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(M)y college girlfriend showed me the true value of a hot tub

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Lana stood a foot shorter than me. She had a small waist and beautiful curves. I was immediately infatuated with her the first time I saw her. She wore a plaid mini skirt, a tight halter top, fishnet stockings, and military boots when she walked by me in the library on a Tuesday morning. Her hair was shoulder length and purple and she had what looked like two dozen (it was actually ten) earrings running up the lobes of her ears. She’d applied bright pink lipstick and her eyeliner ran out to form a kind of cat’s eye just past her long lashes.

I stared. She didn’t even look at me.

I saw her randomly around campus after that and I would always do a double take, hoping to catch her glancing back. I don’t think she ever glanced. If she would have, she’d have seen a kind of awkward 18 year old who’d just shed a bit of puppy fat, but still carried himself like a chubby kid. Avoiding sudden movements to minimize jiggle. Double checking chairs to make sure they looked sturdy enough before sitting down. A mess of unkempt reddish brown hair and, invariably, some crooked eye glasses.

Nearly a full semester later, my eyes bulged when she walked into my Geology Lab Class. She actually looked at me then and smiled shyly. We started talking. And kept talking and, with the frantic pace of young love, within a couple weeks, we were rarely sleeping apart from one another.

She was my first everything. As gentle and patient at times as she could be distant and a little cruel. The story of my trajectory into passion and intimacy is a good story, but it’s not this story. This story is about one of the most memorable sexual experiences I have.

A note about Lana. Right after she came, most often on my mouth and hands, she would roll away shake and quiver and ask me not to touch her for a few minutes as she breathed heavily. The one time I tried, she gasped and pulled away. Telling me her how body was hyper sensitive. It didn’t last long, but I would stare at her like that with a mixture of pride and longing as she trembled. It never took more than a minute or two for her to grin and crawl back over to me, ready to resume.

A few months into our relationship, I brought her home to meet my family and friends. It was fine, not bad, and mostly awkward. Despite her bold appearance, Lana was quite shy. She spent most of the evening smiling nervously and rarely let go of my hand. Once the friends had cleared out and the family had left I asked if she wanted to join me in the outdoor hot tub. It was early November and freezing.

“I don’t have a swimsuit”

“You could wear one of my t-shirts and a pair of boxer shorts.”

“How about just the shirt?” She whispered in my ear quickly flicking her tongue down the edge of my lobe.

I was 18 and instantly hard. I just grinned.

Minutes later found us standing in the doorway of the patio facing the covered hot tub three feet away. Me in swim trunks, her in a thin Green Day shirt that was so long on her it could have been a dress. It was a little snug across the bust and I could just make out her stiff nipples cold from the cold wind in the open door.

“I’ll take the cover off, you hurry in as soon as it’s off!” I said.

I sprinted forward. The cold biting my skin and sending goosebumps across my body. I unlatched one side of the cover, flipped it up and quickly unlatched the other side, letting it fall to the ground. I was just about to step into the water when a hand snaked around my waist, fingers brushing at my groin.

I turned and Lana was behind me, grinning wickedly her palm now pressing down against me. She arched an eyebrow and I could see her breath and feel her shivering in the cold.

“Come on!” I laughed, pulling her into the tub on top of me, the hot water instantly warming and relaxing me. Immediately, her mouth was on mine and the hem of the t-shirt floated up around us, her naked thighs wrapped around my waist. I ran my hands up her back, then ran my fingernails back down it. Cupping her ass in both hands, I pulled her towards me as she gently ground her hips against me. I was hard against my swim trunks and she was kissing me with passion, her tongue finding mine, licking down my neck, her hands in my hair.

“This is nice.” I managed to gasp. She leaned back and pulled the tshirt over her head. Water ran down in between her beautiful round tits. I leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth, biting down gently and running my tongue over the tip. She rocked against me and moaned. I kissed up her neck, licking and biting in turns until my mouth was next to her ear.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” I whispered, breath ragged. “I’m already so hard. “

She leaned back. Kissing me again and slid her legs from my waist. I groaned into her mouth as she slid her hand down the front of my trunks, grabbing the top of my cock and pumping the head.

“Can, can I show you something?” She asked.


“Turn on the jets.”

I obliged, leaning back and hitting the button. She grabbed my thighs, turning my body in the water. With her hand, she felt for a jet and positioned me in font of it.

“Sit here,” she commanded. “I need you to brace me.” I obliged as she slid down between me and the jet. Her ass ran over my stomach, coming to rest hard against my cock. She placed a foot on either side of the jet, her knees pulled almost to her shoulders and she leaned her back into my chest. I felt her swiveling her hips until she gasped.

“Don’t move!” She whispered, biting her lip. I felt her start to move, her ass dragging over my dick as the jet pressed against her clit.

“Mmmmm. God!” She moaned. Raising her arms above her head she turned slightly towards me and kissed me.

“Play with my tits,” she said, breathing hard. I did. I took both of her tits in my hands, pinching her nipples, hard as stones in the cold night air. I knew it would drive her crazy and she started flexing her hips hard against the jet.

“Ohh fuck. Ohh fuck yeah!” She moaned.

My cock at that point felt as hard as it ever had. It was the most intensely sexual moment of my life. Lana was squirming hard, her mouth wide open.

“Ohhh my fucking god! Ohh my fucking GOD!” She was barely able to form the words. “Squeeze my tits, baby, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum for you.”

I obliged. Pinching her nipples harder. “Ohh fuck, baby! I’m cumming!” Her ass dug down hard against my cock as she fucked against the jet.

“I’m CUMMING!” And she thrust her hips up, pressing against the stream of water. I held her breasts as she convulsed. Letting go as she took a shuddering breath and collapsed into a ball against me. Her head was on my chest, just above the water and she was shaking. Slowly, she looked up at me and grinned.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” I said. My eyes were wide and sincere.

She smiled broadly and winked, her hand finding me hard under the water, and purred, “I know.”

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