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My experience as a bull

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So I have been on this forum for a while now, I thought I should share my experience, last year I was 19 and I found a guy on grinder( I’m bi) his profile said “top her” with a picture of a petite woman wearing a crop top and shorts, I messaged him, we got to talking and I told him I was a virgin he seemed excited about that so he said to meet him in a gas station by his house.I went to the gas station and I met up with the guy he was nice and we talked, he joked that it was better to lose my virginity to a couple so I could learn from them and be experienced for when I get a gf. He explained to me what a cuck was and I was getting hard at the possibility of getting to fuck his wife( she was petite, had a great ass and nice waist)he told me to meet him a few more times to talk so we could get to know each other better, we did and became sort of friends, he was 40 and white and his wife was 33 and Israeli. The day came to go over to his house, his kids were at school we sat in his living room talking and shooting the shit then his wife said she was ready and we went to their bedroom, she started to rub my shoulder and said to relax, he sat in the corner on a chair then took his phone out and started recording. She started to undress me I was just standing there nervous with a hard on, she lead me to the bed, she laid down and started masturbating, she said how she wanted me inside her and how she wanted me to breed her in front of her husband( she had her tubes tied) I went over to her and pulled her close to the edge of the bed and started rubbing my dick on her pussy,she was soaking and she was moaning when I stuck it in, she gasped then I started to fuck her, her husband came close to me and started to jerk off and record, this went on for about 2 minutes before he came and then she said to put a baby in her, that was enough to send me over the edge , I pulled her close and just came inside of her, after I came I pulled out and her husband recorded my cum oozing out her pussy.after we got cleaned up we talked and came to an agreement on how the relationship would work, sadly they moved away a few months ago ( sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes I’m on my phone and have never posted anything here)

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