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My divorced mom asked me to help her during quarantine

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!!//Yes this is a true story and any following stories will be true unless I mark them as fiction. Please no judging us for what we have done. Thank you and enjoy the story//!!

My mom and dad got divorced about a month after I turned 18. She was sad for a couple months then started going out with her friends. I’m 18 and in college so I still live with her. My dad moved a state a way and I rarely go visit him because he was not a good father.

When quarantine hit the first 2 months went fine that then my mom started to pretty obviously masturbate in her room. She would go to her room and shut the door and sometimes I could hear her. I wasn’t bothered by this because we are both adults and she can do what she wants as do I. Then her sessions became more frequent. It went from maybe 3 times a week to sometimes twice a day.

Then one day she walked into my room and sat down. “Listen we are both adults here and we both have needs.” She said and I nodded expecting some sort of money talk on how we could cut costs in case she got laid. She worked at home now and I had already been laid off because of the pandemic. But then she continued” I think you know what I’m doing when I close the door to my room.” She looked up wanting a response and I awkwardly joked “yeah I’ve heard”

She laughed a little but we were both awkward. “I’ve had a pretty high sex drive during my life for a woman atleast and it’s been getting worse because of quarantine.” She paused then said “I’ll get to the point. I cannot go out or get someone because of quarantine and I need help.” I looked at her shocked.

“Are you asking for my help?” I asked to clarify. She nodded and then said “Listen I know. I get it. But I need help. We are both adults here.” I joked in shock “So do you think after I turned 18 I’m just no longer your son?” “No you are but after you are 18 I feel like it’s okay for us to be completely honest and open with each other. I understand completely how wrong it is, trust me I do. I’ve spent 2 thinking about if I should ask you or not. But I need help.”

I sat there just at loss for words and she said “It would be a lot of fun. You can do and try whatever you want with me. I just need sex zach. If I wasn’t desperate I wouldn’t be here asking my son”

“You are my mom” I said and she looked up and laughed “Yeah you’ve been inside me before why not do it again” I looked at her and laughed a little acknowledging it was funny but then said “Mom gross” “So do you think you could try it atleast once for me. I don’t think I’m so ugly you can’t do it atleast once”

“No I’m not saying that. I’m saying you are my mom. You are hot my friends all call you a milf and love you. That’s not the point the point is I’m your son and you are my mom.” She nodded and said “Let’s just try it. If we don’t like it we never tell anyone and forget about it.” I mumbled “i don’t know” but my want for sex was taking over a little.

She stood up. “Maybe this will help” she said as she began to remove her shirt. She was wearing a yellow shirt with flowers on it that showed her cleavage. She was also wearing tight jeans that shoes her curves. I’d be lying if I said my mom wasn’t extremely attractive.

She had big tits and a nice butt. She was pretty skinny but had a little stomach on her from age. My friends were horn dogs for her but I had never thought about her like that til now. She removed her shirt and unzipped her jeans and slid them off. She was wearing deep red lacy lingerie underneath.

She came and sat down next to me on my bed and began rub my lower thigh a little. “Mom” I said and she said “Please” and that’s all she said. She obviously really wanted this and I was starting to get hard at her touch. I sat there for a second as she looked over me and then she said “This is just a free trial let’s say. I just satisfy you and show you why we should do this. If you don’t want to after we never speak of it again”

She reached out and rubbed my hand for a second then said “Why don’t you touch them” as she picked my hand up and laid it on her breasts. I rubbed my hand along the top of them and then she began to rub along my boner through my shorts. “We shouldn’t do this” I said and she looked up at me. “We shouldn’t do a lot of things. But we need this.” I laid there and began to grope her breast with my hands. She then slid her hand down my underwear and touched my balls and slid her hand up my dick.

She whispered “Please” to me in almost desperation and I closed my eyes and nodded. She slowly pulled my shorts down and began to stroke my cock slowly and lightly with her hand. She then stopped and got closer to me and removed her bra. She leaned forward and said “Go on” as I leaned forward to suck on her breasts. She stroked the back of my head as I gave in and began to kiss her nipples and suck.

“Mhmm baby” she moaned and then adjusted her position to suck my dick. She slid her mouth over my dick then closed it. She rolled her tongue around my dick and shoved it to the back of her throat. She gagged a little then pulled up on my cock until she was at my head then she began to bob back and forth.

I pulled the pillows out from behind me and laid flat staring at the roof as she gave me the best head I’ve ever gotten. I had no idea if it was amazing or if it was just quarantine. She stopped then crawled on top of me. She looked at me her face in mine nearly touching but not really. “Will you suck on your mommy’s pussy?” And I moaned “Ee shouldn’t be doing this but she didn’t care.

She moved up and braced herself against the wall as she straddled my face. She had slid her underwear off at some point and her beautiful wet pussy was in my face. I reached up and pulled on her thighs to pull her into me. Desperately wanting anything I could get no matter if it was my mom.

She began to moan loudly and quickly as I rolled my tongue around her clitoris. I stopped for a second and kissed her vagina. She jumped and moaned from it then moaned “ohh please help mommy finish” I began to suck on her clit and she sat down on my face pressing herself into me. She started to cum and she leaned forward off my face and braced herself against the wall as she almost screamed “ohh”

She orgasmed violently. He whole body shook for a second her moans began to become shakey with her orgasm. She began to slow down and she quickly slid down my body and set on my thighs and said “Ohh fuck yeah that was good”She sat there for a second enjoying the last bits of her orgasm the bent over and kissed my collarbone.

She calmed down seeing I was still uncertain and she said “Sorry I just couldn’t help myself” she kissed my cheek then I said “We really shouldn’t be doing” “Please zach.” She said and slid her soaked vagina across the back of my dick. She opened her pussy lips and began to slide herself across it but not inside. She then asked “Can I?” And I nodded. I gave in and was going to completely fuck my mom.

She slid to the top then dropped herself down my cock. I jumped at the pleasure and put my hands on her waist then crept them around her lower back as she began to ride me. She bent over as I got hornier and hornier and kissed me. I hadn’t kissed a girl in three months and it felt amazing.

I was desperate for the intimate touch of a woman and needed her kiss. I fully gave into her and she noticed as I leaned forward trying to keep her lips against mine as she pulled apart from me. “Ohh do you like that”she whispered and I nodded yes. At that moment I started to cum and I had to tell her.

“I’m gonna cum right now” I said and she didn’t pull out or stop riding. I wrapped my arms around her completely holding her to my body and my dick began to throb and shoot cum inside her. I closed my eyes completely enjoying the orgasm. I stopped cumming and she looked at me.

I opened my eyes and saw my mom through the post but clarity but a small part of me didn’t care.

She didn’t say anything and got off me and put her clothes back on. Then she said “Thank you” and left a little embarrassed

To be continued


  1. Snoo_11695 Reply

    Everyone has a mom so this story prolly wouldn’t appeal to most people but ya well written

  2. kittycat000000 Reply

    Your mom raped you, you explicitly said no and she continued. Please talk to a therapist.

  3. Can’t wait to hear how this progresses ??, send me a Booty pic if possible

  4. bibostonbear Reply

    true or false, I was hard and stroking as I read it. Can’t wait to see who cums next!

  5. You are a lucky guy! I wish that I had of pushed the envelope with my mom❣?

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