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My weed dealer’s daughter April

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I remember the first time I met April, my weed dealer’s daughter. I rode over to my dealers house about to get a zip, my dealer was an older black lady who had the best bud around at that time. I walked in and seen her daughter April in a white dress and looking absolutely beautiful!!! Gorgeous dark skin with curly black hair! She introduced me to her as I’m sure I was looking dumb founded, I was blown away how beautiful she was! We talked for awhile and hit it off instantly! Tho I was 29 at the time and she was 18! She had a boyfriend but that didn’t matter because she was totally interested in me! I had just recently divorced my wife so I was single and ready to mingle! We talked for about 2 weeks before we finally made plans to go out. I took her out to eat and otw back she started rubbing my dick while I was driving. We kiss for a moment as I ran off the road and after I corrected my truck she unzipped my pants and began to suck my dick as I drove us home! We get out of the truck as she walks to the door I unlocked it, then I picked her up and carried her inside, placed her onto my kitchen counter and made out! I undressed her right there on my counter! Fuck she was so fkn beautiful! I began to eat her juicy pussy and she moans so damn loud! I ate her for about 30 minutes to make sure I delivered! Damn she left my beard soaked! Then we finally made it to the bedroom and fucked like animals! I fucked her on bottom, sideways, standing and ever other way! I needed to ruin her! She called me Daddy and I called her Baby Girl! She couldn’t leave until the next afternoon I fucked her so good! She admitted to me that I was her first white guy and older guy! I told her that she was my first black girl, witch she was! It was absolutely amazing! I love the contrast between our skin as we fuck! It absolutely hot! She was perfect!

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