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My(25M) Girlfriend(25F) turns me on as hell, and vice versa.

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Hey redditors, this is the first time that I post on reddit : cause I just want to share some positive experience that may help anyone.

I’m with my current girlfriend since almost 3 years now, and the least I could say is that we love each other very much. We are 24/7 in touch, if we don’t get together (before quarantine), it’s mean we FaceTime each other, if not, then we’re texting each other (we both are our own bosses ,so our schedules are very flexibles).

So what made me write this post is that more and more, and from one day to another, the least I can say is that my girlfriend turns me on as hell like I never been before with any of my exes or any girl. Not only that, but also she’s really the only girl right now on this earth that can turn me on, for example : even when sometimes I masturbate, I straight think about her or I do it by looking to her pictures. I love every shape and curve of her body and I find her very sexy and hot.

And the most satisfying thing is when I told her about what I feel, she also admitted that I turn her on as fuck, and she loves every detail and part of me and my body, and also I make her feel (emotionally and sexually) like she never felt before.

So it goes without saying that sex for both of us is aphrodisiac, ecstatic and exhilarating. Even after sex we still turned on by each others if not more, which is something that never happened to me or her.

All I can add to be brief, is that I find my girlfriend the most perfect one in all aspects and I’m glad to know that she see me as I see her.

Hopefully, and I hope she will read this post I want to tell her that I love her, want her and I truly have eyes only for her.

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