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Oh my god – I fucked Liss! [M] [F] [vanilla]

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*Author’s note: To keep my stories real and genuine, I use the British language and colloquialisms I grew up with. A fanny is a pussy; wanking is jerking or stroking; halls of residence is a dorm; snogging is making out; rich tea is a plain cookie, often dunked in hot tea before consumption; clobber is fine clothing; pissed is drunk; a mate is a close friend.*

Have you ever enjoyed the dangers of group sex? I can recommend it – if you’re in the right place mentally, have the right kind of relationship… and have enough emotional maturity.

I say “dangers” because group sex can be the death knell for some relationships. Partners have to agree limits, understand what other parties want from group sex and be receptive to unexpected emotions.

You may think you’re up for it; for a mate to stick his tongue in your girl’s cunt. Actually seeing it, though – seeing his head between her legs, her head back, eyes closed and groaning all the while grinding her hips into his face – brings the idea into sharp relief. You may experience feelings of jealousy; anger; it may make you desperately want to go suck a cock; it may arouse you to the point of climax right there and then.

All parties need to understand these intrusive thoughts and reactions may overwhelm someone at any time and know how to deal with it in a way that no one is hurt or feels excluded.

Part 1

Melissa was Markie’s regular girlfriend. They’d had a couple of minor on and offs, but they were very well matched and had a deep and genuine affection for each other.

I was seeing Anna and Stephanie. Don’t ask; it’s delightfully complicated.

Anna and I, Markie and Liss would often hang together. Liss lived with her parents who were abroad on business most of the time, Anna lived in Halls a couple of miles away and Mark and I were roommates in the dorm attached to our University. Final year students were encouraged to use the Halls of Residence.

It was a Saturday, cold and wet out, and we didn’t have much money, so we were hanging out in our dorm. As was often the case, we got bored with the tiny TV, and ended up snogging and making out. This led to groping, mutual masturbation and then full-on nudity, oral and fucking.

This wasn’t a group sex romp; they usually involved Steph and one of a couple of male friends she liked to keep on call. Sometimes another couple of close friends joined us. It was funny: when there were just the four of us, we usually kept to our own beds and didn’t cross-pollinate. This time was like that. There were no holds barred when it came to the actual fucking – no effort was made to hide from the other couple, be quiet or hold back on positions or use of toys and facilities.

Anna was on her knees bent over the bottom of my thin bed and I was fucking her glorious fanny from behind, on my feet, knees bent into a half squat, my hands at her waist. She loved that position because my balls bounced off her clit with every stroke. I heard Markie say half urgently, “Come on you two, hurry up – we’ll be late for Ian’s thingymabob party.”

Shit. I’d forgotten all about that. I was aware of M and Liss standing, naked, close by.

“He can’t perform while we stand around watching,” Liss said to Mark. They were deliberately trying to put us off.

It was true! A bizarre phenomenon I’d witnessed before: I can fuck the night away, lick fanny, get blown, tittyfuck, hand job, you name it; so long as everyone else is doing the same. Stop and watch, and I crumble like an over-dunked rich tea.

“Oh, he’ll never make it, babe.” M said to Liss, again for our benefit.

“We fucked twice, you gave me a baby-soap tit wank and I flipped you over the edge twice with Roger.” Roger was their vibrating super-realistic cock dildo. “I bet this is only their second one.” They both laughed.

I gave up and disengaged from Anna. She made a slightly warbling, “Aaawwww,” sound in a minor key.

We quickly showered, one after the other and left for the engagement party clobbered up and on our best behaviour.

Part 2

We met Ian’s parents, his odd family, their dog dressed in a tux, and got vaguely plastered from the free bar. We ate expensive small portions of food, the evening wore on, Ian made a speech, as did his dad, and everyone started to drift away.

“Yous lot can’t use the busseses tonight, you guys! It’s snowing and it’s a couple or a few hours back to the Halls.” Ian slurred. “I’ll get my dad to pay for some taxis…” He wandered off, very drunk.

