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Contains cuckolding, humiliation, femdom incest, queer sex, male cocksucking, and crossdressing. If these themes offend you, stop reading now!


**Ch. 03 – “My Dad’s a Slut?”**

As Christmas was rapidly approaching, Mom was full of holiday cheer. Unlike last year, it wasn’t because she loved wrapping presents and making snickerdoodles and shit. It was because she was getting big black high school dick every day. As an illustration, a few days before Christmas, she had Marcus cum on her snickerdoodles and made me eat them after his morning blowjob from Mom.

At home, I had to dress girly all the time. Marcus’s favorite outfit, and the one I usually wore, was a see-through pink nightie with a pair of pink lacy panties that have “bitch boy” embroidered on the back. I was also in my cock cage most days, making my already inadequate cock look that much more pathetic.

Marcus spent most days and nights in our home. He constantly fucked, abused, and humiliated me, Mom, and Fran and I had started to accept my position as his girly fuck toy. Against my best intentions, I entered into a trance whenever he asserted his authority over me or my family. To my even further humiliation, to ensure that he was perceived as the man of the house, he had taken over the marital bed with Mom, and Dad was relegated to the living room couch.

Nonetheless, Dad mostly watched our fucked up incestuous orgies from a distance. He was always turned on but had resisted joining in.

One day, after a normal (for me) day of school, this all changed. I opened our front door to walk in on Marcus’s dad, Jerome, fucking Mom from behind over the living room couch. Dad was behind Jerome on his knees, wearing nothing but a black thong and black see through nightie. He had a ridiculous wig on and, because I was standing at an angle to them, could see that he had slutty, but flattering, makeup on. He was rimming Jerome’s beautiful black ass.

I noticed that Dad did not have any body hair, it must have been shaved off. I also noticed that Dad’s ass was not as muscular as I thought. It was a magnificent, big, round, and feminine ass, especially when he was bent over. He had the biggest and maybe most delicious ass out of our entire family.

Jerome was a very large man. He well exceeded 6 feet in height and must have weighed 240 pounds. He was a little bit overweight but also muscular in his arms, thighs, and pecs. He had a massive cock. I didn’t even want to guess how long it was.

Mom saw me out of the corner of her eye.

“Hey, honey!” she exclaimed between deep breaths, “look! I girlified your daddy!”

“Whoa…ummm,” I was speechless, “can we talk about this…like…can you guys take a break?”

Jerome took his cock out of Mom’s pussy and put it in Dad’s newly sissified butthole.

“No, bitch boy,” he said calmly, without a care in the world.

Mom turned around and began frigging herself furiously.

“Your daddy insisted he wasn’t a sissy like you. He said he just likes to watch his family get used. He was so resistant. He tried to act like such a man,” Mom said, breathing more and more heavily and rubbing her clit even faster.

“Marcus was so upset. He needs to own our entire family and I agree with him. He needs to make your daddy his tranny bitch like you,” she continued , “I asked your daddy why he was turned on by watching his slut wife, daughter, and son get fucked and abused. He said ‘I don’t know’, as he was always an alpha male, had a big cock, and was strong. I replied, ‘yeah, but you don’t have Marcus’s cock, do you? Come on, the only possible explanation is that you are really a sissy cuck. You’re just a big girly boy, aren’t you?'”

“Finally, I challenged him. If he could put on the pink lacy panties I was wearing without getting hard, I would let it rest. If not, he would accept his lower place in this family. Sure enough, his cock got rock hard as soon as I stripped him down and made him put my panties on.”

It was becoming more clear that Mom was about to cum, and she squirts like crazy. This was not a great sign for Dad, because she was standing right over him.

Meanwhile, Jerome was pumping his cock faster and faster inside Dad.

“You tranny whore slut, my son owns your family, and I’m going to cum in your ass, bitch!”

With that, he sprayed his cum directly in Dad’s (formerly virgin) butthole.

“Hey, bitch boy, get over here, bend over, and lick your fuckface tranny father’s ass-cum.”

“…yes, Sir,” I said, now in an unshakeable erotic trance.

I obediently walked over to my father, got on my knees, and started licking up cum out of my father’s ass, who was still on all fours.

“Hey! Take off your clothes, sissy boy!” Mom said.

“Yes, Mom,” I replied.

I took off all of my clothes except for the white cotton panties I was forced to wear to school.

