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My little sister’s FWB fucked me for the first time whilst she slept [26F]

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My lil sis and I are really close, let’s call her Sarah. Sarah’s always been quite a sexually charged person, just like me, so no surprise that as soon as she enrolled into uni, she met a cute guy straight off the bat and ended up fucking him on the regular. Let’s call him Tom. Tom is quite nerdy, into video games and marvel type of nerdy, but also a bit of a gym rat and into rock climbing, so he is shredded af. Kinda jealous that Sarah managed to reel in such a hottie but that’s life! I’ve also got a couple of FWBs going at this point, but they pale in comparison to this Adonis.

So by the time Sarah and I decide to rent an apartment together that’s close to her uni and my work, her and Tom have been FWB for a good couple of weeks. In the first week, he was over every night, fucked her brains out, then left right afterwards in the middle of the night. The freedom of living away from home! The second weekend comes quickly, it’s Friday night, one of my FWBs called Ben is here, Tom arrives on cue, we all watch a film together and I notice Sarah and Tom getting frisky, and they eventually have to excuse themselves for obvious reasons. Not a moment later, we can both hear Sarah getting fucked hard, which turns us on so badly, and Ben ends up fucking me raw on the couch. He ends up cumming down my throat after about 20mins and I swallow it all like a good girl, exhausted but still wanting more. Sarah and Tom are still going at it, whilst Ben gets dressed and leaves. I end up passing out naked on the couch with the movie still playing.

Who knows how many hours went by but it was dark when I was startled awake by Tom opening the fridge looking for a drink in nothing but a towel. I was surprised as he never usually stays, but I guess it’s the weekend, and by the sounds of it, he was worn the fuck out.

He turns around and notices me and my jaw drops, this is the first time I’ve seen his body in the light and my god is it beautiful, that and the outline of his dick on his towel. He smirks at me whilst sipping on some water, I bite my lip, and he sees this as a signal to walk over to me, bulge at my eye level. He smirks again and just says “go on”. So like a good girl, I unravel his towel to reveal the thickest cock I’ve seen in a long time. I’m salivating. How is he already hard?? How long was he standing there whilst I was asleep?? These questions rushing through my head as I slipped his cock into my mouth like a good girl…

I was worried Sarah might wake up so I thought, he must not have much stamina left, better suck him good and make him cum quickly. I was wrong. He was throbbing hard after a few minutes in my throat, and he then threw me onto the couch face first, ass in the air, and slipped his cock into my soaking wet pussy slowly. I had to bite the cushion to hold my scream, but the moment every inch of his cock was in me, I could only let out a whimper as he fucked me prone bone.

He fucked me like this for a good few minutes which felt like hours, until he lifted my hips up with one hand and pressed my shoulders down with the other so he could bury his cock deeper inside me as he rammed me harder. He fucked me til I came hard, I bite into the cushion some more and let out a scream.

Once I’ve stopped quivering, he sits back on the couch, throbbing cock standing in all its glory, and gives a slight nod of the head to tell me to get on. I straddle him, slip it into my pussy, and bounce my pussy on his cock like I’ve been starved of affection for years.

It must have been about an hour by the point I reach my second orgasm, but with no cushion to bite into, he covers my mouth as my body tightens. My pussy grip pushes him over the edge, and he uses his other hand to push my hips down hard to take every inch, as he cums deep inside me. I’m so dick drunk at this point I don’t care he came inside me.

He lifts me off him like a rag doll, and puts me on the floor, and tells me to clean his cock up. I do as I’m told, and as he walks off to Sarah’s bedroom, he turns around and puts his finger on his lips and gives me a wink, as I kneel there, his cum dripping down my thighs…

Ever since that night, he’s been sneaking into my room to fuck me all night after he fucked Sarah, and I have to say, the combination of his Adonis body, thick cock, and second cumming stamina, really drives me fucking wild.

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