We milled about. A taxi would be great. Otherwise we’d have to walk 30 minutes to the nearest stop and wait a couple of hours for the night bus service to start up. Who knew why the city thought it a great idea to leave a 3 hour gap between the last regular bus and the first night service, but that’s London for you.

“Dad says you have to come back to our place and yous can sleep in one of the guest rooms.” Ian was back, carrying a half full bottle of Champagne. “There’s only one room left and there’s space in the minibus. But yous lot’ll love that, won’t yous? You pervs.” Ian wandered off laughing. Apparently we had a reputation to uphold.

Ian’s place was extensive. White painted, lawned garden, gravelled driveways and a huge glass-paned conservatory full of roses and yuccas. It all looked very Victorian; there were urns with ferns on little brick plinths, odd and unusual trees.

We were shown to a large room at the end of a long corridor by Ian’s mother – herself slightly tipsy – and told to help ourselves to anything. Mrs Simmonds was very apologetic about the sleeping arrangements, and reassured the girls that the boys would do the chivalrous thing and make beds on the floor. She left, chuckling something about modern youngsters all sleeping together and how it wouldn’t have been allowed by her parents…

Markie was pissed. Enough to make him go to sleep at the drop of a hat. Liss was awake and bubbly, Anna was drunk, talkative but feeling sick. She maligned herself about drinking too much and not knowing when to stop. We stripped to our underwear and climbed into the wide bed.

Markie was half unconscious straight away. Liss climbed in next to him, wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him and nibbled his ear. Anna wanted to sleep on the edge of the bed because she was convinced she was going to vomit. I was between the girls.

I could hear Liss talking quietly in Markie’s ear. He was mumbling something in reply. Liss rapidly pumped her feet in the bed and punched Markie on his shoulder with her small fists, “Aaaawwwww, fuck me Markeeeeeee!” she pleaded.

“You’ve had enough tonight,” Markie grumbled, “and I’m shagged out. Go to sleep”.

Liss was feeling it too: I hadn’t been able to shake the feeling of intense horniness since mine and Anna’s fucking was interupted hours earlier, so I snuggled up to Anna and began gently caressing her belly, tits and thighs. Palm up, I dragged my fingernails across her body, her nipples through her bra. She moaned sensuously and grasped her tits. As I tried to turn her head to me so we could kiss, her arms flopped down to her side. She’d fallen asleep!

Bugger. That was me scuppered. I’d wake up with a boner that would last til lunch. I lay on my back.

Liss, quiet now, was still spooning a snoring Markie. After 10 or so minutes I turned to face her back – I can only get to sleep if I lie on my left side. I felt Liss’s hand on my hip, “Can’t sleep..?” she asked quietly.

“I will in a minute.” I responded.

“So hug me.” She said, “Like I’m a teddy bear. Spoon me. Come on” She reached behind herself and pulled on my hip and waist till I scooted up close to her.

I put my arm over her but encountered Markie, so I lay it down the side of Liss’s body, my hand on the thin lacy side of her knickers.

After a minute or so, “I can feel your cock on my thigh.” Liss giggled. “It’s not as big as Markie’s” Liss was up to mischief and trying to provoke a reaction.

“Well, help it then,” I joked. She reached back and gripped my cock firmly through my boxers, “Hmmm. Still nice, though.”

My cock has a life of its own and immediately started to get hard. Liss slid her hand down my stomach, getting her bearings, she hesitated and fingered the small trail of short hair that extends from my navel to my pubes. Markie’s body was almost completely hairless. She slipped her hand down my waistband and began sliding my foreskin back and forth slowly, and gently rubbing her hand up and down my shaft. She eased my rapidly stiffening cock and balls out from their stretchy cotton containment.

“Stop it. Or I’ll cum up your back.” I whispered.

Liss reached between her legs and pulled my hard cock through her thighs. The feeling of being enclosed in flesh made me slowly and gently thrust my hips forward. The upper side of my cock was rubbing on Liss’s cunt lips through her silky knickers. I felt her gently gyrate her hips. “You’ll spunk up Markie’s back now.” She giggled gently. I could feel something hindering the head of my cock when I thrust through Anna’s thighs. Was it Markie?

