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Office Hours, Chapter 12 [Mf] [Teacher/Student]

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[Chapter 11](

“Alright, everybody, I hope you studied over the holidays like I said, ‘cause it’s quiz time!”

My students made no attempt to hold back their groans, and I chuckled to myself. If I’m being perfectly honest, we few sadistic educators did take sick pleasure in running our students through their paces. I handed the quizzes to the nearest student for them to be passed around, then sat at my desk at the front of the classroom. That gave me perhaps ten minutes to myself, letting me reflect on this new dynamic at school with Jean.

Last night, Jean had come back a bit different. Still uneasy about something, but… happier. I didn’t want to badger her with questions about who her new friends were, but they had seemed to do a world of good. I had fingers crossed that these friends wouldn’t let her down, to give her some semblance of a normal life. After all, spending all day with your professor who was more than ten years your senior couldn’t be healthy, especially for somebody her age. That would mean less time with her to myself, of course, which was… fine.

This morning was interesting, since it was the first time we had to go to school since she moved in with me. She’d had to walk from the faculty parking lot, with me a few minutes behind her to avoid suspicion. It made me wonder how long we could keep it up before somebody noticed. I supposed all we could do is be cautious.

And that brought us to just now. Lexi and Jean were once again sitting next to each other, and the way they had interacted before class started was… odd. It was an intriguing blend of hostile and amicable, like frenemies, as the kids called it. God, I was getting old. Now, ordinarily I would welcome Jean improving her relationships with others, but this was Lexi we were talking about. The girl that had evicted her on a rainy national holiday. The girl that had threatened to expose my relationship with a student. The girl that very likely was holding something over the mother of one of her classmates. She was dangerous. There was no sugarcoating it. So for Jean to go from almost hating her to somewhat getting along in a matter of a couple days–

Was Lexi one of her new friends?

I broke out into a cold sweat at the possibility. Had Lexi gotten to her? What had she done this time? Was Jean being forced to do her bidding? *You’re being paranoid, Hank. What did Lexi have to gain from influencing Jean?* It didn’t matter. I was pretty sure Lexi was three steps away from being evil. I couldn’t let her sink her claws in. No. No no no, not my Jean.

“Professor?” I snapped back to reality, eyes focusing on Drew. Jesus, I’d really zoned out there. “It’s been ten minutes. Time’s up.”

“Dude, don’t fucking…” somebody from the other side of the room muttered before sighing in disgust. He was met with some displeasured grunts of agreement, making me chuckle again.

“Alright, pass ‘em up,” I instructed, gesturing for them to do so. I was going to drive myself crazy with all these thoughts. Better to just wait and see how things played out, as difficult as that was. “I’ll have these graded by Wednesday. In the meantime, we’ll be moving on to parenting styles! Who can tell me the four parenting styles?”

Jean raised her hand quickly, and I couldn’t help but smile as I pointed to her. “Authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful.”

“That’s right.” I drew a big cross on the blackboard, writing a parenting style in each of the quadrants. “And who can give a brief summary of each?”

Drew raised his hand, waving it obnoxiously around. I smirked and pointed at him, readying myself for his quirkiness.

“Well authoritative parents are the ones you want,” he explained. “They raise the kids who don’t need therapy.” There were a couple of resentful grunts from the room, evidently from students who didn’t have authoritative parents. “Then you have authoritarian parents, who are the tiger helicopter parents.”

“Asian parents in a nutshell,” a Chinese-American student chimed in, earning a few laughs.

“Then there’s the permissive parents, those parents that never say no to their kids and raise self-centered little monsters. And last is neglectful parents, who might as well have gone out to get milk.”

“Shit, not cool, bruh,” an African-American student quipped, causing more laughs.

“So what do Karens count as?” somebody else asked.

“Alright class, let’s stay focused,” I said with a smile. “I suppose that’s… the gist of it. But let’s look at each of them in more detail and go over what they have in common, and what sets them apart.”

The rest of class passed just as smoothly, with the lingering holiday mood seeming to keep the discussion light-hearted and casual. Before I knew it, class was over and students were making their way out. Jean subtly neared my desk and leaned toward me as I wiped the blackboard clean.

“Um. I don’t have work tonight. I was gonna hang out on campus with my friends,” she said, her eyes looking anywhere but at me. She was in a crop top and a baggy hoodie, zipped up high enough to cover her exposed midriff. My fingers were itching to rip that zipper down and yank her top off, slipping a hand down her jeans to finger-fuck her right here. Willpower won out. This time.

