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Nerdy fantasy at the cabin pt. 3

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Laura went in to the shower to wash away all the sweat and other fluids that were on her body. Tom’s cum was constantly dripping along her leg and it was all sticky and somewhat hard to get off, but she smiled as she washed it away. She couldn’t help but to think what just happened. Seeing Tom so full of enjoyment made her so happy. She replayed the moment he came in her head over and over again. Thinking about the sounds and movement he had made in the moment sent tingling feelings all over her body. She had to one up herself on this. They had the whole weekend to explore and she wanted to plan her next moves.

She knew that Tom and Tim were having this “rivalry”, mostly from Tim’s side. It was obvious that Tim was jealous of Tom. She wanted to use that to her advantage but at the same time she wanted to have them both. The thought of getting Tim agitated by seeing Tom get to do certain things like slapping her ass or squeezing her boobs like it was nothing was turning her on in a mischievous way. What Laura didn’t know was that the guys had plans of their own.
Shortly after Laura had gone to the shower Tom had followed Tim up to the cabin. When Tom arrived and the guys started talking Tom instantly noticed how Tim had all these mixed feelings about what just happened. He wanted to clear the air between them so they discussed it.

Tom: “Soo you wanna tell me what’s the matter with you?

Tim: “Isn’t it kinda obvious dude? I mean we have talked about this over the years we have been friends. We both have a crush on Laura and now suddenly I see you fucking her? What, am I supposed to act like nothing happened?

Tom: “Well yeah I get it man but to be fair I had no idea this would happen in a million years and besides you got a frickin’ blowjob from her in the sauna. What I’m wondering is that what the fuck is going on here, or more like what’s going on with her.”

Tim: “Yeah now that you put it like that… I mean I guess I’m not mad at you bro more like at her. I mean I want to fuck her too. Why would she fuck you but not me?

Tom: “I have no idea, but she hasn’t really said anything about it. Do you believe her when she said it was just a heat of the moment thing with you and then me?

Tim: “Well the blowjob I could believe, I mean if I was a woman and had guy friends I don’t see why not. But the sex part is totally different. I mean what did you even say to her?”

Tom: “Yeah I get it, the blowjob I can believe too. And well… I was so horny and not thinking straight so I gotta admit, I got all worked up on her for helping you out and not me. So I kinda just told her to help me too and then she just told me to do it on the sunbed with her.”

Tim: “Just like that, she didn’t say anything else?”

Tom: “Well… she did say explicitly not to tell you but you found out by coming out of the sauna so that is debunked. And she did tell me that me and her could sneak up another session later actually..”

Tim: “Wait.. what? Another? What do you think she is getting after with this? Do you think she planned this to happen? Doesn’t seem like a heat of the moment type of thing to me. But why would she after all this time?

Tom: “Good point, good point. You know how she is though, she’s always toying with us when we play or hang around. You think she just wanted to see what would happen, if we would go for it?”

Tim: “Could be, but with us man? A girl like that? What are the odds?”

Tom: “I have no idea why. What do you say if we find out?”

Tim: “What do you mean?”

Tom: “Well, since those things have happened, and you heard her say “Let’s have a good time this weekend” and we know that she acts like we are still friends as normal, why not put it to the test and see how far we can take it? I mean that what if we turn the tables on her and we are the ones playing her here this time?

Tim: “You mean that we try to initiate things with her or what?”

Tom: “Well yeah, I for one would love to do that again, let alone get a blowjob from her. What I mean is, that when she comes to hang up here we should just play it cool and act like normal. Then at some point we could like slap her ass or casually grab her and see how she reacts, you know?”

Tim: “Oh shit man.. that sounds like danger. But what the hell, I want to bang her too so lets do it. So we grab her etc. but what then?”

Tom: “Well we see how it plays out. If she doesn’t lash out or anything then we escalate things even more and..”

