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Part 2 of my first date with the neighbor.

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we got home after doing a quickie in the car and a little quickie with neither of us finishing in the theater. We got back to my house and we started striping and kissing one another. We got up stairs and I bought a bullet vibrator for her. It was laying fresh out of the box on my bed. I was pretty sure the night was going to end in sex. I got her beautiful aroused body on the bed. I asked if I could put the vibrator on her she said yes. I put it on her clit, started it and start moving around her clit. She immediately started moaning said it felt good. I laid next to her hard as a rock stabbing her in the side. She started touching her pussy getting her liquid on her hands and she started rubbing my cock as I played with her. She cummed really fast then she came again. She told me to pull it out and put my cock in. I pulled out the vibrator and started missionary on her. She was saying how much she loved my cock. how it’s the best she had. I nutted in her we both moaned and laughed. We immediately started make out we talked about the movie and about our sex life with each other. She asked if I wanted to try butt stuff anytime soon and I told her I’m just not ready for that. She told me that’s okay and we start dry humping and kissing each other. She was grinding my soft dick and she came again. After a few minutes I got hard again and she told me to fuck get boobs. I put my cock in between her large, beautiful perky boobs. She squeezed her boobs together and we started grinding together. We did this for a few minutes. I felt the jiggle of her boobs every time I thrusted, it felt good I soon came all over her neck. We kissed and laid there again her rubbing my cock until I got hard again she spread her legs I put it in her and we started going at it. I ran my hand down her body and she was scratching my back. It was intense and amazing.I thrusted feeling her tight wet pussy. I loved the way it felt. She came and I came after she told me she loves my cock. I came in her, filled her up with my cum. She screamed is pleasure and started tasting it. We went and took a shower groping and feeling each other the whole time. Definitely the best date I’ve been one. We put cloths on and watch a show and went to bed…

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