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My Wife Helped a New Friend Explore Her Sexuality on our Honeymoon [FF]

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Maxine had, the whole time we’d known her, been the quieter one. Her friends, Maesa and Julie, were outgoing, vibrant and lewd, while Maxine had mostly gone along with events as they unfolded. But not today. Today Maxine had asked my wife, Anne, and I to have lunch, just the three of us. We found a little cafe on a square in Venice and watched the boats go by.

“I think I’m gay.” Maxine said. She was blushing furiously but carried on. I think she’d scripted this. “But…I’ve never actually been with a woman. I’ve really come to care for you two and…” She gulped. “I’d like to spend a night with Anne. Anne and I alone.”

Anne reached across the table and held Maxine’s hand. They both looked at me. I’ve know that Anne was bisexual almost the entire time I’ve known Anne. That fact had led to some amazing sexual encounters and I loved that part of her. However, the question came at a strange time. We planned on going separate ways that afternoon. The women had plans in Dubrovnik and we were catching the train to Rome.

“What are you suggesting?” I tried to keep my tone neutral. Even so she sighed a little. I realized how tense she was. It was endearing.

“My family rents a place in Rome. It’s empty right now. I have more vacation days. I’d like to come with you. Even if…if…you don’t want to do this. I’d like to spend more time with you.” I had no objection, but it wasn’t really up to me. Anne answered by leaning over the table and kissing Maxine softly on the lips. Maxine’s answering smile was one of pure joy. She really was very cute.

The trip to Rome was strange. Maxine alternated between pure happiness and total shyness. She was very affectionate with me, far more than she’d be previously and she almost seemed to be avoiding Anne, like she was suddenly scared. Maxine’s family’s place was in a complex close to Vatican City. We had to climb a street made of stairs to reach it. Strangly enough, it was right next to an Irish Pub. Everyone was tired after the trip and very tentative. The girls each went for a nap. I stayed up. When they awoke they were still shy around each other. Given what we’d done the last few days it was silly. I gathered them in the kitchen.

“I think you two need to be alone.” I told them. They both started to object, but I overrode them. “You need to enjoy yourselves without worrying about me. I’ve booked a room at a hotel nearby. I also made you a reservation at that restaurant we passed and, because you are both such sound sleepers, I had time to slip out and buy you some wine. It’s pretty cheap. I will be back at noon tomorrow.” I gathered my stuff to go. Interestingly it was Maxine who showed me to the door. She hugged me and whispered. “Thank you.” In my ear. Then she kissed me. Long and sensuously. She was a damn good kisser.

I didn’t sleep much that night. Instead I walked around Rome. I got some great pictures. But my mind was elsewhere. I finally went back to the hotel at dawn, slept until check out and went to meet the women.

When they greeted me at the door they were both aglow. Clearly the night had been a success. Maxine smiled, hugged me and announced,

“Definitely gay!”

They wanted to go out and explore. I trudged along behind. They held hands the whole day. That night Anne changed into her flannel pajamas, climbed into bed with me and told me the story.

After I’d things were still awkward. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but this was the first real date Anne had with a woman. Each retreated their rooms where the dressed up for the evening. Both inadvertently tried to dress extremely feminine. Anne wore a blue sundress, the most formal thing in her backpack. Maxine went quite a bit further and wore a floor length red dress with a slit up to her hip and matching heels. They went to the restaurant and had a beautiful candlelit dinner they hardly ate. They barely spoke. The walk back to place was quiet and tense. As soon as they got in Maxine turned to Anne and said,

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

Anne grabbed Maxine by the shoulders, pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard.

“I want to fuck you so bad.” Anne told her.

“Thank God.” Maxine replied and pulled Anne into the bedroom. Maxine turned and lifted her hair for Anne to unzip her dress. Anne told me that it was the most feminine thing she’d ever done in bed with a girl, a simple gesture that was powerfully erotic. Maxine slipped off the dress and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a matching red pantie and bra set. Anne took Maxine in her arms and kissed her, then gently moved her back towards the bed.

Maxine gracefully lowered herself to the bed and Anne hovered over her. She wanted to take her time, to savor every moment of their time together. Maxine was gorgeous, laid out on the bed before her, almost trembling in anticipation. Anne lay down on the other woman, feeling their breasts press together. They lay like that for a while, enjoying each other’s bodies, kissing softly and gently.

Anne caressed Maxine softly, stroking her soft skin. She undid the clasp of her bra and teased the woman’s nipples. She has larger areola and Anne bent to lick at the pink skin. Maxine’s nipples were wonderfully responsive and grew hard under Anne’s lips. Maxine stroked Anne’s hair as she sucked.

Maxine’s thrust against Anne’s leg and she moaned. Anne started to kiss downwards. Maxine’s hips bucked and Anne, encouraged, stripped away Maxine’s red panties. Maxine’s pubic hair was abundant, but well-trimmed. Anne softly stroked Maxine hair, then slid her hand down and gently parted Maxine’s lips. Maxine gasped.

Anne liked her fingers and slowly stroked along Maxine’s slit. Maxine didn’t need the extra moisture, she was already soaking wet. Maxine opened her legs wider and moved her hand down between her legs, opening herself a little for Anne. Anne bent over and softly kissed Maxine’s pussy. Maxine breathed deep. Anne spread Maxine and licked her. Maxine pushed up against Anne’s face. Anne slide a finger inside and stroked Maxine while she licked her. Maxine rolled her hips and pushed upwards. Anne licked Maxine hard, focusing on her clit. Maxine tensed, shouted, and came.

Maxine sighed. She looked at Anne, smiled, and said, “my turn.” She smiled and flipped Anne onto her back. She pulled Anne’s sundress off. Anne undid her bra while Maxine pulled her panties off.

Anne lay back. Maxine sat up and just looked at Anne. Anne loved being seen. Maxine slowly caressed Anne’s breasts, teasing Anne’s nipples erect. Anne sighed. She spread her legs wide. Maxine reached down and spread Anne open. She examined Anne’s pussy with fascination. She explored ever curve and fold. Anne tried to stay still, but moaned loudly. Maxine slid a finger inside and explored Anne’s depths. She went deep and stroked Anne inside. She took her hand away, and licked it slowly. Licked, and tasted Anne on her fingers. She slid her finger back into my wife.

Anne couldn’t stay still, she thrust towards Maxine. Maxine slid a second finger in. Anne moaned Maxine’s name loudly. Maxine leaned over and licked at Anne, tasting pussy for the first time. Anne and Maxine sighed at the same time.

Maxine’s tongue was restless inside Anne. She explored as thoroughly as she had with her fingers. She licked Anne’s outer lips, her inner lips, then parted her lips and tongued her depths. Anne moaned, grunted and pushed against Maxine’s face. Maxine pushed two fingers into Anne’s pussy and licked her clit. Anne called Maxine’s name. Maxine focused on Anne’s clit, licking small circles, faster and faster. Anne screamed once and came on her friends tongue.

Maxine was delighted, glowing with joy. She came up and kissed Anne. They snuggled together, breathing each other deeply.

Anne finished her story. She had grasped my cock and stroked me as she spoke. I came all over her hand as she finished. She kissed me and said,

“I love you.” Then she went to sleep in Maxine’s bed for the night.

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