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Out of gas picked by gay male

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When I was 18 I bought me a cheap car that was a fixer upper. I little by little fixed it up except for the gas gauge lol. I was going home after work one day and I ran out of gas. I always carried a gas can with me lol. So I pushed my car to the side and started to walk to the gas station which was a few miles away and it was getting a little dark. I walked maybe 10 minutes maybe a mile or more and a car pulls in front of me.

I walk next to it and I hear hey wanna ride there. I turn bsck look in the car window and it’s a young guy maybe 18 like me maybe a little older. I’m like sure why not I get in the car and notice he wearing a skirt and hight heels and a t shirt. I get freaked out a bit but not really just you know..

Were driving and he asking my age where I work then about him and just small talk. So I ask him what’s the deal with the skirt and heels if he is male. He tells me he is a gay male and is taking hormones to alter his body to be feminine. He like his voice changed and all his body hair fell out and his butt and boobs and his dick got smaller. I was like ok tmi but more power to him.

So we get to the gas station and get some gas and I was dirty just out of work my dick and balls were sweaty. I get in the car and he like can you do me a favor for the lift. I was like sure what is it and he like can I suck your dick please. At first I kept saying no but then I asked him to pick up his skirt I was curious. We stopped at his apartment complex and he invites me in. I get off and he walks in and tells me to leave the door open. This the third story and he takes off his skirt and he actually has a nice litter bubble butt and his dick is very small. He wearing tan pantyhose and no panties and he sits on the couch and opens his legs and ask if I can rub his asshole.

Fuck it I do and he goes out of control moaning and squirming and I take out his small dick and start rubbing it and playing with his ass still. I take out my dick and he starts sucking it rowdy all fast pulls my pants off and ask to lick my ass. He starts lickimg it and jacking me off at the same time. I start cummimg and he squeeze my nuts really tight and he sucks the cum out the tip of my dick like a straw.

I finish fingering his ass till he cums and then he says thanks for the good time. I take off walking back to my car since it’s only 2 blocks from his apartment complex.

My first gay experience ever…..

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