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Need help finding a story

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Heyo! Just looking if I can find a story I read previously, dumb me forgot to bookmark it since it was so good! (Sex and wholesome value) edit: story was also one of the best I’ve ever read

It was either on a sex story subreddit or Literotica

It started with the guy, he was like an orphan or smth, he left the when he was of age orphanage and worked at an Italian restaurant? He’s working at this place for a while before he meets one of the customers. This woman he meets instantly has a good connection with him. Conversation and otherwise. They go out on dates and eventually she invited him to live with her. She was like a very successful woman, (CEO, partner or some very successful position in a well off company)
They end up living in her large mansion. She working at her company he’s basically her live in maid. Managing the house and what not. (This part is where a lot of the sex writing is) there’s like light bondage, very wholesome sex.
There’s a part where she discovers he still keeps a box of his memoirs like all the money he’s ever made photos, etc.

He refused to use her money cause he thought she would eventually leave him for someone more well off then him. So he kept his memoirs and money in a shoe box in case he needed to leave quick in that case.

I think they have kids together. (More sex stories)
Eventually there’s a part where he discovers she’s cheating on him from some dick at work. He leaves very fckn heartbroken

(honestly this part kinda made me shed a tear it was very heart breaking to read that all they went through the sex stories and the troubles they go through, all broken cause some dick seduced her)

When he discovers this he leaves cutting all connection with her, at this point he’s made himself very well off because of his side investments (Bitcoin?) This point her father in law also grew to love the guy so the father in law tried to keep in contact with the guy and keep the kids good. I think at this point he leave her with absolutely no contact and travels the world for a year? He eventually ends up in Japan and in this relationship with this Japanese girl who convinces him to go back and try to re-connect with her. They go back to find her life a real mess since he left.(he was keeping her home tidy and entire life organized) the house is a mess when the guy and Japanese girl get back. They tidy up and there’s a wholesome sex part with all three of them ending the story with them all living together in a poly relationship.

This is basically a looonggg shot but one of the best I’ve ever read. It was either on one of the sex story subreddit’s or on Literotica I forgot.
Don’t remember the name nor the author 🙁


  1. Thetypicalmex Reply

    Great story, if I remember correctly, he invested all of his own money and becomes rather wealthy…… I’ll look through my follows ti see if I can help.!

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