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Nirvana Sex Club p1: Initiation (MF) (club) (audience) (test)

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As he drove through the winding, remote roads, Joe’s mind was at war over this strange invitation. He initially dismissed the letter, but hours later, but the mystery party called to him. Even after giving his name at a fancy gate and watching as a luxurious mansion seemed to expand before him, Joe wasn’t sure he had made the right decision. But he pressed on, handing his keys to the valet and checking in at the massive front door.

“Ah, first timer. Somebody will be here to guide you shortly.” He considered running for his keys, but the two sexy women checking in next steeled him. As he watched their seductive strolls, he heard. “Joe, follow me,” from a different women with a badge.

In the mansion, they veered away from the main rooms, but Joe glimpsed the inner courtyard filling with a sexy rainbow of guests. His guide said, “I’m sorry. You won’t be able to join them until you at least pass your initiation.” Joe’s heart rate spiked. Nervous, but strangely excited. He started to ask, but the guide said, “you will see. Let’s go.”

They took an elevator to the basement, and he was told to wait outside a door till she got a signal. After 15 minutes, Joe was growing frustrated. A couple other people had joined the hallway, one girl even getting called in for her “Initiation.” Finally, he was led in to a room empty but for a simple bed and a number of folding chairs. Seven sexy women, all different colors and body types, paraded in from the opposite end, all in seductive lingerie. Joe liked where this was heading.

“Joe, this is your Initiation Exam. It’s simple. You select one of these lovely ladies and have sex with them.” Joe twisted so quick his neck cracked. “Yes, Your test is to fuck one of these women on that bed, however you want. The remaining women will judge your performance. If you pass, you are initiated into this club, so do your best. If you fail or turn down the test, you must leave these premises forever.”

Realizing he could fuck one of the seductresses and leave if he wanted, Joe strode toward the women, appraising their bodies, growing excited and hard at the prospect before him. He finally stopped on the women second from the left. She was blonde and tall, with massive tits on a tight frame. Something about the look in her eyes was driving Joe wild.

He reached out and cupped her breast, as the remaining women filed over to the chairs. The blonde stared back at him, looking expectant and curious. From the corner, he heard, “well? Get started! Fuck her good!” Something about the annoyed, but attentive crowd made Joe rock hard and determined to put on a show.

“Are you ready for my cock?” The blonde nodded, but Joe said, “I don’t think you are. Let’s get you ready.” To the watchers, “I can do whatever I want?” Through a yawn, one called “yes, just get on with it. We got shit to do.” Joe laughed.

He lifted the blonde over his shoulder and carried her to the bed. When she was playfully tossed onto the bed, she conceded a giggle, letting her mask shift enough to show Joe her excitement. Of course, Joe thought, that’s why the others are stuffy and annoyed. They want to be chosen for the test and to get fucked, not to chastely watch from the corner. Let’s get them jealous.

Joe started kissing the naked blonde’s body. Spurred by his excitement and determination, his fingers were deft and probing, and his kisses soft and hot to the blonde who moaned and moved into his touches. He couldn’t help lingering on her heavy chest, groping one squishy tit while his tongue circled the nipple on the other. He wanted to stay, but knew the show must continue, and moved down across her taut stomach to nestle between her thighs. She lifted her hips, desperate for him, but he teased instead, softly kissing just outside of her glistening lips.

She groaned, trying to move her slit onto his tongue, but he stayed out of reach. Until he grabbed her hips, locking her in place, and dove in tongue first. “Fuck,” she yelped as Joe hungrily lapped at her wet juices. When his tongue found and cuddled her little bead, her back arched and twisted in pleasure.

As her breath deepened and she neared an orgasm, Joe flipped her over and teased her more. The blonde whimpered with each touch and pleaded to let her cum, as Joe threw his clothes aside between kisses. Abruptly, he straightened, forcing her face down to the sheets and her hands to spread her cheeks, and thrusting inside her. Simmering near the surface, the blonde was thrown into ecstasy immediately, but Joe was savage. While she came, he leaned over her, thrusting with determined force. Even through the muffled sheets, her shrieks of pleasure were clearly audible across the chamber.

Pounding away, Joe looked at his observers, hoping to stoke their jealousy. He shouted, “if I pass, I can fuck each and every one of you like this. Don’t you wish you were cumming on my cock right now?” The women’s stoic show fell away as the women openly touched and teased themselves, watching their petite blonde compatriot cum over and over.

He flipped her over again, legs in the air and hands grabbing the sheets a foot above her head, as he climbed on top of her. “I’m not done with you yet.” Her eyes were animalistic as she begged to be stuffed more and more, and the gallery’s pleasure and delight grew increasingly audible.

Finally relenting, he rolled off and told her to suck his dick. She flew at him, wild and hungry, sloppily taking him to her throat. She was too good, and Joe was not done yet. He guided her on top of him, their tongues dancing frantically, and slid back between her wet slit. Her hips bounced expertly, not giving Joe an appropriate break.

Feeling the end coming, he threw her aside. On her stomach, he bent her leg and lifted her hips on one side. Joe grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and pushed into her wetness. He tried as many pumps as he could, but soon he was pulling out and spraying her tight ass with cum.

The blonde lay panting and moaning, while the watchers now openly fingered each other. He pointed at the woman who’d delivered the instructions. “I’ll fuck you just as hard, if you say I pass.” The curvy brunette shouted, “you pass” as she ran to the bed. “Here is your reward!” The blonde rolled over to watch and rest as Joe summoned all of his energy and pounded the brunette’s curves into the sheets.

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