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My (31m) roommate’s (29m) girlfriend (28f) and I had an unspoken game of flashing each other. Part One.

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I once had a roommate, Brad, whose girlfriend, Nichole, would occasionally spend the night. Brad was a firefighter who worked 24 on and 48 off. Nichole was a nurse who worked 3 to 11 and every other weekend. Between that and our social lives it was easy for all of us to lose track of when some one would be in or not. Only the cat, Bucko, had some sort of regular schedule, but even he didn’t come home some days! Often, Brad would leave for work and Nichole would sleep in, maybe catch a shower or breakfast later in the morning, and then get on with her day. She had her own key to the place. Nichole had shoulder length blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and a great little figure with medium sized boobs (I’m guessing “B” Cup?). She was young, flirty, really cute and a bit of a tease. We would hang out and have conversations about anything. We became friends and confidants, but we seemed to have this game that we never spoke of:  I called it “the flash challenge” (she was winning by a mile).

I am a firm believer in the “Bro Code” of not messing with a friend’s girl, and Brad and I were friends long before we were roommates.

One day, Brad & I were working in the yard in the summer time and we got all sweaty and nasty from the heat. Brad was still in the yard, when I jumped in the shower. After toweling off from the shower, I heard Brad jump into his shower. I was hot & thirsty after the shower, so I headed for the kitchen for a cold drink of water. Should I wear a towel or not? I thought to myself… I put a towel on and walked through the living room only to find the TV on to some soap opera with a hot chick on the screen. I stopped on front of the screen for a minute- it seemed odd that Brad would have turned the TV on to THAT! Then from behind me I heard a “hey, nice!” It was Nichole sitting on the couch. And I had almost walked out there naked! I continued to the kitchen for my drink and talked with her while standing there in a towel, her in shorts and a braless top. I told her I had almost walked out there naked and her reply was “what a disappointment you had not!” I didn’t know how to take that, but I decided I needed to be naked more often when I was at home and she was around! Over the next year or so she saw me naked in one way or another (it was getting hard to make it look “accidental”). On my way back to my bedroom, I had to once again walk in front of Nichole, this time removing the towel in my final steps into the bedroom. From behind me she shouted “I saw that!” giggling.

One day, I was nakedly preparing my breakfast while standing up at the kitchen counter before heading out for my Sunday of fun. I guess I thought Nichole had left already- Brad was at work.  Suddenly, from where I was standing, I could see her travel from the bathroom to the bedroom. My mouth went totally dry. I was actually trapped- naked without a stitch of clothing around! (It’s funny- I WANTED Nichole to see me naked, which is why I do these things! But when it’s SHOW TIME, you feel completely different!)  If I made a dash for my bedroom, she would see me for sure, so I was a sitting duck, naked, with only the kitchen counter between me and…there she was! “Good morning!” she said in her usual personable and flirty disposition. I moved my body close to the counter- “Oh, I didn’t know you were still here” I replied. “What are you up to today?”  She asked, her overnight bag slung over an arm, settling in for a conversation about the weather and if it would affect my plans, me in the nude, Nichole a mere 6 feet away in shorts and a V-neck t-shirt with a bra on, showing off her perfect little boobs. She was used to seeing me without a shirt on- it was summer after all. But after a minute or so of talking I noticed something in her eyes, like they got a little bigger or something, she somehow had realized she was talking with a naked man. Her head tilted and she slowly walked around the counter in no great hurry. I was frozen in shock; it was a total rush! She took a long look of my sideways profile and said “I thought so”, giggled, and turned around to head toward the front door. She glanced back, side eyed, with a naughty smile.