Laura entered the cabin interrupting Tom mid sentence. The guys went totally silent and checked her out. She was wearing that sexy black short skirt and a buttoned white top. “Ahh.. the sauna was so refreshing, don’t you think. What you guys been talking here?” Laura asked.
“Nothing much, just chilling.” Tom answered.

Laura sat on the couch beside Tom and Tim was sitting across from them on a recliner. “I’m thirsty, I’m going to get a beer. Should we play something?” Laura said as she got up and headed for the kitchen area. “Bring beers for us too will you.” Tom said and got the courage to slap Laura on her ass. Her firm ass cheek seemed to recoil just a bit. Laura let a high pitched sound, surprised from the slap. “That was new hahah… sure I will.” Laura said and went to get the drinks. She was a bit shocked by what just happened but also a bit turned on by it.

Tim and Tom looked at each other and grinned. They both knew what they wanted now. As Laura came back they started talking and drinking their beers. In the midst of that Tom casually put her arm around Laura and with his other hand cupped her breast and squeezed it. She had no bra underneath the top so he could feel how soft it was.

“Umm… what are you doing Tom?” Laura asked a bit confused. “Oh, I just wanted to feel it, you look so nice so I thought why not.” Tom replied casually. “And you thought that was ok, huh?” Laura said to him. “Well, you haven’t freaked out so I guess it is, huh?” Tom grinned.

Laura was really confused as the guys demeanor had really changed from before. She was not sure at all anymore how her own plan would work out. At the same time Tim had come to sit on the other side of Laura after a bit of hesitation. He did the same and grabbed Laura’s other breast. “Oh wow they feel so soft.” Tim said.

“So what exactly are you guys up to?” Laura asked and grinned. She started to get all excited and wanted to see where this would go. She could feel her pussy getting wet already.
The guys lifted her top off of her revealing her boobs and continued to caress them. “We thought that maybe we could continue having fun times like you said.” Tom replied while starting to suck on her nipple.

Laura moaned from the sensation and soon after Tim proceeded to do the same. She was in heaven, both the guys were sucking on her nipples and it felt so good. Not long after that she felt Tom’s fingers reach for her pussy. She felt him fumbling around a bit as Tom had practically no experience on that but she thought it was adorable. “Would you guys like me to take off my skirt and panties?” Laura asked softly. “Please do” the guys said in unison.

Laura stood up and bent over slightly while dropping her skirt and panties to the floor, giving the guys a nice view before sitting back between them. Then she put one leg on Tom’s lap and the other on Tim’s, spreading her legs wide open between them.

The guys looked at each other and grinned. They both started to run their fingers on and in her pussy taking turns.
“Feels so warm and wet doesn’t it Tim?” Tom asked. “Oh man, it does. I’m so hard right now.” Tim replied. “Then just go for it, make yourself a happy man haha.” Tom said.
Tim stood up and quickly got out of his clothes. His dick was already rock hard. “Do you want to take me here?” Laura asked, clearly very excited about how things played out and she was eager to let Tim experience her. “Yeah stay just there and spread those legs.” Tim said as he very enthusiastically climbed on top of her. Tom kept caressing Laura’s breasts while looking at Tim starting to enter her. “Oooh fuuuck your pussy feels so good” Tim groaned as he watched his dick slide slowly inside Laura with ease.

Laura looked Tim straight into his eyes with lustfully. At this point she had forgotten all about her plan to mess with the guys and now all she wanted was to give them pleasure. “It feels nice, doesn’t it?” Laura grinned at Tim.

Tim wasn’t able to respond, he was so focused on Laura’s bouncing breasts in front of him and the feeling of her warm and wet pussy gripping his dick.
“Oh man I gotta see this from another angle” Tom said and got off the couch to take a better look at the action from behind Tim. From there he could see a nice view of Tim grinding himself into Laura. He could see right between Tim’s legs how Laura’s pussy lips gripped Tim’s dick and moved with it’s motions. The sight was so exhilarating to him, it was like seeing himself doing it to Laura on the sunbed but from a different angle. Tom was so happy that Tim finally got to experience the same.
“Fuck man, it feels great doesn’t it, it sure looks like you are enjoying it hahah!” Tom asked Tim.
“Yeah…man..ahh.. fuck… My dick tingles so much, I’m going to cum inside her soon. Then we are even hahah” Tim exclaimed back.

