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my best friend made me fuck his wife

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There’s a bit of a long story here. Am 32 years old and I have known my best friend literally since kindergarten and known everything about him, well little did I know he confessed that he is bisexual or maybe even just gay and madly in love with me. In our country there’s a lot of homophobia cause of religion and beliefs so gay people usually are not common or oppress their feelings. As far as myself concerned am not really into men. I have nothing against being gay I just don’t like the picture of me touching another man and he understands that and he respects it because he is my best friend, so one day he got drunk and called for me and just sat there and started blabbering about me and how much he likes me in front of his wife. His wife is also a friend of mine and she was in the same department as me in college. She’s pretty cute 155cm tall a bit thicc I always seen as a pretty woman. So my best friend suddenly got naked and tried to underss his wife in front of me and he kissed her and rubbed her pussy she seemed to enjoy the sight of me watching until he spread her legs to me and just told he wants me to fuck her so badly. I was hesitating a lot at the moment but at the heat of the moment I got naked too and he did something intentionally and grabbed my cock and stroke it which was a bit uncomfortable but I let do it and she sucked on it while she was sucking. He cummed a lot and his wife clean it. I was shocked of how hot and naughty his wife was like total porn star. She kept sucking both of our cocks and made them touch so I suppose she was trying to please her husband. So later I found out that’s she into men and gay love and finds it very hot and wanted to do it a lot and she watches a lot of porn and fiction of it. We started fucking her and the most crazy thing that we kept ramming her pussy for hours and it’s like she can’t have enough and rest. I never had sex that long and we didn’t use condoms. I wanted to do anal but she was afraid and her husband just fucks her with me and he sometimes just watch me and looks intensly at me. It was a very crazy night and to be honest I don’t know how this will affect my friendship with him and I hope it won’t change anything

So what do you think I should do?

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