“Good boy,” she responded assuringly, still frigging herself, and on the verge of climax.

Amazingly, Jerome had already gotten hard again and started to aim it at my ass.

“No!” I said, but it was too late. He was fucking my girly bubble butt like only a real man could.

It didn’t take long for us all to be on the point of orgasm. With me eating cum out of Dad’s ass, Mom standing over Dad frigging herself, and Jerome, my bully’s father, fucking my girly ass, we all collapsed in orgasm at the same moment. Jerome cummed all over my ass and back, I cummed in my chastity device, Dad cummed jerking himself off, and Mom squirted all over Dad’s face.

It was one of the most intensely pleasurable experiences of my entire life. I went to bed that night knowing my place in this family, and wanting to embrace it. After all, what more of a sign do I need that I’m a tranny cockslut than the fact that my dad is a complete bitch for black cock.

Dad, however, did not look quite as enthused. It would take more training, more humiliation, and more brainwashing by Mom, Fran, and Marcus to transform him into Marcus’s submissive daddy bitch.


After Dad was outed by Mom as a bitch, just like his son, we both became permanent sissies at home. Dad followed exactly the same, humiliating procedure that I did. Girly lingerie, cock cages, sexual degradation and abuse. The whole motherfucking thing.

Mom and Fran decided to do something very special for Marcus on Christmas Day. Of course, he had spent Christmas Eve fucking Mom while Dad listened from the living room in his nightie. But that wasn’t his main present.

Marcus woke up on Christmas from the master bedroom and went into the living room. What he saw next must have given him the hard-on of his life!

Mom, Fran, Dad and I we’re all lined up on all fours with our big butts in the air facing Marcus. We we’re literally under the Christmas tree. We were all wearing slutty Ms. Santa costumes, with skirts that revealed our asses and slutty tops. We each had a big, feminine bow wrapped around our midsection. Dad and I had smaller red bows wrapped around our cocks, which were awkwardly sticking out of our Christmas skirts.

We we’re Marcus’s Christmas presents.

Dad, Fran, Mom, and I were lined up from biggest butt to smallest, from left to right. Dad was on the left, Fran next to him, me next to Fran, and Mom next to me. We had taken pictures of this display beforehand, it was kinky and hot as fuck. To think, my bully and owner of my family could take turns fucking my family’s asses, from biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest. In place of ornaments on the tree, there were pictures of us in our slutty Ms. Santa outfits. Marcus could look at a picture of me spreading my legs for him with my embarrassing hard cock sticking out from my skirt, for instance.

Marcus just laughed and smirked, “Oh fuck, this is it. This fucked up family is giving themselves to me. You fucking dirty whores. Cuck daddy, sissy son, slut daughter, nympho mom. What a shameful combination!”

He started by fucking the smallest ass, Mom’s.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass you fucking magnificent black beast,” she exclaimed, “show my sissy son and loser cuck husband how a real man fucks a slutty whore.”

After about 7 minutes of abusing Mom’s ass, he moved to me.

I responded with an equal amount of glee, “thank you, Sir, for showing me my place! I love being your little girly cuck boy. You own me, Sir. You own my big butt and my whole family.”

Marcus was starting to pump faster and faster. Right when it started to feel like he might cum, he moved over to my sister, Fran, who had an even bigger butt than me.

Finally, he moved to Dad. You could tell Marcus loved Dad’s big round ass the best.

He started to violently thrust and said, “I’m fucking your bitch white ass in front of your family! I own your whore daughter, right?”

Dad hesitated, but said, “yes, Sir, you own my whore daughter.”

“I am a better man than you and your son, aren’t I?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I own that sissy white ass, don’t I?”

Yes, Sir!”

With that, he cummed over Dad’s entire body.

Of course, I was ordered to lick Marcus’s cum out of Dad’s butthole. Mom and Fran were ordered to eat each other out, and at the same time Dad and I had to suck each other off. It took no time at all for us to have wonderfully intense orgasms. After Dad and I had eaten each other’s cum, we all collapsed on the floor in a post-orgasmic heap.

What a fabulous Christmas it was.


The annual family reunion was coming up. Mom said it won’t be like any family reunion we’ve had before that.

“What, like we’re going to be doing karaoke?” I asked.

“Haha,” Mom chuckled, “you’ll see.”

She winked at me and sent me off to school.


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