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My boyfriend and I [F] spent the night together only to act like a bunch of bunnies. [24F]

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I’ve already talked about how, despite coming from a conventional and orthodox background, college is subtly brainwashing me into opening up, making new acquaintances, and exploring sexually. Therefore, a few months ago, I formed a small friendship group with six men and six women.

I’m currently dating a successful, attractive, intelligent, and well-liked man who attended the same institution as me. I knew right away that he was only in it for the sex since I really crave sex. Soon after, we began to engage in as much sexual activity as we could, frequently missing lectures or other classes in order to do so. Even though we didn’t frequently get the chance to get together and fuck as much as we wanted, it was still fun. Because of my family, I’m not allowed to stay out till quite late at night.

Only because it was one of my female friends’ birthdays this past weekend was I able to persuade my folks to let me stay the night there. On Saturday morning, I left my house and went right to my boyfriend’s place. All day Saturday, all night Saturday, and all night Sunday I was with him. I really did have a lovely time. He fucked me like a slut and the sex was the greatest I’ve ever had. Every time, he became more stern and cruel. I lost track of how many orgasms I experienced during those visits since he came so frequently. The most enjoyable part was when he began slapping me between violently hitting my pussy. I was a complete wreck after this one encounter, and he was happy to shatter me and make me into his bitch. I find it difficult to acknowledge how improper my behavior is.

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