OSAKA’S AWAKENING by Vicious vinny 2669


She woke that morning with the throes of ecstasy still lingering in her mind,she had gone through with it.She spread on her bed drinking in the new day,the new opportunities that had just opened after sealing her place as the women’s no 1 in pro tennis.With a cash prize of 10 million she thought of retirement,but at 21?How much more could she make if she stuck long enough in the game,maybe 5 more years?She would be 26 and at her prime.

Monique was set to fly to Florida at 9am.It was already 8am and she did not want to miss her sister’s wedding.It would be Japanese themed to honor their heritage although it really had been a long time since they left for the states over 20 years ago.Her sister was everything to her having taken care of her ever since she could remember.She told her of the darkness and despair that was Hotaru,a sinister tyrant who killed for sport and took anything and one he wanted.Famous for his like for both men and women.Her parents were killed trying to sneak them out of the country after a decree, that all the girls of the village would be taken and taught in the arts of pleasure.Luckily for them they managed to get out of the country with the help of Hokashi,General to the army and a close confidante of the evil emperor.Why he helped them still remains unknown to her and her sister as well.

She got on the plane set to land for Florida in 5hrs.Gotten bored of listening to Iggie Azelea ranting about God knows what she took a nap and set her clock for 4hrs,she always wanted to be awake when the plane landed loving the screeching of the tyres when they first touched down.Her alarm went of and watching from the window nowhere near the familiar land she grew to love. She had seen many classical movies of young virile Japanese girls being plane jacked and wondered if this was the case with her.She got up from her seat and approached the cockpit having never wanted the services of an air hostess whenever she flew.She tapped twice on the cabin steel door and watched it hiss open.There sat another man in grey pants and shorts.Definitely wasn’t the pilot he started the flight with.She felt her airway squeeze when she finally managed to squeal a “who are you?”

The man smiled broadly lost to him how the situation all seemed;having tied up the pilot and jacked the plane.

“Am Shunsuke he said with barely ahint of Japanese accent.”

“What’s going on?”She dared ask

“Hotaru finally caught up with you,your success has traveled seas and he wishes his possession back”

“What?the cup?”she sneared rather incredulously,

“And why should I trust a word you said,for all I know this is kidnap”

“Well,for starters,you are standing there not tied up and abused as you would have been if I am not who I claim to be”

Apalled to hear such misogyny she felt her blood start boiling up,but her rational side seemed to agree with this strange man.

“Where are you taking me then?”

“Japan”he said simply

“What?If Hotaru is coming for us shouldn’t that be the last place we want to be?”She asked rather condescendingly

“Trust me,he would never look under his nose”

Well Sadam Hussein did hide under the nose of authorities for many years but eventually he did get killed,she thought to herself.

“Why help me you hardly know me?”she said coming out from her thoughts.

“My father is Hokashi and he made it very clear if did not help you I would be hanged by my bladder”he said with a bit zest in his voice.

Again that name.Hokashi.why did he care so much that she lives and be safe?

“What does he want with me?”

“He promised your father,his brother that he would protect you with his life if it came to that.”

“So that makes you my cousin”she said as a matter of fact having never known any other relative save her sister Maria.Her sister!

“What about my sister?”she asked scared for her as she always was for her

“Another was assigned to get her before the mad emperor,she will be safe”

This saddened her as she thought about how unfortunate her sister would be considering it was her wedding day and she of all people would miss it and now she too would miss it apparently.

All this was too much for her as she sought to what she always did when things spiraled out of her control;sleep.

When she came to,they had landed at what seemed to be a deserted military base.She was walked by Shunsuke to nearby hangar where he had a car waiting for them as well as some change of clothes.

“You’ll have to fit in”he said as he handed her the clothes rather coyly for her liking.

Having been used to wearing very skimpy clothings she felt different having worn the gown handed to her for lack of a better word.

She didn’t miss Shunsuke eyes exploring her body as she changed.

For Shunsuke that was quite a show,seeing her skimpy body and her busty form in all the right places,Her butt was just amazing jiggling when she pulled her shorts off.Her bra struggling to contain the busty form that was her breasts probably a 34C…….He wasn’t one to prohibit himself from such ‘incestuous urges’

“Lets go,or aren’t you done ogling my body?”she said toyly surprising herself but that there was something that made her feel more sexy when ogled by her cousin,and having never truly known how to interact with cousins she couldn’t help herself feel all warmed up.Don’t get her wrong she felt more alive now than with any other date she has ever been with and that’s why she never let them take her back to their apartments or rented hotel rooms.

