or anything, his features are just more square shaped. He’s got black thin short hair and I can see the sweat on his head. His face is unshaved but there isn’t much hair there anyways. The blonde guy comes back in and hands me some clothes “Here you will wear these to school tomorrow”. I pause for a sec and look through the clothes, there’s a short rust red skirt that looks like it would go down to the middle of my thighs. He also brought a white buttoned shirt but its shaped like a woman’s shirt. And the last thing I find makes me shudder and I feel myself leaking again, its a pink set of underwear. It’s a lacy pink bra and a pair pink lacy crotch less panties. “Now you wont have any trouble fitting your cage into those panties, not that you would have a problem to begin with since it’s so tiny” he gets his usual grin on his face. Knowing I can’t refuse I take the clothes with me home.

I stand before my mirror completely naked. It’s Tuesday morning and I’m being blackmailed into dressing up as a girl to school today. I want to fight back so badly, but the risk of being exposed is to much. I wait until my parents and brother leaves the house before I exit my room dressed in a very short rust red skirt and a white buttoned shirt, underneath I’m wearing a pink lacy bra and the pink lacy crotch less panties. I have a pair of white socks and my usual black school shoes. I stand and stare in the mirror for a while, flipping my skirt revealing my tiny pink cage protruding out from the crotch less panties. What if the wind lifts my skirt at school! I start to leak just by the thought of someone else seeing my pathetic caged clit at school. I quickly get some paper and clean up before leaving the house for school.

End of Chapter 4

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