“Sure, that’s fine.” *It’s not fine!* “Did you still need a ride home?”

“Uh… I don’t know yet, sorry. Can I text you?”

“Of course. I’ll see you tonight.”

She nodded and left, avoiding the crowd on its way in. There was a sour taste in my mouth, and I swallowed. It’s just coffee, I decided, taking another sip to let the sweetness and bitterness wash it out. *It’s not coffee. It’s jealousy and selfishness.* It’s just coffee.


Turns out it wasn’t just coffee.

I sat in my office, stewing in thoughts of Jean, worrying my head off as usual, squeezing the life out of my squash ball. I was in the middle of a battle with myself, and I was losing.

On the one hand, Jean was her own person. After all the awful people in her life, it was about time she found a group of friends her age to spend time with, to explore and grow together. Discover new hobbies, develop her own personality and worldview. On the other hand, *I fucking wanted her for myself.*

I covered my eyes and groaned. What was happening to me? She was effortlessly assailing my mental fortitude. I needed to get out of here. I’d been sitting alone in my office for hours, losing my mind. I should have at least been grading the quizzes. Which were… Where the fuck were the quizzes? Still on the desk in the classroom, because of course they were. I sighed and stood. At least it was an excuse to go for a walk.

It was already late, coming up on dinner time. The college didn’t have any nighttime classes, so the campus was just about empty. The door to the building had been left open, and a few lungfuls of brisk November air was enough to jolt me from the funk I was in. Enough self-pity. She was out with friends, not another man. Nothing to be jealous about. I needed to stay balanced, be the constant in Jean’s life. It was like parenting styles. The worst were the parents who actually bounced between two parenting styles, typically authoritarian and permissive as they tried to balanced themselves out. What you ended up with was a really messed up kid. As if Jean needed that.

I unlocked the classroom and stepped in, not bothering to turn the lights on. At this time of year, it was already dark out by this hour, but I was just getting the quizzes, which were sitting right where I left them. I walked over and reached for them, then saw a shadow blot out the light from the hall. Turning around revealed the silhouette of a girl with an off-center ponytail.

“Jean? What are you doing here?”

“Following you. I saw you walking, but you looked like you were working through some stuff, so I decided to just watch.” She closed the door behind her, and I heard the lock clicking into place. The lights were still off, so we were plunged into darkness. “You doing okay, prof?”

“Fine,” I lied. My voice was so strangled that even without the lights, it was a dead giveaway. My fingers patted around the desk, searching for the quizzes. I could barely see anything, and apparently the papers had simply disappeared.

“You didn’t look fine, sir.” Damnit, she knew she could always rely on flicking that switch. Between the “sir,” her tone, and the mystique afforded by the darkness, my arousal was climbing hand over fist. As she began slowly walking over to me, she continued, “Did you miss me? Were you feeling lonely, sir?”

Shit, she definitely knew what she was doing.

I found myself backed up against the blackboard, and then Jean was on me, pressing her body on mine with a knee between my legs. Before I could protest, her hands were on my chest, sliding up until her arms were over my shoulders, slowly wrapping around my neck. It was so sensual, especially in the dark. We touched noses, panting until her lips found mine.

My hands slipped into her hoodie as we kissed, fingers dancing on her bare skin. Her breathing fluttered but she deepened the kiss, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I was going to be able to fulfill the fantasies I’d had in class this morning. But she beat me to the punch, breaking the kiss off to undo my belt.

“Jean, we’re in public,” I warned. My trousers and underwear dropping to the floor really reinforced my stance. I was at full mast, protruding out into her waiting hand as she massaged my length.

“Doesn’t really answer my question, does it, sir?” she crooned. “Good thing that this guy is more honest.” When did she get so damn sexy?! Leaning in, she whispered into my ear, “If you want me, all you have to do is reach out and take me.”

Fuck me.

I pushed her back and ripped her hoodie zipper down, slipping the garment off her shoulders while I yanked her top up to expose her soft breasts. She was gasping for breath, and she yelped when I pulled her back to me and slipped my hand down her jeans. She was soaked, and she started moaning when I pressed her sopping panties against her mound. She wrapped her arms back around my neck, burying her face into my shoulder as I massaged her puffy lips. Her whole body was trembling, and she was whispering against me, begging for me to slide my fingers into her.