I reached down. Liss’s underwear was a thong – no bra – the only substantial bit of fabric a small triangle at the front. The string back between her buttocks may as well not have been there at all. I gently fingered Liss’s fanny. She was slick. I pushed my middle finger in, past the string, and wiggled the end. She let out a gentle squeak and clasped my hand to her cunt tightly with her hand, “Shhh!” She said. We giggled.

“Stop it. What would Markie say if he knew we were fucking around without him?”

“He knows we sometimes fuck.” She said,

“Yes but that’s when he’s involved; it’s consenting and he trusts me. And besides, he’s usually fucking Anna or Steph by then!”

Liss was breathing heavily, she was tightly gripping my cock with the tops of her thighs and gently grinding her hips. I couldn’t get to her tits because she was pressing them into Markie’s back. My cock was getting wet from her lubricunt and my own pre-cum. I was growing incredibly aroused as it slid back and forth in the pseudo-pussy Liss was forming with her thighs.

“Fuck!” I heard her say, under her breath as she reached down between herself and Markie’s back. Using three fingers she popped my cock into her cunt. It slid up and in quickly and easily, and I nearly came right then. The smooth sliding sensation that engulfed my shaft was exquisite. I very slowly thrust my hips forward and my cock into Liss as far as I could go. She vibrated with pent up pleasure.

“Don’t wake Markie.” She whispered urgently. I could feel her hand on my arse, pulling me into her. Again and again I very, *very* slowly thrust into her cunt and held my body taught while Liss shuddered with a mini orgasm and breathed a long breath out against Markie’s neck. I relaxed and my cock slid out a little.

Liss’s hand disappeared from my arse. I followed her arm with my hand. “Do you have hold of Markie’s cock?”

“Hmmmm. Yes.” She said, “he’s got a semi. He’s asleep. Keep going.”

I thrust again, super slowly, immersed in the feeling. I could feel myself starting to get to that point where nothing can stop a guy.

“A few more and I’m gonna cum,” I whispered, my head in Liss’s hair.

Anna stirred, made a sleepy sound and wrapped her feet around mine as was our custom.

I kept thrusting, long smooth and ultra slow. Liss’s breathing was strained and her body was getting more and more taught. She was thrusting her arse out into my hips, her face buried in the back of Markie’s neck. “He’ll hear you,” I managed to whisper,

“He’ll think I’m rubbing myself off. Push harder and flex your cock.” Liss – a medical student – knew most men could flex their cock by tensing their pelvic floor muscles. She loved a guy to do this when his cock was in her.

A couple more slow deep strokes and we both came together, Liss, breathing in and out quickly and coarsely, making the occasional gentle squeaking sound. I threw my head back and hips forward, moving both Liss and Markie closer to the edge of the bed and strained to keep from shouting out. My cock spasmed eight times and my spunk shot into Liss’s cunt. I could feel us get even wetter and more slick.

After a short while, when we’d both resumed normal breathing and our bodies had stopped their involuntary twitching, I moved as if to pull my cock out. I’m one of those guys who gets hard and stays hard. Liss clasped my arse and pulled me to her, “Not yet! It’ll make an awful mess. Hang on while we think of something.” We drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning spooning Anna. She was awake and reading some classic novel on her phone. Markie and Liss were in the small en suite. I could hear them giggling.

There was a knock at the door and a man – Ian’s dad? – shouted through, “We’re all in the conservatory having breakfast. Hurry up or the bacon will have gone!”

Part 3

Weeks later, Markie and I were drinking in a pub off Leicester Square. Markie was a little bit pissed but responsive, happy and still making sense.

“I have something to tell you,” I said. M looked at me over the rim of his glass. “I fucked Liss.”

“I know. You often fuck my girlfriend.” He laughed

“No, this was different. It was after Ian’s engagement party. We were all drunk and-”

“Oh, I know that as well. Liss told me the next morning. Said you did a shit job of it. I fucked her again that morning, in the bathroom. Took back what was mine.” Markie laughed again.

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