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My first real cuck experience

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Ive always loved jerking off to cuckold porn but the first time experiencing it myself was different. So basically, whether you choose to believe this or not idc but it’s the truth, my ex from highschool is now a sex worker (early 20s now). So me being the loser I am I met her with the intention of asking her why she’s doing this/trying to get sum myself. But i’ve never got to fuck her ever. She does however ask me if i’d like to help her out by driving her to her ‘appointments’ and in return she’d give me some money. Me being the horny guy i am i asked if i could receive anything else and she was like ok like what and the only thing she’s ever given me was a handjob. so that’s what i asked for and since we already knew each other she was down for it. so i would then drive her to a few appointments and both times she came back with her makeup ruined which she had to fix in the car. after the 2nd time it was getting late so i was like okk it’s time to go and then it was time for me to get my handjob. she gave me the handjob and while i came we had a dirty make out session and i’m telling you i could taste the cum from her mouth and so i asked her if she let the guys cum in her mouth and she said yes but of course for extra $. i didn’t know whether to be disgusted or turned on but i haven’t seen her since.

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