“Take it off,” I rasped, pulling my hand out of her pants. “Take it all off.”

Without hesitation, she shrugged her hoodie off and threw it toward the door. Her top went next, flying up over her head and sent sailing after her hoodie. Her jeans were dropped and kicked off to the side, and finally she peeled her panties off and flung them away with a quiet splat. No way she was putting those back on later.

“Please, sir,” she begged. “I need you in me.”

I wrapped my arm around her waist and she reassumed her previous embrace. My fingers found her opening and teased her clit, rubbing her outside in a maddening denial. She was getting antsy, tugging me toward her fervently.

“God damn it, just give it to me,” she cursed.

“Excuse me?” I growled.

She whimpered needily before swallowing. “I’m sorry, sir. Please give it to me.”

“Give you what?”

“Your fingers.”


“In my pussy.”

“Once more, all together now,” I ordered.

She whimpered again. “Please stick your fingers in my pussy, sir.”

“That’s a good girl.” I slipped a finger inside her and she moaned into my shirt. I only dared venture until I felt a smooth membrane, then withdrew a bit. Relief washed over me at the realization that she was untouched. For somebody in her circumstances, it was incredible, and I was glad that none of her foster families had taken that from me. I mean, from her.

I was finally inside her. It took everything not to slip another finger in, and just let her get used to the sensation. She was panting, and after a moment she began grinding her hips against me, moving my finger inside her. I took extra care not to touch her hymen, and the beast within me was hungrily anticipating the day I finally took her. *She’s not ready yet.* The beast grudgingly relented.

My thumb moved to work her clit, but she suddenly stepped back. “Wait, wait wait,” she gasped. “I… wanna do something else.”

She turned around and tiptoed back against me, then squeezed her thighs together. I groaned in approval, grabbing her by the hips. Her crotch was slick and painting my length with her nectar, and my composure cracked. With abandon, I began thrusting between her thighs, her soft lips kissing my cock as it slid along her pussy. She was backing into me, slamming my hips against the blackboard while cursing under her breath. Though her thoughts were failing her, she seemed determined to force out one last line before her mind was reduced to sex.

“Please… fuck… your student’s… thighs… sir,” she moaned, and I lost all control.

One of my arms wrapped around her waist, while the other grabbed a handful of her tit. She gasped at how fiercely I was fucking her thighs, but still arched her back erotically, reaching behind her to pull my head to her neck. I took my teeth to her skin, nibbling just below her ear. That set her off, and she jerked forward on impulse, though all the while holding desperately onto me. I followed, and with each nibble she took another step until we were against the desk. I could just see the silhouette of my cock between her legs, and it was only now that I realized the blinds in the room weren’t pulled. Anybody could look in here and see us in the dim moonlight.

“Jean,” I grunted, not stopping. “Outside…”

She glanced at the windows and must have come to the same realization. She screamed in ecstasy, drenching our crotches in her juices. I was right behind her, pumping what felt like everything in my body out between her creamy thighs. She arched her back even further as she rode her orgasm, crushing my cock in blissful agony. We stood there reeling for an eternity, until she pitched forward and caught herself on the desk with her hands. She finally released her hold on me, and I staggered backward. Her arousal was dripping all the way down the insides of my legs, and judging by the glistening, her own legs were soaked too.

She turned around to regard me, leaning against the desk, her hair sticking to her neck and shoulders. We both took a moment to catch our breath before she straightened and approached me. We shared a light, chaste kiss, and she focused on my chest.

“I lo– Um… That was fun,” she murmured.

I paused briefly then nodded. “Yeah, it was.”

She turned back to the desk, fixing her hair. “Oh God.” She giggled. “Your cum is everywhere. You… You jizzed all over one of the quizzes.”

“Shit,” I muttered. “Whose is it?”

She hopped over to her clothes to retrieve her phone, then used the light from the screen to read the paper before giggling again, more hysterically this time. She turned to me, mischief evident on her face even in the dark. “Lexi’s.”

I froze for a beat before bursting into laughter, and Jean followed suit. The absurdity of the situation was too much, and we couldn’t stop for a solid minute. When we finally calmed down, I threw my head back for one last chuckle before looking at her again.

“Fuck,” I muttered, grinning widely. Backlit by the moonlight shining through the windows, she looked absolutely gorgeous as she smiled back at me.

“Fuck,” she agreed.

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