Erotic Stories

Office printer

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Knock at the door, the cute office manager lifts her eyes from the computer screen to look who it is. The younger IT guy introduces himself and says he’s here to install the new printer.

Surprise to have never seen him around the office, Jessica give him a quick look over while he walks in. Slight smirk appears on her lips but is quickly hidden. As he approaches the desk she gets off the chair and adjusts her skirt but it wasn’t unnoticed by the young man.

As he ticks away on the keyboard Jessica tries not to stare from across the room while doing her paper work. As he complets the installation Jessica approches him and stand behind the chair. With our realizing she is behind him, Bryan gets up and and pushes the chair back, hitting her causing her to fall backwards. Quickly he manages to grab her by the hips and stop her.

They lock eyes. Bryan looks at her shiny lips covered in lip gloss and starts to feel his body temp rise. His hands still on her hips he apologizes for knocking into her. Her grind comes back as she bits her lower lip a bit. Her hands make way to his as she stares at him deeply. Bryan’s first thought was fuck it as he leans in and stats to kiss her.

Not much time is wasted as their tongues start to touch. His hands find her ass and grips it firmly. She lets out a soft moan of joy as he holds on tighter. With out a notice Bryan lifts her up and puts her down on the desk. His mouth leaves her lips and starts to kiss her neck. Lowering to her collar bone. Lowering again to the top of her exposed breast. His hands gently move up her skirt on the outer tights.

Finding the waist band of her underwear he pulls them down. Once Jessica kicks them off Bryan gets down on his knees and starry kissing the inner part of her tight. His mouth leaving wet marks all over as he approches her warm glistening pussy.

As he places his mouth on it, Jessica’s head falls back and moans softly again. His tongue directly place on her clit as he moves it around. Her hand makes way to his head and grabs the back of it pushing onto her. As he continues to eat her he positions his fingers at the entrance of her hole. Massaging it slowly just inserting the tip. Her hand tightens on his hair whispering to not tease her.

With those words he inserts two fingers in her causing her to shake a bit. Her legs clamp up on his head but never stopping. With his fingers inside moving and his tongue still licking Jessica’s body starts to tense up. She sits up a bit and uses both hands to hold him down. Bryan constantly going dense how wet she is as he can feel her pussy tighten.

A knock at the door again. Before the door can open Jessica screams out I’m coming!! As her words leave her mouth her body starts to buck on his face. Her orgasm is felt through her whole body. Almost crushing his head with her tights she falls back after completion. Her legs still shaky Bryan comes up for whips his mouth. She takes his hand and licks his fingers.

As she collect herself she thanks him and give him a kiss on the cheek. She walks towards the door and opens it. He walks out and looks back with a grin. Jessica returns to her chair to put her panties back on but they can’t be found. Guess he kept them she thinks to herself.

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