Erotic Stories

My friend’s father saw his daughter and I [F] sharing a kiss. [22F]

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I slept over at my friend’s place yesterday, and last night I fucked her father (I already wrote about that, though). My friend was crying when I woke up this morning, and when I turned to see what she was doing, I discovered that she was masturbating. It’s not like I wasn’t really horny after seeing her father last night, and we’ve certainly been a little freaky before. She stopped when she realized I was awake and let out a small yell (but never to this extent). She just stared at me and stayed silent when I asked her why she had stopped. I approached her and began kissing her at that point; she appeared to like it. She then started grabbing at my tits. I then started stroking her pussy. The door was abruptly opened by her father. He sort of just stood there for a moment, so I assume he heard her scream when I first woke up.


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