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My wife gave me a ruin orgasm…

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Last night I asked my wife if we could have have sex and edge each other. She declined. The next morning she felt bad that I didn’t get any so she decided to make it up to me. She grabbed and kissed me and started to jerk me off while on the edge of the bed. After about 15 minutes I started dripping precum and she went to lay down and start playing with her clit with her legs up and told me to keep jerking myself while watching her. I slipped on my cock ring and began to milk my precum out while it dripped on to her pussy. She loved it so much that she told me to come closer to her face and to show her. She told me to finger her and while I was doing that she told me to milk my precum out and just after the first stroke a huge drop of precum fell right onto her lips. She gave me the most hungry look and stuck the tip right into her mouth. At this point my cock was sooo sensitive from the cock ring and all the veins were buldging out. When my wife took my cock out her mouth, her stare went from normal to “cock starved hungry”. God I nearly came from that. She starting tracing my bulging veins with her tounge and played with my tip under my foreskin and tried taking my cock down her throat multiple times while gagging but she could only fit half. While she was throating me she took her free hand, placed it on my lower back, and pushed me into her face. I started buckling and took my hand out her sopping pussy to keep my self balanced from the extreme pleasure I was feeling.

She got up to switch positions knowing that doggy was my favorite and got on all fours with her fat ass next to my cock and said “come here and let me fuck you but don’t move or do anything okay. I’ll do everything.” She took her feet and pulled my hips in from behind and aimed her pussy right over my cock and started pounding me. She moaned so loud and I just let out a moan of deep neediness. She felt me getting close to coming by my moans and twitching cock. “You better not touch your dick but you only touch me okay!” She said. In such a goon said I just whimpered, “okay okay…” I starting to cum and after just the first the shot came out she pulled her pussy off of me and kept me from pulling her back onto me. She was denying my orgasm and any attempt to creampie her. In a desperate attempt to make the orgasm more intense I just slapped her ass with both hands and grabbed her ass to spread them and just sprayed my cum on her asshole and pussy lips. She just laughed at me and giggle saying “sorry baby I just needed to do that to you.” (She I knew I had a self imposed challenge on my self with retention and denial of cumming. I was on Day 3 with 9 denied orgasms.) She just got up, held my limp dick and slurped the cum dripping from it and walked off saying “Back to square one for you” I was to lost in pleasure, bliss and slight sadness that my streak was ruined to be upset from not having a full orgasm. Later that day she got me anal toy to use on me for tonight.


  1. Ok-One-7033 Reply

    Eat her out and get her on the brink until she is about to come then stop,sounds nasty I know but hey

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