Erotic Stories

My neighbor has been watching me get ready in front of my window, and today I [F] saw him getting dressed. [25F]

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We are practically across from one another because our buildings are mirror images of one another, and my enormous window faces his.

While all of our other neighbors keep their windows closed during the day—I guess for privacy—I open my window every morning when I first get up.

Last week, after I had finished getting dressed, I noticed him on his computer with the blinds open. I questioned whether he was looking at me even though it didn’t seem like he was.

The next day, as I conduct my business, he utilizes his computer once more. But as I started to put on my shirt, I caught him looking my way. Since I like the attention and think he’s cute, I waved and grinned at him, and he did the same.

The next few days, when choosing my clothes while still fully dressed, I try to avoid glancing in his direction. I kind of like the idea of having a small peeping Tom. I made sure to “pick out my outfit,” crouch down to “study myself in the mirror,” spread my arms, and show him my tits in full view.

Today was a little different; I walked to my closet and put my towel on the floor after exiting the shower. Even though I was still completely naked, I glanced in his direction because I was starting to feel a little more at ease.

As he turned in his chair to face me directly, I waved and grinned at him. I stepped up to my window and hung my tits there to make him laugh when he woke up.

He watched in shock as I pushed and shoved them against one another. As I started to pinch my nipples and gave him my best “fuck me” expression, he moved his hands over his crotch.

As I placed my index finger in my mouth and slowly moved it up and down my throat while staring at him, I realized he was massaging his cock.

I couldn’t see his cock, but from the way his arm moved and the way his head cocked, I knew he was massaging it for me.

To perform the ritual, I put my middle and index fingers in my mouth and made sure they touched my throat as well. I gave his tits another massage with my greased hands.

I watched his arm start to move more quickly and knew he was going to cum as I stood there squeezing and shaking my tits until he finished.

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