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Party at my house?

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I’ve been feeling a certain way recently… I haven’t had anyone I could share these thoughts with so here I’m. The story starts about 3 months ago when my boyfriend introduced me to his 2 best friends. And even though I know its wrong I can’t stop thinking of inviting them home so they can all take turns on me… in this whole fantasy I want my boyfriend to be in the lead and fuck me hard while I suck his friends dicks at the same time… Am I too bad for keeping this in my head for so long?

I know I’m a little hungry slut but so far I’ve been containing myself 💦😇 let me know what you would do if your girlfriend came to you and told you this!


  1. cuckhunter01 Reply

    Go for it love talk you your man about it and see his response if he is in then you are heading for shit ton of fun and adventurous!

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