“Mmmm hihih yeah I can see that you are liking it… Ooohhh.. just… like… that… Tim. It feels so good” Laura giggled and moaned loudly as Tim kept fucking her. She loved the moment, letting Tim use her for his enjoyment. She knew that soon he would shoot all of his load inside her.
With a loud groan Tim’s whole body twitched as he started to unload inside her.
“Oooh hahah man I can see how your balls are squeezing and your dick is pumping. That’s gonna be one hell of a load hahah” Tom laughed.

With each push Tim tried to get as deep inside Laura as he could. When his movements finally slowed down to a stop he rose up a bit to see his work as he started pulling out.
“Oooh wow, that was some load, huh? Hihih” Laura laughed, so happy from seeing Tim experience most probably the best orgasm of his life.

“What is it with you guys and this cumming inside thing hahah. I mean those thrusts, same as Tom. Seemed like you really wanted to get that load deep, huh? Laura asked Tim, laughing.
“Ahhh.. I’m sorry, it just felt so good. I wanted to fill you up, nothing else was on my mind haha.” Tim said as he pulled out his dick.

He sat on the floor next to Tom and they both admired Laura who was laying legs spread on the couch with her pussy dripping cum.
“I get it now man, how you felt. I mean wow, that was so amazing, and look at that mess I made haha.” Tim said, exhausted.

“Fuck yeah man! And you know what’s the best part? Not much cleaning needed like when jacking off, you know? Hahah” Tom laughed.

“Haahaa… very funny guys..Not for you maybe” Laura grinned at them.
“I suppose you guys figured out my plan?” Laura said. “Well, we figured something wasn’t adding up here based on the things that happened and how you acted so we decided to try our luck. Care to explain?” Tom replied.

“Well.. to be honest this kind of thing has been a fantasy for me for a pretty long time now so I decided to give it a shot. Worked out even better than I could have imagined.” Laura said.
“Oh wow.. so you had this whole weekend planned out? What happens now then?” Tim replied.
“Well.. that is up to you guys hahah! I mean, we are here for the whole weekend so…” Laura said grinning.

“You mean we can do more of this?” The guys said in unison.
“Alot more.. hahah. We can discuss what you want to do and I’ll try my best to make all of your dreams come true this weekend. As many times as you guys want.” Laura said seductively.
The guys couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They could use her as they please and have her do what ever they wanted.

“Seriously??!? I mean wow… but why though?” Tim asked.
“Well.. as I said, it has been kind of a fantasy for me and I would love to try new things out and who better to do it with than you guys?”
The guys were suddenly full of energy. They had never been this excited in their lives.
The weekend progressed with the guys living many of their sexual desires with her. Laura danced for them, they fucked in the sauna, they fucked on the floor, on the bed, patio, basically every place of the cabin was tested. All the while Laura was very open minded about everything. She was also very good at taking orders from the guys. When one of them ordered something, she didn’t question it and just did it. She danced for them, brought them snacks and acted like their sexy housekeeper for the weekend. The boys loved it and so did Laura. It was her dream come true to be used like that for the weekend and the enjoyment she could see on their faces was priceless.
When the weekend was over the guys were exhausted from enjoyment. Their balls had never been so empty as they had both shot their loads in and on Laura more times than they could keep up with anymore.

“So where does this leave us?” Tim asked as they sat in front of each other in Tom’s truck after driving back to town.

“I think you know what my answer is.” Tom said grinning widely.

“Well we will have to see, maybe something, maybe nothing..” Laura grinned and loved how the guys were left wanting more.

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