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My husband’s boss who is also my college lover moved into our place for a few days while he sent my husband on a business trip

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So I recently restarted having an affair with Tony who was my long time lover in college and who now popped back into my life as my husband’s boss. The fact that he can give my husband orders and was able to send him away and fuck me in our home was turning me on very much. I enjoy how he dominates my husband and me and am very happy at the moment.

So at the beginning of this week Tony was finally able to send my husband away on a business trip again and this time we decided that he would move into my husband’s and my apartment for the time my husband was away. I gave him my reserve key for the time being and we had to be very careful so that the neighbors wouldn’t notice but thankfully our apartment building is a rather anonymous place and not everyone knows everyone and we never went up- or downstairs together in order not to be seen together so I think it worked.

So for half a week Tony really occupied my husband’s living space and nearly everything he possesses. He slept in our bed, he ate at our kitchen table, he watched TV while sitting on our couch etc. And most importantly, we fucked multiple times a day – beginning every morning after getting up. Both of us were doing home office on two of the days so we were home the whole time and could have sex during breaks. After work, I was walking around naked for him, cooking for him and then begging him to let me suck his cock or for fucking me because he really likes that. It was just glorious and fun.

Tony came on my wedding ring and pictures of my husband and me as well as on my husband’s clothes and other stuff he owns. We fucked at multiple places throughout the apartment, even some my husband and I never had sex in. It all felt so exciting and wrong but also unbelievably good, it’s hard to explain but I wish it would’ve gone on a little longer. I basically let him do what he wanted. I hope we can do that again soon. The thought of Tony sending my husband away and then going into his place and just taking what he wants and fucking me as he pleases is driving me nuts.


  1. He came on your wedding ring?

    Tell us more about your husband. What kind of guy is he.

  2. Icy_Fig_1872 Reply

    How does one get involved with a cheating wife? Always wanted to be the other guy at least once

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