They pulled up at what seemed to be a warehouse but inside it was truly spectacular,more like life really when your date doesn’t really impress you with his personality but does so under the covers and with his form and know how around the bedroom,or couch when the bed seemed miles away.She was shown to her room just opposite Mark’s(he preferred being called by his first name,made him feel more American)She set her suitcase down and settled in.She truly felt at home and relaxed at this place.

She joined Mark for supper that evening and they caught up with pretty much their whole lives and the thought that Mark was still single seemed to excite her more than she would admit to herself let alone Mark.Mark flirted with her openly and even though she saw it in his eyes what she saw in all her dates;the urgency to get her to bed and feast on her body this was different majorly because she reciprocated it and not being subtle about it like she thought she normally would have if such a scenario ever presented itself. She could feel the room get all stuffy and couldn’t help feel the rising pang of desire rising from her carnal depths and misting her pink panties.Even she couldn’t believe she got this ready for dinner even putting on her glossy lipstick and black leggings and her killer smile.They sat down to watch a movie forgetting that she was now a fugitive living right under the nose of the treacherous emperor.She lay her head on his arm and she could feel the power under them not helping thinking how it would feel if he took her right there.


I could feel his muscles spasm everytime he took a breath and couldn’t help but nurse at his arm.Once the ending of the movie began he turned his gaze and met mine,we stared at each others eyes sinking into our own desires.He leaned down and placed a kiss hazily on my lips,I could feel his hot breath on my lips and the cold soon after when he parted and looked into my eyes.I wanted those lips back on mine and so I leaned in and placed another on his only this time we let it linger for some more,before I slid my tongue into his alluring mouth.The kiss turned to being more carnal and I felt what I never felt in ages ever since I fooled around with Naomi when we were preteens.I wanted him right there and tore his shirt open revealing his masculine form.It was very endearing that he let me lead to what I was comfortable with and this just made me want him more.I could feel his hands roam my body feeling me up from my plump ass to my lush breasts.He then held his hand on the side of my face and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear,and whispered under his breath that he wanted me right there on the couch.

I led him to the bedroom instead maybe out of a desire to feel in control or the need for my first time to me more romantic than carnal.I pushed him down the bed and stripped down to my pink panties as I let my bra fall down slowly.He was enticed by my body and I felt more in control in my life than I have ever been.I moved slowly and joined him in bed with my right foot between his legs and I leaned down for kiss as I dry humped his raging masculinity held by the tight fitting jeans he wore for dinner.He reached a hand over my butt and turned me so that he was now on top of me.He then moved his head down to where my breasts were and I felt his tongue glancing around my nipple,this lit a fire that had died out a long time ago and I ground more on his raging boner which seeked to be set free.I let my hand slide between us when he came up to kiss me to undo his belt and zipper.He pushed his jeans off and I touched my first dick not helping the urge to stroke it.This elicited a moan from him and I watched him stand up and strip himself naked.


I went back to those magnificent breasts and this time attacked the nipples having teased her quite a while.She arched her back up exposing more of her gorgeous tits to me,I suckled her right breast as I filled my hand with her left squeezing it just the right amount to get a deep guttural moan from her.I felt her nipple between my index and thumb and squeezed it. She clawed my back as she rose and pulled my face to hers for a deep sensual kiss.We held each other in that position for what seemed like minutes as we wrestled our tongues in her fiery mouth.I broke away from the kiss and pinned her down as I went down on her.Taking the waistband of her panties between my teeth I pulled it down and exposed her cleanly shaven pussy(just the way I like I it)She rose her butt up to help me remove the panties and immediately they came of her body I began kissing her inner thigh as I neared the honey pot,I stuck my tongue into her delicious cunny and tasted her intimacy and I knew I would be hooked to it,It tasted so much better than my sister’s puffy pink pussy.I sapped up the nectar straight from the source as my boner got harder to the point of pain.She moaned her heart out and this just fueled my lust