She always had a positive reaction, but we never spoke of it…The next time I saw her I was a bit nervous. But we were friends by now and she was just her usual bright, flirty self which settled my nerves. Nichole would pry with personal questions like girls do: who I was dating or mentioning a girl I may be interested in. She liked to dig for dating details, the sexual kind. She was so easy to talk to and she was an advocate for getting me laid if she could. Anyway, I was standing in the living room at one point and she was braless in a top with a plunging neckline and shorts. She wanted to show me some pictures on her phone, so she stood very close to me So close that the side of her boob was pressed up against my upper arm. She released for a few seconds to search her phone, then pressed the entire boob into the back of my upper arm. I felt the blood rush from my head and go to my penis. She then bounced off and went about her day. I then realized that I was at serious disadvantage at this game…

One day the roommate, Nichole, and her friend Rene were at the kitchen table eating a meal. I knew that girls were sitting in positions that would see directly into my bedroom though the sliding glass doors. My roommate was seated with his back to the view. I had just entered the house and exchanged pleasantries, then moved into the bedroom to take a shower. I made sure I lingered naked in there before and after the shower. When I was done, I came out (clothed) and my roommate was someplace else, but the girls had swiveled in their seats to face my room, with grins on their faces. It made my day!

Nichole started to wander around our house in skimpy shorts or without a bra under her tops more often. I looked forward to mornings because she could be seen wearing buttoned sleep shirts that you never knew how it would be buttoned. Often it was just one button, either at the navel or across the chest. With or without the matching shorts- On certain days I saw so much ass that she kept me wondering if she had any underpants on! She usually allowed plenty of room for me to catch a glimpse of her exposed boobs or the ever-elusive nipple if she moved just right! I’m fairly certain she did it for my benefit.  She continued to “boob me”- that is to stand next to me and press her boob into my arm while showing me something on her phone or a magazine article. Once I came home from the beach and they were having a meal together. Brad got up to get something from the kitchen and she called me over to show me something on her phone. I had on a pair of thin, quick drying beach shorts and a t-shirt. Since she was seated in the kitchen chair, I took the opportunity to look over her shoulder as I pressed my boy parts into her upper arm. She took a short breath from the unexpected touch, then giggled while showing me her phone.

Meanwhile, I had this pair of yoga shorts that were a little too short, and if I didn’t wear underwear while at yoga, my “boy parts” would eventually fall out. The shorts also gave me the ability to show my balls and penis if was seated and had my legs positioned just right. It wasn’t like I was totally exposed; there was a little “tunnel” next to my thigh that would house my boy parts, the penis head almost out of the tunnel.  I could also make everything “fall out” and become completely exposed if I raised my right leg to my chest while in a sitting position. It took a little prepositioning to make that all happen, so I would need time to set it up if I wanted to use them for the purpose of showing my genitalia. I used the shorts a number of times on Nichole, but never lifted my leg for the full exposure. She would sit across from me for long periods of time having conversations, and she didn’t shy away when I did this. After she would walk away, I would check, and yes, I was certainly exposing myself if she chose to look.

One Sunday morning I was up and moving around in “those shorts” and a t-shirt after doing my at home yoga routine. Brad was at work and I heard Nichole get up and use the bathroom, so I took a position at the swivel rocker  and adjusted the shorts so my penis would fall out if I moved my leg just so. The chair allowed me maneuverability depending on where she sat this morning.Nichole came out in one of her sleep shirts, it was the white one (my favorite!) buttoned at her navel, said good morning, walked over to the sliding glass door in the living room, and performed a beautiful overhead stretch in the backlight of the morning sun, silhouetting her entire body in the backlight of the sun, showing me every curve and exposing the bottoms of her tight little ass. She mentioned something about a beautiful day and then bent over at the waist to give the cat a scratch, exposing her breasts to me and the cat- the backlight making everything illuminate. The sleep shirt had hiked up to her waist in the stretch and bend, and now her entire ass was exposed from the side. She was definitely doing this on purpose! Did she have underwear on?!?

Eventually, they were engaged and planning on getting a place of their own. She had been living at home this entire time. One morning while we were having a conversation, her eyes briefly welled up and she said she was going to miss our times together. I told her we could still be friends and we certainly would continue to run into each other at gatherings. Her reply was something like “it won’t be the same” and she walked over and hugged me hard. We held hands for a long minute staring into each other’s eyes. Then she said that her bachelorette party was on a Saturday in two weeks. “Make sure you’re around the next morning so I can tell you all about it”. She walked away, lingering one hand in mine as she left, I did some quick math in my head. Brad would be at work that day…

Stay tuned for Part II

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