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My (F26) friend (M29) bought me a butt plug to cheer me up.

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I had a really rough week, almost everything that good go wrong has gone wrong. Got a flat tire, had a leak in my home, bad week at work, etc.

My good guy friend had to hear me vent and complain all week. We met up for happy hour last night, and he had a little gift bag with him. He gave it to me, and said “just wanted to get you something to release your tension after such a bad week”. When I opened it, I saw a cute vibrating butt plug. I giggled, and told him this was perfect and much needed. We’ve hooked up quite a bit in the past, so he knows I have a butt plug kink.

He leaned over into my ear, and quietly said “do you want to go put it in right now?” I shyly grinned and nodded my head. I went to the rest room, pulled it out, cleaned it off in the sink really quick, hiked up my dress, moved my thong to the side, bent over, and slowly stuck the plug up my ass. I felt a huge tension release as soon as my asshole swallowed it up. The kind he bought had a remote control to turn it off and on, so I took that out of the box. I put myself back together, and met him back out at the bar. I discreetly handed over the remote control, and innocently smiled.

He licked his lips as he took it out of my hands and said “wasn’t expecting that”. The battery didn’t last too long being that it wasn’t fully charged, but he teased me with the vibrations as long as he could. And I felt like such a slut with that plug up my ass in public. We only lasted about 2 drinks at the bar before calling an Uber to his place and he fucked me.

Definitely turned my awful week around.

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