I rose to my first ever orgasm by a man’s touch as he suckled my nub,I could feel my kness buckle and my muscles tighten and my snatch get wetter as if that was even possible.I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up for a kiss getting that familiar taste into my mouth.It was delightful and I pulled him closer and his member touched my inner folds.I would have come at that moment had I not be coming from a tremendous one already.I wrapped my legs around his buttocks and gently nugged him forward as I felt his member parting my folds to enter my pussy.A moan escaped my mouth and I whispered into his ear,”Take me Mark”A sharp pain shot from my pussy and up my spine as his member stretched my hymen and broke it.I opened my mouth to let out a scream but nothing escaped my mouth as his girth filled my tight pussy.He kept his position letting me adjust to his size before he gently pulled his cock from my pussy and again pushed it back in,and this time there was something else other than the pain, a certain pleasure tingled through my pussy as he continued plowing me with his thick shaft.I pulled him deeper wanting to have the whole of him up my pussy.I felt an unfamiliar feeling creeping up from my depths rushing to the surface and I urged Mark to increase his pace,”Fuck me harder,I want the whole of your deep in me”He plowed my pussy at an even faster pace than before and I felt what seemed like a storm rush to the surface as my muscles spasmed and my legs locked him in place feeling my first vaginal orgasm course through my body.


I felt her vaginal muscles massage my cock for every bit of cum from my balls and there was no stopping this surge,”Am cuuuumming”I warned but her legs held me in place leaving no room to move as I unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum in her hot nethers.I spurt 10 long ropes of cum(my new high) deep into her as she moaned that she was cumming again.I felt my muscles give up as I collapsed on her then rolled to lay alongside her in the afterglow of such orgasmic bliss.

“That was so hot”She said as she caught her breath

“You are amazing Moni”

I watched her blush taking in her new nickname as she brought her back to me pushing her supple butt against my cock as we spooned and drifted off to sleep.I couldn’t help but think of what lay tomorrow.

I woke up with a familiar sensation between by thighs,so used to being woken up this way but this was different.I felt an inexperienced mouth around my member and moaned slightly as I felt a set of teeth scratch my sensitive glans.I opened my eyes to the sight of Moni giving me head with enthusiasm that made me overlook her inexperience and simply enjoy the moment we shared together.She beamed at me as she saw me put my head down and enjoy the moment and took this as a sign to suck me dry(literally).I lay there and felt her adjust her tactics by the reaction of body,the sudden jerking of my legs as I felt her teeth on my glans or when she sucked too hard.She was a quick learner and I was glad to get one memorable blowjob probably from how sore I’ll be afterwards.I got three ropes of cum out that morning and she was eager to swallow the whole dump,

“That was amazing Moni”I said when I saw a look of despair wash over her face(it was a cute look on her)

“But you only let out 3 ropes of cum this time,am sorry am not that good”she whispered under her breath face down

“Are you kidding,am lucky to have 3 ropes of cum left in my arsenal after our time yesternight”I reassured her and saw the despair crumble as she beamed in delight

It was an endearing moment as I watched her come up for a kiss and planted one on me.I was surprised not to be repulsed as we let our tongues dance together tasting my cum on her tongue.I felt my cock twitch as she moved to place her right thigh across my torso and crooned on my neck in an intimate embrace intermittent with kissing and caressing.

Her finger circled my nipples as she ground her snatch on my outer thigh,I couldn’t take any more of the teasing and spun us pinning her on the bed readying my member in alignment.

She spun us around once more and whispered into my ear that she wanted to ride me.I almost came at the sultriness of her tongue.

She turned her body away from me,threw one leg across my torso and gently guided my cock into her waiting pussy.She arched her back once she had all of me in her and stayed there for some few minutes as she rotated her hips against mine clenching her vaginal muscles as she did.

If you told me this was her second time I would take you for a liar as she did all these with such grace and confidence and such skill like I never met in a newly intimate woman. She raised her butt and brought it down feeling my cock deep in her, She began picking up the pace and leant forwards to hold my legs for support as she fucked her pussy on my eager member. I could feel her shudder as her first orgasm took over and my cock caught in a vice grip that was her vaginal muscles. She slowed down to a smeller tempo and I couldn’t her but grab her hips and force her down harder on me as I felt the familiar rush in my balls building up. She looked back, held her breasts in her palms and squeezed them as she bounced on my cock.The sight of her in that position was all the invite I needed to spew my seed deep in her.My tank was almost drained but I shot 4 ropes of cum deep into her fertile womanhood. I felt the cum slide out from the corners of her pussy.I put my forearm around her and spun us still deep in her. She had her right leg straight and her left flexed and splayed aside giving me access to her snatch.I pounded her deep as I felt my cock spring back to life for what seemed like 5 minutes and the torrent once again let loose as 3 ropes of cum flew into her in weaker spurts, she moaned as her 3rd orgasm of the morning took over her.

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