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My ExGf’s mom made me fuck her while her family watched pt. 2

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I pulled her by her hips to grind her ass on my dick. After a few seconds she started grinding on her own so I moved my hands up her body until they were on her chest and throat. I was kissing and licking the back of her neck, ears and upper back. After a few minutes I stepped back a bit and unzipped her dress. I kissed her all the way down her back until her dress fell to her feet. I stepped in again and she kept grinding against me. Eventually she turned to face me, which is when I realized I was fully hard.

I picked her up, holding her by her ass, out chest pressed together. We continued kissing, occasionally I would sink my face into her chest for a few seconds before kissing my way back up to her lips. She wrapped her legs around my hips so I could move one hand up and unclip her bra. Finally when my arms got tired I got down on my knees, asked for a few pillows, then laid her on her back on the pillows. I climbed on top of her and removed her bra with my teeth. I then kissed my way back down to her panties. I spread her legs apart and started licking through her panties, teasing her.

We were already 30 minutes in and I could tell they were getting antsy because Tavi came over and reoiled me, rubbing extra on my dick, but I kept licking until I could feel Helen’s clit through her soaking panties. That’s when I pulled them off. She was dripping. Tavi came back over but I stopped her and took the bottle of oil, which turned out to be oil based lube. I placed my dick in between the lips of her pussy, making sure there was no penetration yet. I started slowly thrusting as I massaged the oil around her body.

Once her entire body was glistening, I brushed my tip against her pussy, looked around at everyone, then slid it in. A condom didn’t even occur to me, but nobody stopped me. I held myself over her, fucking her hard as we kissed. We would kiss a few minutes, then I’d go down to her nipples, back to kissing, etc. I did everything, hand thumb on the clit, pillow under her hips. She had 8 minutes tops before she pulled my face into her chest and exploded all over me. It was a long orgasm, 20 or so thrusts of silent back bending mouth open hand clenched in my hair, then a final loud moan as she squirted on me. I’m sure that was enough to pass their strange test, but I wasn’t done.

I flipped her over, pulling her ass back with me and putting her into doggy style. I spread more oil on her and slapped her ass, now I was really hitting my stride. I pushed down on her back, pressing her tits against the pillows before pulling her hair back to look at me as I fucked her. I could see the bulge of my cock in her stomach. Her creamy pussy gaped around my dick. We were both fully oiled and the only thing that could be heard were the slaps and her moans echoing through the house. After a few more minutes, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold back my cum when she orgasmed again. Her legs shook and she fully collapsed.

I waited until she was done before I pulled my dick out. I rolled her over and gave her a light kiss before standing up triumphantly. I looked at Anna and then at the rest of the family. We weren’t done yet. After a little time to catch her breath, Helen got on her knees. She didn’t waste anytime and immediately deepthroated me, wrapping her bottom lip around my balls. Her tongue became very memorable again as she played with my tip while she stroked my shaft, her wedding ring rubbing along it. She just got the flavor of her own pussy off my dick enough to look up at me and compliment me on it’s taste as I let out my cum. She barely finished her sentence before I glazed her chest.

After helping her put her clothes back on I went to Quinn to get mine back. “I like this oiled Greek god look on you.” I joked back. “You’ll have to join me next time.” She laughed a little too hard as she handed me my clothes back, which didn’t include my boxers. I never did get those back.

Dinner was a little awkward for me at least. It’s kind of weird to talk about your major after just railing someone’s wife in front of them. To this day, years after me and Anna broke up, Helen still occasionally calls me to see if I want to give Anna another shot. But I make sure to send them all texts for holidays.

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