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My tutor

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I wasn’t bad at math. I just heard from my friends that she was hot. She was a year older than me and she gave tutoring lessons. I faked being bad at math for a month. I was in need of pussy. First time I came over it was chill and we had a normal tutoring lesson. Every time after that she wore something more and more revealing. One day I go over for a lesson and she says her parents aren’t home so we can study at the kitchen table. She’s wearing a sports bra, yoga pants, has glasses on and has braces. A hot nerdy girl. She’s barefoot and rubs her feet against my leg while we study. She does a lot of subtle things where she makes sure I can see her ass, or she adjusts her bra lower etc. In the middle of the lesson she puts her hand on my leg and inches closer til she’s on my cock. I do the same til I get to her pussy. She was pretty light so I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and carried her to the counter top smacking her ass on the way there. I put her down and tear her pants off and fuck the shit out of her. It was the loudest sex I’ve ever had. The creamiest wettest claps. Her moans and yelling echoed through the house. I came all over her cute slutty face.

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  1. Usual_Ad_730 Reply

    Yes, because if there is one thing women find attractive, it is being dumb…

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