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MY Wife [F] was on Periods -So She said it’s my [M] time tonight .(Part-1)

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This consists of two different encounters so i will be writing this in two halfs.

My wife was on Periods and one thing is defined we don’t have sex so we stick to just oral and we were excited because from the past few months our sex life is stunning and wild day by day , so we don’t know what’s on the menu tonight.
We were in our rooms started kissing but then we both stopped went to the washroom clean ourselves properly.
I am looking right at her freshly shaved and showered pussy but can’t do anything thing because of her periods even though i fucking want to.
Rules for tonight few our mentioned below
1- she can do whatever she wants to.

2-I am not allowed to touch her or even myself.
3- she can say no to any requests i do.
4-I will be naked and she will not undress herself.
Night started and i am not the bed laying naked ,she takes the oil and started with giving
me a proper massage, slowly building the
pressure and started teasing me.

She was sucking my nipples,her teeths were on my nipple,she bite a little on one and her hand was on the other.she increased the pressure and slowly moving down to my belly button then to my love handles and all of a sudden she bite and that’s the point i can’t fucking control myself and i put a hand on her face but fuck it,she rejected my hand and bite it on the other side with more force i think that was a punishment for me to not follow the rules because that what happened a few times with me tonight.
Her next stop is my thighs and the strong bites on the inner side drives me crazy thou,she stared with just tongue slowly moving her upwards towards my penis and one hand on the other side moving simultaneously with the speed to tongue,and again i moved my hand she slaps on my hand and bites on the thigh right near the balls and the sweetest thing she did after she stops climb up and kissed me slowly and asked am i ok? Isn’t she the sweetheart?

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